Blue Dream by H.O.C.

Blue Dream by House of Cultivar

Blue Dream by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we always strive to challenge the senses. As you may have surmised, this review will be all about Blue Dream. Blue Dream is a polarizing name that either inspires hope or fury into the ears of those who hear it. I personally, have grown weary of all of the impersonations and lackluster cures. However, House of Cultivar always brings high quality terps to the table and I am sure this will be no exception. Blue Dream, or Blueberry Haze, is the straight-across cross of Blueberry and Haze. I hope to capture this as the moment when I fall in love with Blue Dream again. Let’s burn it down and help Blue Dream regain its clout!

Wafting arms of puckering sour spring out from the mouth of the jar. My face is raked into twisted contortions as the palpable aroma greets my senses. The Blueberry influence present is immensely present, my nostrils are scathed by the syrupy tsunami of caramelized blueberry. I experience a welcome intervention from a creamy mist born of fresh mountain air. This note pierces the fragrance, yielding its intensity with its enlivening ambitions. The crisp invigoration provides only momentary sanctuary as the bullying berry is whipped into a frenzy.

There is a muddied sweetness at the core of the aroma, a natural sugar strained through a colander of sylvan slop. I welcome the differentiating sternness, a drastic exaggeration in terms of sour and a withdrawal of its bubbly characteristics. The slurry hardens into a fist of rich Afghani grape bathed in hashy resonance. I seldom come across Blue Dream that leans so willingly towards the Blueberry parent. Aside from the obvious difference in appearance, I’m sure you could convince someone that this is Blueberry with minimal suspicion.

I dismantle the plump bouquet beneath my nose. A wild whip of gaseous blueberry vigor scars my nostrils as penance for my intrusion. I have awakened a raging berry beast, complete with fangs of tang and serrated citrus claws. In this moment, the dormant Haze parent emerges and draws a luscious juicy quality out of the berry. The gushing sweetness manages to disperse the ferocity of this beast, I lap up essence comparable to a Mountain Rush Capri Sun. The gassy intention of the resurgence peaks at points so intensely that I mistake it for a gluey quality.

These flowers perfectly fit the archetype of classic Blue Dream. The buds crawl into rotund mountains of bright green flesh. Only the slightest points allow you to see where the tops of the spherical flowers lie. A jacket of exuberant color adds to the signature demeanor of Blue Dream. A glowing lime roils across every petal occasionally forfeiting portions of its conquest to willing pockets of glistening pear. Like blonde hairs against pale skin, a hairline static traces every fiber of these flowers. A phantom sheet of resin guards every nook and cranny. The trichomes are somewhat short, but raging in number. A sprawling froth of psychoactivity imbues a ghostly glow upon the surfaces it invades.

As stealthily as the trichomes, weathered tan hairs weave carefully above the decorated crust. Bulky, jagged, bolts carve out shadows of foreign hieroglyphs onto the foliage below. The slight red hue of the stigmas is the only color that dare defy the glasslike consistency of the pale verdancy. The flowers appear quite plump, it makes one wonder if it is an overcompensation for lack of density. A quick squeeze confirms my suspicions as the inflated flowers crumple with minimal resistance. Physically, this is a perfect specimen of Blue Dream.

Leaf to flame, my cheek is stretched by a sour knuckle of roasted berry. Hot steam pours off of the profile, a cleansing herbal curtain cast across my tastebuds. Breaking the blanket is a milky cream that flows in the wake of the berry burgeoning. Damp stone and mulched wood notes are tilled out of the dormant soil. A bubbly tang bubbles out from the disturbed earth, teasing my tongue. The note is akin to tea leaves, mint, and citrus. A soufflé of stout berry and menthol cool across a bed of brittle mulch.

The sensation begins as an exclusively mental high. An invisible glacier encases my mind, gradually rendering it incapable of functioning thought. My inner-monologue falls to babble as my conscious self ceases to exist. I am a zombie, frozen into a stupor with a silly grin. The relaxing prison of ice offers a suite of comforts. I cannot be disturbed by any troubles, physical or spiritual. The isolating grip of Blue Dream shields me from every virtual form of unpleasantness.

My only frustration lies in my utter inability to function. I can move my limbs, but to what purpose? I literally cannot manifest a single desire or ambition. I feel as if I’m waiting for a bus that is never going to come, forever trapped within this chasm of sloth. As the aroma and flavor suggested, this high also leans heavily towards the classic Blueberry incapacitation. I discard my held out hopes that the Haze influence will pluck me from the cumbersome grasp. One can only wait for the ethereal ice to melt, for the evolutionary cycle of my mind to kickstart again. Until then, I remain a vacant-eyed prisoner to time and numbing euphoria.

It is indeed a magical day. This is by far the best Blue Dream that I’ve had in recent months, if not years. I’m glad that stigmatized strains can make a forceful comeback in this market. You are always right putting your trust in the caring cultivators at House of Cultivar. I enjoyed the complexities within this production as I find most Blue Dreams struggle to pursue more than one direction of flavor competently. I suppose you’ll have to get some and try for yourself! As always, thanks for reading!

Blue Dream Score: 92/100

Aroma 20

Phenotype 20

Flavor 18

Consistency 18

Sensation 16

Stay high and blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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