OG x Chem by H.O.C.

OG x Chem by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we dance with the fiercest terpenes that Washington has to offer. Today, we will be revisiting the first strain that I’d ever tried from House of Cultivar. The lineage of the strain is stated clearly in the name, OG x Chem. This is a powerful hybrid strain that has been a flagship installment in their lineup for years. This strain consistently tests in the neighborhood of 30% cannabinoids. The quality of their cannabis has only improved and I’m excited to check-in with this experiment that has withstood the test of time. Let’s measure the fangs on this ferocious beast.

I creep into the tomb of the slumbering beast. A gargantuan arm of aged herbal zest raises from the dormant earth. The unearthing rings out bellows of woody funk and voracious chem. There is a subtle sweetness that pools into the wounds caused by the lashing chem whip. Like falling icicles, my palette is refreshed by crashing chunks of permeating crispness. The freshness expands exponentially the longer it is allowed to dwell.

The zesty aroma alone seems capable of functioning as smelling salts. Every whiff shocks any dormant senses wide awake. The backboard of OG x Chem is comprised of a dank misty funk. The wafting aroma is equally enticing and foul. This strain wields a saber of limber skunk embossed with a thin citrus tang.

In hopes of enraging any withheld characteristics, I crack the largest flower under my nose. A dry chem nail extends outward, significantly dryer and resolute of purpose than its predecessor. The raw spire renews the vigor of the lancing chem. From the trudging monument a new terror is unleashed. Tacky glue essence gushes out with the thickness of gelatinous blood. The heavy-handed note crashes through my nose shaking loose stalagmites of potent OG gas. The gentle citrus tincture soon resurfaces to soothe the punishing diesel.

I observe the fluffy mammoth with well-placed caution. OG x Chem presents itself as an inflated tribute to OG bud structure. A spiky cone with a wide base that builds into nesting ranks of skyward petals. Adding to the jagged aesthetic are the shelves of fragmented icy trichomes. Blizzard white resin drips from every fiber and follicle of this flower. Like the foam erupting from a crashing wave, the trichomes spread into explosive bursts of willful white. The relentless frost enhances the natural color spectrum to a ghostly degree.

The scintillating augmentation gives way to reveal dehydrated mossy hues and glistening lime nodes. The gentle transitions between the colors stir into a murky pool of verdant ambiguity. Blazing out from the obscurity are wispy stigmas born of fiery orange. The roaring red color within the hairs is emphasized endlessly in contrast to the pale tundras below. As welcoming as the exterior of OG x Chem may seem, you will meet a stalemate at the walls of this dense fortress. While this flower is an exaggeratedly plump OG archetype, its density consistent with the parent. The Chem influence causes the appearance of this voluptuous strain to be misleading.

Leaf to flame, I am brazened by a blistering breath of menthol herb. A honed citrus lines the cutting edge of the foresty ferocity. A burp of effervescent lime falls into the raging herbal melody below. The flavor stings my nostrils causing me to recoil and regroup. Eagerly diving in for another hit, I fall into a smoky bath of woody mellow. The minty influence still accents this aspect, adding an uplifting chill to the hashy resonance. A savory syrup spills across my gums, a tacky mixture of earth and spirited afghani. The flavor is insistent, forfeiting little of its potency until the bowl strikes pure ash. The flavor profile of OG x Chem is unique, invigorating, and has a duration that outperforms most Chem strains.

The high of OG x Chem ignites with a subtle warm glow that traces my skull. Inspiring tendrils dig through my cranium, rooting into my mind. The invisible claws firm up and rake my being backward. I feel as if an ethereal layer of myself is being begrudgingly drawn from my scalp. Competing sensations build to drown out this peculiar introduction. A chilled haze sits in my lungs, allowing them to expand to absorb more of the divine essence. I feel lighter, as if the same expanse infused helium into my bloodstream. My movements feel more graceful, unencumbered. Even my eyes seem to shift with unnatural lubrication.

The sensation takes a while to gain its full momentum, but each compiling aspect strikes with precision. The high is largely sativa, however, the purposeful design of this flower coerces the build to be calming and smooth. My mind buzzes with conciseness and new ideas. I meticulously plan and analyze to achieve a bizarre degree of personal satisfaction. This strain carries a mild body buzz, but it is buffeted by the bouquet of uplifting winds. Not to be ignored, I feel as if this strain has an excess of anti-inflammatory qualities. I feel my joints, especially my knuckles, unwind and decompress. The sensation is extremely functional, motivational, and relaxing.

Great Gatsby, this strain is more fierce than ever! OG x Chem is a fascinating interpretation of classic Chem terpenes. Enjoy resilient terpenes and a bountiful high. This strain offers many benefits and no downsides. Rely on OG x Chem as a charismatic confidant in your time of need. I’m so geeked, I may go take the SATs for fun. As always, thanks for reading.

OG x Chem score: 96/100

Aroma – 18

Physical – 20

Flavor – 19

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 19

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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