Lava Glaciers by Lifted

Lava Glaciers by Lifted Cannabis Co.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted. I must apologize for the brief hiatus brought on by an onslaught of sickness. Now, I’m back and better than ever! Today will be dedicated to dissecting Lava Glaciers from Lifted Cannabis Co. Lava Glaciers is the peculiarly named cross of their famous Wedding Cake and the classic Sour Diesel. Considering that their cut of Wedding Cake is currently the number three highest selling product in the state, I can only muse at the magic that awaits. While I do not put a lot of faith in test results, I will mention that this production holds 20.82% total THC. I plucked this fine specimen from the gregarious folks at Kushmart South in Everett. Let’s break the ice with Lava Glaciers!

A delicate sour simmers forth from the shifting grassy plates below. Burps of crisp dewy herb plume out from the roiling foliage. A curdled tang bubbles beneath the gnarled briskness. A girdle of tart vanilla struggles to hold the frothing fragrances together. Withholding much of its personality, Lava Glaciers begs to be cracked open. At its ultimate depth, I discover the most delicate shadow of a dry cocoa cough.

In my confidant crusade, I crack the largest flower under my nose. With a sweet pastry gasp a gooey center bleeds outward. The cocoa outlier evolves, a harbinger of vivacious gas. A thick, smoky, diesel floods outward from the gaping wound. The energizing foulness expands and augments itself to no end. There is a dry, earthy, soil grit that chases the aggressive gassy eruption. Only the slightest lick of citrus emerges to sooth the simmering glaze. Ultimately, Lava Glaciers is a combination punch of gaseous earth and vanilla-driven citrus.

The architecture of this strain pays whole-hearted tribute to its Wedding Cake heritage. Lava Glaciers curls into stout pyramids of feathery teeth. The sweeping petals are wide, arcing inward until they build into a haphazard artichoke. Illuminated olive surges with streaks of tarnished lime. The culmination projects a ghostly aura of milky green. An avalanche of wispy resin casts a white storm across the pale verdancy. The crashing advances completely mask the flower at certain junctures. I find myself hypnotized by the alluring greens as they are consumed by the spirited froth.

Imbued upon some of the petals is a soft mauve tint, a delicate garnish to accent the rich display. While the flowers do demonstrate moderate density, approximately 30% of the flower’s structure will collapse before you reach the impenetrable node within. This strain is exceptionally peculiar because of the near non-existence of stigmas. Only occasionally do I uncover a bright tangerine hair, standing alone, brandishing its eyelash width.

Leaf to flame, I creep down a citrus road paved over with a thick film of thundering hash. The initial kiss is a perfect tribute to OG Kush. I reel from the stabbing introduction, pierced by buoyant lemon needles. My face contorts from the pungency of the gaseous gasps. The honed caltrops are eventually cast over by a carpet of rich berry and damp soil. My mouth is caged by caramelized electricity. Gradually quashed by a succession of smoky prods, the profile molts to abandon the abrasive fruity qualities. I’m left stewing in a creamy broth of skunky earth. Lava Glaciers is a bouquet of puckering satisfaction.

My skull feels like it’s begun to physically expand. Potentially, to create space in which the blossoming lotus of my consciousness may grow. A numbness crawls through my ears, incapacitating my senses with a tingling warmth. My eyes float, free from their sockets, an immeasurable distance out from my face. I feel as if my body is slowly being deconstructed by an invisible force. As if my mind was dunked into a vat of lava, with every passing second, another sensory element melts away. The disarming advance bleeds down onto my shoulders, massaging away all tension and torsion.

I feel that an odd glow as been added to my surroundings. The world has become alive with a golden energy. I feel active, motivated even. My surging ambitions, however, are shackled to a physical form that is gradually converting to concrete. My storming inspiration is quickly quelled by the exponential couch-lock. Eyes now vacant, I cast my lingering desires into the furnace of euphoria. A willing prisoner to the crushing tomb of pleasure.

I’m unsure as to whether or not this strain name is a cloaked stance on Global Warming…but, it sure warmed my heart. Lifted Cannabis Co. has identified their strengths and utilized them well with their new Luxury Line. Their quality standard is unmatched by many brands as well as is their consistency over the years. The flavor is by far the strongest trait, but the classic OG qualities dissipate more quickly than I’d have liked. The high is immensely indica driven and long- lasting. I consider this strain to have been worth every penny. As always, thanks for reading!

Lava Glaciers: 86/100 points

Aroma 15

Physical 17

Flavor 20

Consistency 16

Sensation 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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