Sundae Driver by Bubba

Sundae Driver by Bubba

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where I am delighted to keep the fountains of dank flowing. Today, our nourishment will come in the form of Sundae Driver. This strain was grown by none other than Bubba, the best grower you haven’t heard of. This strain was made popular by the Jungle Boys in California, but has found its way up to Washington. Sundae Driver is the wild child of Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles. I’m in love with the Grape Pie crosses I’ve come across lately and I’m sure this cross will not fall short of my expectations. Let’s burn it down!

I plop into the passenger seat as I let Sundae Driver take the wheel. My mouth is crumpled by a peanut knuckle of earthen gas. A succulent, muddy, cool coats the aroma of this profile. A caramelized crust of earthbound sugar wafts off coughs of gritty sweetness. The aroma is spectacularly woody as the gnarled bark warps inward to a bouquet of nutty vanilla. I become charmed by the strange cream to be disrupted by a tease of stabbing grape. The tenacious vapor worms around the sunken musk. The vanilla musters enough strength to pave over the warring helix of scents. The notes are forced into a compatible melody of chalked nutty froth.

In hopes of uncovering more secrets, I snap the crystalline bulwark beneath my nose. This action ushers in an age of a gaseous nutty resurgence. The ancient titans are shocked awake, shedding centuries of powdered sugar and dry earth. The profile becomes overwhelmingly gassy, but unique in comparison to its initial impression. The gaseous tendencies of Sundae Driver have shifted from a nutty caramel into a behemoth of gluey gas. The violent clashing of subtle earth against raging glue clamors out a wake of savory earth and exhausted berry.

Sundae Driver stacks into a haphazard pillar of sylvan vigor. Like a partially dismantled Jenga tower, Sundae Driver juts out in alternating directions miraculously maintaining stability. The structure of this flower seems to defy the laws of gravity, aspiring to the jagged shape of a lightning bolt. The flexible flesh of Sundae Driver offers a warm spread of color. Saturated lime and stern pear drum out a yellow aura against the reflections in surrounding trichomes.

Craning over the frosted valleys are stigmas bathed in rusted red color. Resin glands dance over every available fiber of Sundae Driver; long stalks seem to dance as they accept varying influence from the roasted hairs and warm greens. I confirm the confident structure of Sundae Driver with a few firm squeezes. Even at its thinnest junctures, this strain offers very little in terms of retreat. Even the trichomes seem to fight back as they refuse to release my intrusions from their tacky grip.

Leaf to flame, torched sylvan tears singe against brittle citrus. A sour edge grazes against a firm nutty arm. The rebounding nutty smack is extremely satisfying, I churn my tongue in hopes of absorbing every vivacious vapor. The acute sour evolves into a blistering gas of challenging fruity spice that flies through the bubbly briskness. My tastebuds are overstimulated and abused the the lancing sour and piercing gas.

A breath of half-hearted milk chocolate dusts across my wounds as I am continually submitted to the caltrops of nutty bark. As the bowl chars, some of the ferocity tapers off and I find sanctuary in the form of a creamy meadow. The field is saturated with the subtle sweetness of an afghan syrup. Sundae Driver offers both torrents of sensory overload and tangents of smooth relief. In whatever form, flavor is prominent throughout the entire burn.

The high approaches with a smooth tenderness. I feel a buzzing warmth creep through my veins, gradually converting my body into an incubator of corporeal bliss. My eyes fall low, as does the horizon of my perspective. I feel the assertive high act as a lullaby for my senses, I willingly forfeit control as my head hangs below my shoulders. A friendly numbness occupies my nerves and synapses, I feel to be a zombie coasting through a void of empty consciousness.

I wonder if this is what monks feel like when they achieve nirvana, a wellspring of silence. Every thought, concern, and ambition is quashed while under the isolating blanket of Sundae Driver. I struggle to form even the simplest of sentences as the cumbersome embrace of this high continues to build. I never experience writer’s block, this is a bizarre sensation for me. I didn’t believe that Sundae Driver would be capable of silencing my thoughts to such an incapacitating degree. In many ways, this strain is perfect for after a ‘long’ day at work or for those who simply aim to disengage from reality for an hour or two.

Sundae Driver is immensely powerful, yet simple in its design. This strain conducts itself as a hard-bodied indica with the sole intention of putting you into a walking coma. However, that is exactly what many desire. And for those folks, this is surely a strain you don’t want to miss. Grape Pie continues to hold its reputation as a gateway to demented bliss. As always, thanks for reading.

Sundae Driver Score: 90/100

Aroma – 17

Phenotype – 19

Flavor – 17

Consistency – 19

Sensation – 20

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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