Sapphire Cookies by H.O.C.

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Sapphire Cookies by House of Cultivar

Sapphire Cookies by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will spend today revisiting an old favorite. Sapphire Cookies; a star-studded gem plucked from the belt of House of Cultivar. This juicy cross-section of Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies seldom disappoints and I can only expect that this divine equation has been honed with time. Let’s break it down and blaze it up!

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I unscrew the cap to begin the aromatic reaction. A peppery branch of blueberry cautiously extends out of the vessel. Armored by a buttery bark, the sylvan slate suppresses the brighter aspects of the berry. A resonant smoky spice stirs with a lively jungle humidity. The refreshing lushness composes a majority of the body of this aroma. A bulky chill delivers an acute sour, an arc providing some welcome contrast to the cumbersome profile. Admittedly, the same moisture welcomes a faint shadow of skunk to linger in the background. The sly presentation of Sapphire Cookies thus far beckons me to explore further.

In pursuit of a resonant renaissance, I snap the largest flower under my nostrils. The rank sour stiffens, a foul gas creeps out from the fresh wound. The bubbly fermentation tickles and tests my palette. At the heart of the musky nexus lies a tender sweetness. The delicate sucrose weaves around the gaseous knuckles like boxing tape. The raw stagnancy weighs against the tentative sweetness to a satisfying equilibrium. The aroma is enticing, yet balanced among the demonstrated complexities.

I become instantaneously enchanted by the glistening allure of Sapphire Cookies. A salad of enlivening hues, droves of hardened trichomes, and bulbous leafy nodes call this planet home. This strain bursts into bulbous spires of sprawling vigor, each petal appears full in form and plump. From afar, this strain looks feathery and bloated like a mattress. I squeeze the flower to test my suspicion. The quasi-inflated presence is rebutted as every particle of Sapphire Cookies indeed seems to be composed of dense stone. The flowers settle into massive boulders of fortified foliage. Jagged monoliths composed of bursting rings of tear-drop calyxes.

The color of Sapphire Cookies settles rather far from the name. Emulating the classic presentation of a thriving Blue Dream, I view a spectrum of ghostly greens. Electrified pear rolls into weathered lime and shimmering olive. The collective of color casts a lively aura out from its flesh. Twinkling spears of psychoactivity muster in unbreakable mobs atop virtually every visible space. The swarming trichomes enhance the eerie glow summoned by Sapphire Cookies. Storming out of scattered nooks are golden strands of orange hair. Thin clusters of wild stigmas fan out like nests of frozen fire. But even the brightest display of cheesy saturation does little to detract from the resplendent environment.

Leaf to flame, a bosque of baked vanilla spice takes root into my tongue. The burgeoning births a cresting beast of zesty sugar. A stale echo of berry burps out from the tilled earth. The flavor entertains a leafy moisture and a meaty girth. The roasted notes chime to a savory satisfaction that dismisses hunger pains. A simmering sylvan grit is gradually purged by a clashing herbal expanse. A caramelized sinewy fruit stretches to the surface, intermittently gifting a soft kiss.

Smoking Sapphire Cookies is somewhat like Russian Roulette; you receive either a sip of sweet nectar or a blistering bellow of spice. I find myself relishing the unpredictable conveyer belt of sensation. The profile seems to ignite a concoction, let it perform, and sweep it up all within a single hit. Every draw is a self-contained world of experience. I paw at the sweet bounty as it is gradually quelled and cleansed so that you may appreciate the dedicated evolution anew.

I begin experiencing some sensation immediately, but the full magnitude of Sapphire Cookies takes some time to unfold. I feel a mellow instilled in my heart, a tepid veil of comfort envelops my body. My thoughts tighten as I am drawn to a new sense of alertness. The enlivening perspective becomes progressively drowned out by building euphoria. My arms tingle with warm relief and weightlessness. The sensation sprouts and continues to trail into my hips and feet. I half-expect to float out of my chair and the freeing transmutation continues. I’m soon reduced to a skull levitating impossibly above a foreign body.

I enter a realm of predatory tranquility. Any rousing thought or ambition is quickly beaten into submission. The will of Sapphire Cookies is to placate and preserve. I bury myself deeper into the blanketed comfort as I resign to my fate. My mind nuzzles against the warmth of the universe and readies for hibernation.

Sapphire Cookies is a stunning spectacle that delivers a profound indica-heavy experience. The high is somewhat simple, but well executed. It seems a fitting tribute to the current recreational climate to explore what Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies may have to offer one another. One thing is for sure, the resin production of this strain is insane. As always, thanks for reading.

Sapphire Cookies score: 89/100

Aroma 15

Phenotype 20

Flavor 17

Consistency 19

Sensation 18

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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