Lemon Meringue by H.O.C.

Lemon Meringue by House of Cultivar

Lemon Meringue by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the most exotic profiles are roasted. Home on the range, today, is Lemon Meringue from House of Cultivar. I’ve tried Lemon Meringue from Lifted Cannabis and I’m eager to see how these two reputable brands stack up. Lemon Meringue is commonly an indica-dominant hybrid born by Lemon Skunk and Cookies n’ Cream. Sharp citrus and creamy waves undoubtedly await us within this production. When life gives you lemons, set them on fire.

I carefully unfasten the jar, nervous of what powerful fragrance awaits. A rounded citrus pillar erupts from a bog of pine needles. Bubbling fruity molasses seeps out over the sylvan vigor, glazing it with rich tang. An effervescent hazy burp fizzles behind every citrus bulldozer. The entirety of this introduction is impressively light and delicate. There are almost no earth, afghan, berry, or other weighted qualities. Lemon Meringue is intent on solely entertaining your gentler sensibilities. My palette is greeted by intermittent tufts of light sour cream and grassy spice. In the wake of the fragrance, falls a fluffy avalanche of granulated cake flour.

I listen to the fibers of the flower fragment and crackle as I slowly twist out its aromatic juices. The first nuance I encounter is a slow hashy rind designed of dry earthy grit. Out of the syrupy rind bubbles strained burps of citrus spice. A smoked cream stirs out from the vapors of prickled citrus, teasing my nose with its soothing salve. Time and time again, the incited profile brings me to a near-sneeze climax and quickly quashes the agitation with its smoky froth.

The tops of Lemon Meringue callous into a rich nest of roasted orange hairs laying atop a bed of hardened petals. The stigmas are thin and somewhat few in number until you reach the head. The tops of Lemon Meringue wear a net of hair with at least four times the volume as the rest of its body. The snaring density continues to constrict the body into an oblong thumb of hardened foliage. Appearing a little denser than it is, the flowers resist most advances of exterior pressure. However, there is a clear threshold and once it has been passed, the flowers crumble to scraps.

In large, Lemon Meringue maintains a light disposition. Electric pear merges with fans of powdered lime. The chalky greens peak to frosted degrees that cause them to blend seamlessly into the trichome mobs. In violet rebellion, the top 20% of each flower reconfigures to a darker scheme of color. Saturated violet twists with shadowy mauve at the crest of the flower. It appears as each flower was designed as a deadly psychoactive dart with a tempered midnight tip.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is buried in layers of smoky forest flavor. The mulch is saturated with slick hashy citrus, bricking the two essences together. The ingot is tempered by an herbal cool, a eucalyptus chill. I now taste a cleansing note of dry rock. Sudsing over the stone slate is a bubbly pine finish with a fragile sour lick. The citrus notes dissipate quickly, leaving me marooned upon a dank island of spiced leaf.

Bolts of energy begin to cram themselves through my skin. An unwieldy source of inspiration surmounts while my body becomes bloated with the onsetting power. My mind feels awake, capable, and agile. I can navigate the obstacles of my mind with little effort, as if I had a preset path. My physical form is imbued with a tepid warmth, as if I’d submerged myself into lukewarm bathwater. As I dwell in the ethereal liquid, it calms the whirring advances of my mind. My body achieves a sloth symbiosis; breathing slowed, heart unlabored, and spirit at ease. Once the high catches up to its own equilibrium, I find Lemon Meringue bestows a gift of unshakable peace. Free yourself from worry and pain with the citrus grace of Lemon Meringue.

Lemon Meringue was a delicious partner for this early morning review. Presenting itself much like a smokier and creamier Lemon Haze, this strain is sure to please any citrus fan. I’m not the biggest sativa guy, so I appreciate the bounty of citrus and pine delivered without the caveat of unsettling energy. The buds are large and brandish a rich spectrum of color, a dazzling spectacle. I highly recommend you pluck a bouquet of this precious fruit for yourself at your nearest dispensary. As always, thanks for reading.

Lemon Meringue score: 90/100

Aroma – 20

Physical – 18

Flavor – 18

Consistency – 15

Sensation – 19

Stay high and stay blessed,

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