Slurricane by Fifty Fold

Slurricane by Fifty Fold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where I am overjoyed to be rejoined by one of my favorite brands in Washington! Fifty Fold; the highest shelf that is shared with us. They have been experimenting with some wildly enticing genetics lately and I was jumping out of my seat to get my hands on some. Today’s strain, Slurricane, is the cross of Dosido and Purple Punch. Anyone who knows me is familiar with my unquenchable thirst for Dosido, so this was a no-brainer.

Two of the top indica strains in the market merge to create a new powerhouse that was masterfully raised and manicured by one of the best producers in the state. This particular batch tests at 25.7% THCA and 0.2% CBD. I can hardly keep my greedy hands from tearing open the jar, I must begin!

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I carefully unseal the violent explosive before me. My nose is instantly needled by a sweet plume of citrus mist. A tender gaseous arm snakes out from the undercarriage. The feathery burst of sweetness muffles some of the exacerbating fumes. A light berry sour is exhumed from the lush fluff. I am called by a strangled soft allure of fuzzy grape and syrupy fruit punch. A juicy bouquet that lie dormant at Slurricane’s core. I will find a way to unshackle them. The introduction finishes with an enlivening spurt of sylvan vigor; a grassy mist that douses the entirety of the profile into a meadowy melody of submission.

So far, the profile has been alarmingly benign and kind. I wish to engage the tooth and nail of this profile. The best course of action? Mangle it under your nose. I sunder the largest flower in hopes of inciting an aromatic rebellion. Gushing from its heart, a waterfall of juicy plump fruit. Rolling red tides slush around my mouth: grape, strawberry, and pineapple stir together in magnificent harmony. A confectionary cloud bleeds from the concoction. Like the stagnant fog lingering above a punch bowl at a Halloween party. A tongue-smacking woody flatness is the final companion in this merry band of odors. I can only muse at how these brilliant qualities will translate into flavor.

The flowers of Slurricane look like they were indeed assembled by a storm. The structure maintains hardened slim spires, fossilized by a rich bounty of resin. The largest flowers seem to fork like a trident, maintaining several competing towers of verdancy. White trichomes foam from every pore of Slurricane. The surface of the flower is painted like a winter wonderland. The caked white ridges seem deep enough to plunge into! Unrelenting tides of luminescent frost seems to influence the natural color of the flower; siphoning off its willful colors to feed the creeping winter.

Slurricane demonstrates great diversity within its color scheme. A majority of the buds are blasted with a ghostly spectrum of greens. Pale pear shaves into drained mossy cradles and smoky fern. Conversely, some sections of these resin-dusted moons are completely purple. Some not even purple, there is this rare tone of asphyxiated blue-green that blesses the transitioning areas. The blue tint seems to ring true into even the deepest regions of purple.

A charming transition resembling grape juice when the concentrate becomes separated. Connecting the realms, are the thriving networks of wriggling stigmas. Full-bodied, ambitious hairs spawn in great number constructing a haphazard wall of scaffolding. The cheesy orange color contrasts the ghostly glow so vividly that the stigmas may appear pulsing. Speaking of movement, the bud structure offers very little. For a strain deemed a hybrid, these flowers are stoutly resolute in their position. Just about as dense as any ‘true’ indica I’ve come across.

Leaf to flame, Slurricane churns out a smoky citrus gasp. The rich, burdened note bears a spice similar to cinnamon in the way of its charming grit. Swinging a branch of cindered wood, a breeze of menthol cool washes across a fruity riptide. The juicy flames tear across the sylvan plain, unearthing groves of caramelized fruit. Luscious lumps of apple compete with smoldering berry. The medley brews with the creamy chill to mimic ice cream. A cider sour chases each exhalation as I walk upstream to ride this righteous river of flavor again. I instinctually lick my lips after every hit, chasing drips of phantom flavor.

My shoulders shudder with an unnatural chill that heralds the onset of this invigorating high. My mind feels as if its being stretched upward. I know that may sound torturous, but it is merely my perspective and pool of thought that is being deepened. Distracting me from my mental metamorphosis is the expansive euphoria that distorts my being. My head builds to feel like a pyramid while my body dissipates to feel like a cloud of mist. A sedating molasses begins to pour into my skull, gradually drowning my buds of blossoming thought. While my enhanced imagination has become quite the vessel to fill, my indica-driven doom has been presented to me. I have only limited moments to enjoy this sense of explorative weightlessness before I am shackled down onto my couch by the very same exhaustive splendors.

A warm fog crawls through my jaw. I feel as if an invisible hand just turned the switch on my face to ‘off’. I feel my expression drain from my face as the consuming euphoria drags me towards the event horizon. There is no point of return, I’m going down…and I’m going down hard. My eyelids feel like concrete sheets as I struggle to hemorrhage out my remaining thoughts on the subject. While the high does encourage a brief period of bright stimulus, it is quickly outshined and dampened by the ceaseless tides of physical comfort. The sensation is long-lasting and mellow. Tolerance is a useful tool if you are looking to enjoy Slurricane to its full duration.

Slurricane is a category five storm! In terms of permanence within the flavor and the high, you certainly get the bang for your buck. A flawless presentation thats does everything but disappoint. I am happy to see that my friend is still brewing the gnarliest concoctions in the valley! Fifty Fold, you mad bastards…keep up the great work. As always, thank you for reading.

I picked this production up at Dockside Cannabis – SoDo! I was helped by their awesome manager Jeremiah and couldn’t have had a more positive experience. Thank you Dockside for your loyal service to the community.

Slurricane score: 93/100

Aroma – 16

Physical – 20

Flavor -19

Consistency – 20

Sensation – 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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