Confidential Kush by H.O.C.

Confidential Kush by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the dankest leaf is purveyed. Today, we will be appraising a rare gem out of the gardens of House of Cultivar. Confidential Kush seems to imply its indica dominance in name alone and that may have to suffice considering I cannot find any concrete data on the genetics. One thing is for sure, that this strain will be packed full of afghani influence. It’s time to violate some confidentiality and put this flower on display!

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I engage the event horizon to uncover a chorus of stern funk. Ripe rain and fermented berry hang in the humid forest air. A font of afghan molasses gushes its seductive sweetness out across the room. I’d plunged into a berry bush, marooned on a plane of sylvan delights. The entire spectrum offered is delightfully sweet and well-mannered. I relish each bite of the crisp morning leaf as it stirs with the sunken melody of funky grape.

The maturing dank shifts into the realm of skunk. The foul moisture whips up vapor trails of gaseous chem. The curdled bolt entertains a tangy effervescence. The robust bubbles send exhilaration resounding through my body. My heart pumps false-adrenaline in a sense of triggered anticipation. Confidential Kush sends out a beacon, a war cry to shock your senses.

Break the bud, I experience a savory crackle of afghan syrup and the musk of rain-gnarled wood. It’s been a while, but this strain passes the ‘fried chicken test’ with flying colors. With those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a concept I’ve come up with to describe when a flavor is so gritty, rich, and savory that it literally forces the memory of eating fried chicken into my mind and onto my palette. I find this quality to be exclusive only to strains with supreme Afghani influence. The rich essence churns through my nose and stomach, drumming up insane hunger. A sweet peppered spice lingers in the background, could they be the famous herbs and spices designed for this finger-lickin’ chicken?

Confidential Kush makes its best effort to camouflage itself behind a bouquet of somber color. The shadowy demeanor of the flower displays a range of rich purples and sly greens. Midnight grape pearls curl across the face, occasionally perverting to a sapphire black. In tapered contrast, stand wide petals of hardened emerald and forceful pine. The hues of all considered are so dark, it is difficult for one to discern the shifts from afar.

The darkness serves as a perfect stage for the flood of trichomes that stands upon it. Each stalk brandishes its milky white color through an elongated globulous body. I admire the hazy glimmers as they dance with the natural light. Thin stigmas are invisibly buried under the adhesive storm of resin. Upon close inspection, I manage to pick out strangled specimens of torched orange plastered to the surface.

The flowers maintain a stalwart structure, mounding explosively into short buds. From the tiny bud sites, each calyx erupts laterally into a boulder teetering upon a needlelike ‘Roadrunner’ mountain. I was surprised by the squishy relief my fingers discovered while testing the density. Confidential Kush appear remarkably dense, but actually allows for a lot of breathing room within its inner structure.

Leaf to flame, my palette is blasted by sweet billows of feisty candy. The rich grit of dry earth grinds against an incendiary confectionary. The immaculate friction kicks off shrapnel of saturated berry flavor. The honed shards emulate bubbly grape and foul blueberry. A tongue-smacking flatness lies at the core of each molten berry. A kernel of unadulterated essence permeates its raw sweetness from beneath the smoldering crust.

Flakes of sugar rain down from the atmosphere onto the boiling basin of flavor. The speckled sweetness exaggerates the fruity notes into willful ‘last gasps.’ The bowl simmers off into a tender caramelization as it chars. The flavor becomes augmented into a feathery cloud of tangy leaf. An herbal gas tangles with a bright eucalyptus chill. The flavor finishes into a plume of warm smoky cinders.

The sensation forms as an unwieldy warmth coiling in my skull. My brain feels pressure as it is snared by the constricting comfort. The pressure is reassuring as it bleeds tepid euphoria into my circulatory system. A disarming toxin intent on rendering me passive and defenseless. I cast my armaments aside and willingly let the desires of Confidential Kush consume me.

My head feels to be full of nothing but hot air, a balloon of delight anchored to my shoulders. My neck converts to gelatin and my skull has become nonexistent. This sensation brings a whole new meaning to being ‘light-headed.’ Enjoy a load off of your shoulders as your spinal discomforts disappear. A snakelike fluency exists in all of my joints, I feel as if I could slither around my apartment.

My mind is still active, but dormant and distracted. My thoughts are currently so uninteresting and simple that I personally choose not to engage in them. In this moment, I prefer zoning off into empty space allowing my mind to trace the creeping progress of Confidential Kush. The high is profound, but natural. The sensation seems to take ten years off of your body; revert back to your youthful vigor with the aid of Confidential Kush. Perhaps that is the big secret of this strain. A fountain of youth kept confidential.

This is one of those strains that greatly outperforms your expectations. Confidential Kush is not best kept a secret because this is some high quality cannabis. Those plighted by the struggle of seeking quality Afghani terps in the recreational market will find solace in the arms of Confidential Kush by House of Cultivar. The score will reflect how highly I regard this strain. Simply put, get some today. As always, thanks for reading!

Confidential Kush Score: 98/100

Aroma 20

Phenotype 19

Flavor 20

Consistency 19

Sensation 20

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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