Garlicane by Fifty Fold

Garlicane by Fifty Fold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the dankest strains are burnt at the stake! Today’s monstrous marvel is Garlicane from Fifty Fold. This peculiar cross is the child of GMO and Slurricane, the Dosido cross we analyzed the other week. What do we get when we mash some garlic flavor into plush kushy qualities? We shall soon find out. This production contains 23.3% THCA and is labeled as an indica. My thirst for terpenes is growing; I ‘vant’ to smoke your bud!

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With great caution I enter the tomb of the sleeping beast. A rolling berry falls from the ceiling and tumbles under a prickled carpet of sour pepper. A rich, savory, jerky musk lingers in the heavy air of the catacombs. Every step deeper into the chasm renews the spicy acute foulness. The garlic nymph is subtle, but present. A chunky pseudo-onion musk trudges through a bog of bubbling syrup. A light gas waves across a medley of sweet chive and humid wood.

I crack into the biggest clove in hopes of uncovering hidden secrets. The individual parents brandish their individual influences. Tart berry juices akin to Slurricane gush from the freshly naked mantle. Gentle spurts of gas are quickly perverted by the honed bitter of GMO. Free from the fog of war, is a grape-blueberry slurry. Wafting over the sunken muck of molasses are brittle clouds of dry herb and mellow onion. The garlic interventions are brief, but snap my senses to attention. Readying my palette for another dive into the funky depths of Garlicane.

Much like the exterior of literal garlic, a milky egg hue washes over every petal of these buds. Junctures of coagulated white color build into mountains on the lips and ridges of Garlicane. Like wisps of smoke, feathery stigmas squirm from the verdant crust. The hairs glow with a ghostly aura of frailty, they stand in defeated contrast to the secondary set rich with color. A second breed of stigmas are born in contradiction of the snowy reign. Weathered tan hairs, of a bulkier variety, worm their plump forms into matted cocoons of warm brush.

The buds are built like a freeze-frame explosion. Stacked plumes of mushroom cloud foliage stagger haphazardly to form massive pillars. The foaming pistachio guise is disrupted by the bouquet of lumped greens. Weathered olive shifts into pools of disenchanted fern as the colors are washed into the haze of ambiguous white above. With such a fragile appearance, I was surprised by the resilience demonstrated by the bud structure. Even the most isolated of its limbs prove unflinching, this strain is surely indica-dominant.

Leaf to flame, my tongue is smothered by raw, grassy, pepper. The note is embalmed in a peppery bitter remarkably similar to garlic. I relish in the wake of each charred clove as they dissolve into creamy ambiguity. A dry rub of smooth grape tumbles down the funky path of provocative musk. The steamy herb entertains a tender mint that softens the foul cinders. I stumble into a brittle patch of skunky vegetation, bathed in its pungency. The garlic specter revisits intermittently in vengeful swoops, inciting the rancid richness.

The high begins in the shape of a fleeting mental rise. I feel jittery bursts in my perception separated by long vacant stares. The tug-of-war eventually subsides into a walking-sleep. A liquid mellow sloshes around in my skull, my brain feels heavy and lopsided. As if I’d taken too much cold medication, my face feels to be drifting exponentially further from my face.

A numbing chill fills the increasing void between. The icy aether expands to create an invisible cushion across the rest of my body. I feel like I’ve been planted into an invisible suit of onesie pajamas. My natural body heat is amplified, gradually lulling my mind into hibernation. The sensation seems to last for an eternity and fields no ‘ceiling’. Feel free to carelessly rush towards blissful incapacitation with Garlicane in your hands!

Dracula, beware! This Garlicane means business. I was quite satisfied in my quest for garlic flavor within this production. The note is open to some interpretation, but I found the sentiment to be quite present. The profile is simple, but bold and entertaining. I would suggest this strain to those looking for a woody, peppery smoke with a light sweetness. The introduction of GMO drew the characteristics of this flower far from the typical realm of Slurricane. I found this strain to be a true hybrid of its parents. As always, thanks for reading.

Aroma – 14

Physical – 18

Flavor – 16

Consistency – 17

Sensation – 18

Garlicane score: 83/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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  1. I just smoked my first bowl of garlicane. It was fantastic! Such a pleasant change from the piney and fruity terp strains that are so popular right now. The high is exactly what I like when hanging out after a long day at work. And the presentation of this bud is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for sharing your passion and products!!!

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