Punch and Pie by H.O.C.

Punch and Pie by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will be asking an important question. “Will there be Punch and Pie?” Today, you can be certain that there will be! Today’s strain is Punch and Pie from House of Cultivar. They bred their famous Purple Punch with a gnarly phenotype of Cherry Pie to conjure this illustrious creation. Let’s grab a slice and a sip of the latest in dank architecture from House of Cultivar.

I eagerly spin off the cap to receive a staggering bouquet of aromatic floral gas. A blend of berry spice sloshes through a canyon of hashy earth like a flash flood. The free-flowing tar is a medley of juicy grape, tart plum, and damp cherry. My senses are stabbed alternatively by gushing fruit and the dispersed tickle of the potent fumes. A sleek citrus blade emerges to sever the rushing tide of voracious berries. A lighthearted lavender remora sticks to the cunning lemon note. The aroma dissipates into a jacket of leafy cool. The sylvan mist soothes away the scathing assertions within the profile.

In hopes of disturbing the cool demeanor of Punch and Pie, I snap the largest flower under my nose. My senses plunge into a luscious grainy chomp of breakfast cereal. The oats sing a milky song of vanilla grit and pungent fruit. The culmination is like a Nutri-Grain bar doused in gasoline. This strain embodies the classic production of Cherry Pie that had captured all of our hearts. The jets of sweet gas repeatedly sweep me towards the jagged peaks of Kool-Aid crystals.

Punch and Pie presents itself as a troop of marshmallows. Plump nodes of lush leaf structure into an obelisk of awkward bulk. The oblong spear tips shimmer with a swirling display of rich colors. Swampy greens range from a shadowy moss to a stark pear. Weaving through the verdant highways are pockets of bruised purple. The violet hues skip from plum to a sunken black shade. The color shifts frequently, blinking as frequently as petal to petal.

In typical Cherry Pie fashion, bright peach hairs roar across the rippled surface. Stout stigmas spawn in great number, demonstrating the soft allure of its bulky arms. Adding to the gentle worn-pink distortion are the glistening ridges rich with trichomes. Sheets of translucent resin coat every fiber and pore of the flower. Punch and Pie is insanely dense, even the thinnest junctures of leaf holdfast like granite slabs. Punch and Pie aspires to the structure of Purple Punch while maintaining the concrete density of Cherry Pie.

Leaf to flame, springs of juicy hash spills from the earth. The syrupy geysers hose my tongue with dry grape grit. The blasted crystals melt into intoxicatingly sweet sucrose that let off burps of roiling berry gas. Smoked earthy clumps are kicked up by the scalding plumes of floral resonance. Beneath the floral fluidity are loaves of stabbing citrus. I tear up at prolonged contact with the grape detonations within Punch and Pie. A juicy cool bleeds out from every exhalation. A slushy of crispy mint and cindered blueberry lingers on my breath. I relish in the dwelling smoky satisfaction that ultimately consumes the delicate nectar.

I feel an invisible palm kneading into my forehead as if a foreign being is attempting to invade my skull. A pancake of numbness slaps my face, I am slowly distracted from the stretching force. An era of unshakeable peace washes over my mind. My thoughts aren’t vacant, they are simply assigned no degree of severity or urgency. Every trouble, trivia, or plight that crosses my being carries the exact same featherlike weight. I could potentially be indifferent to a volcano erupting ontop of me while under the lazy influence of this high.

The gentle brevity of my head becomes hardened. My brain transitions into a calloused mold, a hardened shell of encapsulated thought. I encircle the same nebulous of ideas until I become sick with familiarity. This strain is perfect for those who simply wish to wash their hands of a long day. Not for those seeking a deep introspective journey. The sensation is mellow and long-lasting; perfect for those who aren’t seeking a hammer-handed indica experience.

While the strongest aspects of Punch and Pie are its aroma and visual appeal, it does far from disappoint in other areas. It delivers a gassy berry punch that melts away to be sweet as pie. Classic Cherry Pie fans will be thrilled with this commendable production on the market! As always, thanks for reading.

Punch and Pie: 91/100 points

Aroma – 20

Physical – 19

Flavor – 17

Consistency – 19

Sensation – 16

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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