Sour Breath by H.O.C.

Sour Breath by House of Cultivar

Sour Breath by House of Cultivar

I’ve never been told that I’ve had sour breath, much less has someone handed me a jar of it. Today’s strain will be Sour Breath from House of Cultivar. Sour Breath is the heavyset child of Mendo Breath and Chem 4. Two strains that are known for having unique stand-alone fragrances. Will they compete or collaborate? Only time and a flame will tell. Let’s pinch our noses and dive into this Sour Breath!

I encounter a crisp watery sizzle as I challenge the rim of the jar. I feel as if I’d just cracked a can of seltzer by mistake. The odor brought forth introduces itself with a pinch of sharp freshness followed by a caravan of lime slices and a bubbly chorus. The aroma delivers itself like the decorated drinking water of a high-end restaurant. Subtle, yet deliberate. Sour Breath knows how to charm the senses without being overbearing.

I find the citrus becomes exasperated the longer it becomes exposed to fresh air. The note becomes longer and sharper; gradually morphing into a pungent needle. The steel resolve of the surmounting citrus reminds me of when I would bite into underripe cumquats in my grandmother’s garden. The grainy grit of the skin before my teeth sink into the sweet fruit’s bitter backlash. Underneath the citrus-scarred skies lie a bed of savory grass. Each blade bears a buoyant tang that leans gently into a foul cocoa burp. A floral afghan note lies in wait; the culmination reminds me of a tart plum.

I dismantle the crystalline mammoth in hopes of uncovering more secrets! Fuming from the fractured vessel is a milky citrus; bitter and satisfying like a Lemonhead candy. The kernel of enchanting bitterness dies with a savory crunch of sour earth. A funky ripeness is expelled, almost cheesy in its pungency. However, the resurgence redirects its efforts more towards a tangent of wild pine.

Sour Breath is designed with such careful color that it may actually match your breath in the winter. Widespread petals layer tightly into each other; a natural chainmail made seamless by a flowing blizzard of pale greens. Sandy olive slides into sugary lime and beaten pear. Adding to the ghostly allure of the verdancy is the glacial skeleton that stands against it. Thousands of translucent needles, long creamy trichomes stand on their toes.

Furthering the visually disruptive exoskeleton are the bulky stigmas that rake across the faces of Sour Breath like so many fingers. Traveling in groups, cheesy cardboard claws stretch their beefy tendrils over the pale planet. Appearing as Cheetos sitting atop a fist of television static, the hairs are by far the most visually vibrant aspect of Sour Breath. A fist indeed, as this strains demonstrates a lot of physical resistance. A squeeze discovers some space within the overall structure, but when flower meets flower, it is as solid as a rock. The structure is certainly spread due to the Chem influence, but the concrete determination of Mendo Breath is evident.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is instantly overwhelmed by competing complexities. My palette is consumed by a vortex of smoky bitter lime. Channeled through the whirling funnel are burps of cleansing funk. The raw staleness is complimented by explosive scraps of gas. The unruly fumes carefully walk a chamomile grape line. The note finishes into a bank of sudsy soapy citrus.

Erupting from the frothing pool is the popping of broken lime skins and a mild menthol steam. Oozing out onto the banks is a slime of savory hash. The dank hillock held together by stitches of sharp citrus. The flavor is long-lasting and hardly depreciates no matter how far along the ember is. I would be as bold to suggest that the flavor becomes stronger as the charred juices stir with the remaining fresh herb.

The high builds like a light caffeination. I feel the passages of my brain widen; I become bright and inspired. Even with no direct intent; I find my mind passively scheming. My spirit is charged with energy and I am flush with satisfaction. I feel light, as if I am skipping from cloud to cloud.

This high evolves into a wild buffalo of rampaging thought. I feel a challenging sativa shock in my heart, a choked shot of adrenaline. This jolt serves as the tipping point before I teeter into mindless musing and relaxation. My body lays dormant, but my mind stirs. There is a certain clarity I’ve obtained as Sour Breath temporarily disconnects the nerves in my body. For the time being, I reside solely in the dimension of my mind. For immense physical relief and a gentle introspective journey, look no further than Sour Breath.

Sour Breath is an absolute delight. I knew this would be a special strain from the moment I first made contact. The most impressive aspect of Sour Breath is the explosive flavor and its outstanding permanence. This strain delivers in every department so make sure to pick up some for yourself when you see it! This is definitely one of my new favorites out of the gardens of House of Cultivar!

Sour Breath score: 94/100

Aroma – 17

Physical – 19

Flavor – 20

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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