Raspberry Dosido by Virginia Co.

Raspberry Dosido by Virginia Co.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the dankest strains are put to the test. Today, we will be trying out a new strain from a new producer, or at least one that is new to me. Virginia Co. Virginia Co has been receiving a lot of praise lately and Urban Bud in Tacoma provided ample opportunity.

The strain is Raspberry Dosido; I can only assume that this strain is the star-studded child of Raspberry Kush and Dosido. I’ve had a lot of individual experience with both parents and I expect that we will be tasked with wrangling in a bold indica specimen.

Virginia Co features use of their state-of-the-art aeroponic growing system. Aeroponics is the method of suspending the roots of the plant in air while under the constant mist of a nutrient-rich water solution. I can’t say that I’ve had the pleasure of sampling aeroponics before so I’m especially excited for today’s review! Let’s put this one in the air!

I invade the terrarium to uncover fields of grassy sour and moist berry. I chase the dew drops as they fall from the dank grove. A smooth woody quality knocks against the sour droplets. It is as if my tongue is clapping against the surface of a puddle of fruit juice. Bridging out from the earthy sour is a limb of sweet caramel. Below the craning note is a mound of muddy, dirty, chocolate. A light floral pinch of dispersed pepper kicks out from the cocoa wake.

In the hopes of forcing some nuances to surface, I sever the largest flower under my nose. I experience a sharp increase in the confectionary dimension. I sip the fumes as if it were hot cocoa made with diesel fuel instead of milk. I enjoy the consistent rind of herbal sour that teases me around the rim of the profile.

Raspberry Dosido builds into acute spear tips of scraggly leaf. Each flower is a tower of rigid petals, rioting outward in every direction. Like so many verdant barbs, the crystal dusted scales claw outward. Raspberry Dosido does pay homage to its namesake fruit, like a mixed berry jam, rosy purples seep into its skin. Speckles of shadowy plum anchor the frontlines against the creeping tides of sandy green.

Beaten pear and dusty olive are consumed into the salad of surrounding color. I find the stigmas on these flowers to not be in any greater number, but of considerable size. Both in terms of length and width, bright nacho bolts stretch in pairs across the scraggly face. Twins birth in arcs assembling cheesy clothes pins of the sort.

Trembling carefully over the cliffs of decorated color are sparkling trichomes. The resin glands are present in impressive numbers; a glistening garnish to every edge and pore of Raspberry Dosido. With such indica-dominant heritage, I expected the bud structure to be unbreakable. However, the flowers are brittle and easily dismantled. I’m unsure whether or not that this is an inherent trait of aeroponics or a nod towards a more hybrid phenotype.

Leaf to flame, I am cast out onto a plain of flat, grassy, sour. Baked vanilla boulders fall from the sky, crashing down into a bog of gaseous citrus. Jagged blades of spicy sour fan out from the juicy bitter. The lacerations sing a milky green tea relief. A mild herbal menthol stirs with a blend of jerked spices. The sensation climaxes into a smoky finish complete with a smooth tobacco clap.

The sensation pours over me like bathwater. A brisk warmth floods my skull, I feel as if my mind has entered a realm of endless Spring. I’m blessed with a boon of aloof creativity. My mind plunges from thought to thought, exploring senseless sentiments. The bewildering inspiration soon subsides, leaving only lethargy in its void.

The temperate climate coaxes me into a spell of sun-kissed hibernation. I feel so incredibly lazy, even to move my fingers across the keyboard has become an enormous chore. My eyeballs feel to be weighted like cue balls rather than organs. My body gradually turns to stone. Every hit is another look into the gorgon’s gaze. The high is simple, but astoundingly effective at rendering you defenseless. This sensation is a shining testament to the classic symptom of ‘couch lock.’

I had a lot of high hopes for this production. I am crazy about Dosido and I am a little ashamed to admit I detected barely any of its signature essence. To me, this was a somewhat lackluster earthy-berry strain that didn’t hold up its end of the bargain. I’m not taking shots, I just quickly realized why this was such a ‘steal’ at the price point. Experience aside, I’m always glad to try something new and download some new knowledge into my brain. The flowers look really good, but the flavor dissipates quickly. As always, thanks for reading.

Aroma – 12

Physical – 16

Flavor – 14

Consistency – 12

Sensation – 15

Raspberry Dosido score: 69/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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