Chocolate Hashberry by H.O.C.

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Chocolate Hashberry by House of Cultivar

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Chocolate Hashberry by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we dissect the dankest herb that Washington has to offer. Chocolate Hashberry, in name alone, causes me to salivate and lick my teeth. My desires grow stronger as I uncover that this strain is the offspring of Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush. We can certainly expect an indica driven storm as we dive into the depths of this flavorful maelstrom. Let’s grab onto a bushel and see what Chocolate Hashberry has to offer.

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I sneak my nose into the cookie jar, eager to great the Chocolate Hashberry. I feel as my nose developed teeth just to take a massive bite out of a raspberry-filled dark chocolate. This strain unleashes two barreling arcs of remarkably distinct flavor. One arm is packed with mounds of earthbound sugar as I am ushered into an era of muddy freshness. The other, a twisted chocolate leash of knotted tang that rebounds across a plateau of puckered dark chocolate.

Together, the unbridled flurry of flavors entwine to flawlessly mimic the cumbersome confectionary of raspberry chocolate. The decorated nodes bleed out a slime of herbal briskness; an enlivening chill reinvigorates my senses with every shudder. A creamy effervescent sweetness froths across the rim and spills out onto the earthen undercarriage. A bouquet of muddled fruit and weighted herbs are strewn about coughs of dried cocoa rinds. Within the heart of Chocolate Hashberry lies a muse of limitless depth.

I snap the decadent morsels underneath my nostrils in hopes of holding the boundless flavor prisoner. In response to the extreme pressure, a geyser of the savory tincture bursts outward. A rich molasses is sifted out of the muddied earthen pulp. The creeping river of aroma crawls over a pungent bed of hash. The afghan curtain manages to consume any competing notes in order to fuel its freshly forged furnace of flavor. Plump berries bob out from the sludge-like sea, roiled elements of broken raspberry and dismembered blueberries emerge in strained bursts. A candied tangy sweetness caramelizes across the exterior, sealing the profound afghan breath inside to ferment and evolve further.

Golden psychoactive dust coats every ridge of the dense knotted foliage. The petals cluster into taut sheets of shimmering iron. The reinforced demeanor of Chocolate Hashberry kicks out purple waves accented by frosted tips. A tumultuous sea of somber purple crashes into itself in hopes of revealing glimpses of subtler color. An unbreakable darkness occasionally parts to bleed out glimpses of hardened moss and worn pine. It isn’t long before the discrepancy is consumed again by the hungry violet barrels.

Trichomes stand in close succession like the scales of a serpent, interlocking into a lattice of opaque milky white. The heads appear as snow globes levitating mysteriously above a sunken plane of murdered purples. The nodes of rich color gravitate into miniature meteors that are cradled by a delicate jacket of stigmas.  Stout hairs scale the extremities of Chocolate Hashberry, offering a subtle highlight of vibrant rust to compete against the unrelenting tides of darkness. The supportive tendrils snake back into small embankments in the flowers armor, craning to carefully mask their points of ingress. The immense density appears to be impenetrable outside of the small channels negotiated by the hairs.

Leaf to flame, the simmering surface unleashes rich burps of weighted berry. A floral tingle resounds across my tastebuds. A chain reaction of tickling broth spills across my tongue, enchanting it with its otherworldly sweetness. An herbal syrup carries an uplifting peppery afghan kiss across my breath. A succulent sauce of fermented berry carries boulders of cocoa downstream. A salad of torched blackberries roll into a knuckled jungle of gaseous vigor. I discover an elusive basin composed of peppery syrup and knotted sylvan damp. The atmosphere reeks of pulverized berry pulp as a subtle sweetness hangs in the air like an immovable fog. The candied vigor of Chocolate Hashberry stands strong until only the faintest ash remains.

The high is born as a rewarding warmth drawn into my bloodstream. I siphon off a river of feathery comfort as my bodily tissue is gradually converted into a down mattress. A similar bloating warmth snakes through the channels of my mind, disarming me into innocuous inebriation. I lean into waves of gleeful irresponsiveness as an alluring humidity floods my skull; incapacitating all desire.

A blank stare washes over my eyes as I am carried inward to the depths of my soul. I am frozen in terror, yet my heart is stilled by peace. I have no choice but to hang in slack-jawed awe of the ferocious euphoria. A seductive pinpoint pressure builds at the core of my being, a black hole conceived to consume my perspective. The gravity washes my mind clean as I am transported off to a characterless plane. An empty universe ready to be painted by subconscious. Whether you wish to drift off to sleep or birth a world of wild fantasy; Chocolate Hashberry offers so much to explore.

I honestly didn’t expect to like this strain as much as I did. In my past, I’d typically been disappointed by Chocolate Kush variants. But from the aroma to the strong-armed flavor, Chocolate Hashberry is designed to thrill the senses. This strain is a balanced indica that ushers you into a blanket of ethereal warmth. I highly recommend this as a nightcap strain or an emergency refuge from anxiety. The high is long-lasting and immensely powerful. Grab some as soon as you find it on a retail shelf. As always, thanks for reading.

Chocolate Hashberry Score: 96/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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