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Nepalese Ox by House of Cultivar

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Nepalese Ox by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! This afternoon we will be appraising a strain known as Nepalese Ox. This flower was produced by our masterful friends at House of Cultivar. Now, before I get too caught up, I’d heard that Nepalese Ox is simply another phenotype of the Himalayan Pink that we’d reviewed the other day. Considering we suffer from the same lack of pinpointed genetics, we will once again toss this one up to the ambiguous natural glory of the Nepalese mountain region. I will try to appraise this strain based on its independent merit, but I’m sure I’ll be comparing it to the Himalayan phenotype we’d rated just days earlier. Enough stalling, let’s see what phenotype reigns supreme!

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I shimmy past the lid of this jar to discover a withheld world of sugary briskness. An herbal mist hangs over a prodding sour. The jolting aroma skirts along the dewey confectionary as it pummels me with waves of unbearable nostalgia. I intimately know this scent, I am distraught by my current inability to place where. I struggle to piece back together a moment from the past; this profile reminds me of sitting at a plastic picnic bench while ravenously chomping those ‘dot’ candies that came on a wax paper scroll. The dry cool of the sugary snacks is washed over by beads of highly-concentrated grape juice trickling down my chin.

A recurring wind of sour tang circles back as it struggles to hold its contention within the gauntlet of aroma. The lancing scent is spurred along by the lush notes of a damp woodland. Every step further towards the heart of the profile is presented as a swarm of buzzing herbs as foreign branches of spice whip at my shins. The culmination of all the elements is like a tepid raspberry tea that has been congealed by time, sapped of its once frothing warmth. A stern beverage that bears a musk so powerful that it sits on the border of evolving into wine.

I sunder the largest flower in pursuit of more buoyant fruits. As the fibers crackle and snap, I stumble into an exaggeration of leafy ‘green’ odor. A grassy sour salad dressed in vivacious vapors. A peppered biting gas ushers me into the heart of a tossing much of bludgeoned berry and muddled leaf. I find that attacking the flowers causes them to discharge cleansing bolts of aroma. Herbal and soft, invisible hands extend outward to massage away any discomfort. As far as potency and magnitude; there is little change when breaking up the foliage. It is simply the soothing design that shifts.

The first thing I notice in comparison to the HP phenotype, is that Nepalese Ox is considerably darker. While both phenotypes flaunt a darkened demeanor composed of somber purples, this strain holds a much heavier register. Wine, raisin, and plum hues now rage in place of the beaten mulberry and jam. Nepalese Ox does entertain small pockets of green, but they are far too scattered and inconsistent to be worth addressing. However, the integrity of the phenotypes are matched within these bud structures. Nepalese Ox, just like Pink Himalayan, evolves into a mountainous boulder with virtually no wiggle room.

Every steep face and sheer cliff is supported by the impenetrable walls of foliage below. The flowers carry a set of rounded features, very few petals stagger outward, most curl inward to further fortify this frosted fortress. At a glance, it appears to have the same density as its sister. Though as I tested its density, I considered this phenotype to be vastly fluffier and more flexible than its counterpart. Some of the buds stretch to become oddly spherical, proportional in dimensions of both length and width. I feel as if I’m cradling precious berries in my palm.

Subtle nuances accompany the new threshold of darkened color. I can trace every fragment of every trichome down to its point of origin. Each resin gland stands in brilliant contrast to the moorish background. The trichomes resonate a brilliant white hue, comparable to the ‘after-effect’ in a tooth paste commercial. The pearly heads glisten in response, acting as beacons to alert you to the lurking midnight beast beyond. In addition to the warning cry, stand so many roaring orange stigmas like torches at a desolate outpost. With wide bodies and considerable length, these jagged spires manage to mildly warm the icy tones of the purple tundra below.

Leaf to flame, my lips pucker as they receive a pickled sour zest. The lancing introduction is padded by a sweet herbal relief. A skunky mud bleeds over the wound, mending the abrasiveness with leaked juices of spicy berry. Earthy spurts emerge as a light afghan syrup rumbles at the base.

I find that this strain straddles the regional chem line much closer than the Himalayan Pink phenotype. A dry strained pepper purges away all competing notes of flavor. A hot herbal steam now jets across my palette, dominating it. This newly born sensation appears incapable of sharing the stage with flavors of a lesser magnitude. Occasionally, the bodacious boggart allows fruity whims to pass through. Though, it isn’t long before the delicate fruit is blistered away by the searing herbal winds.

My eyes spring open, my mind, shocked awake. I feel as if I’d just shattered free from a glacial encasement after centuries of hibernation. I feel newly alive and energized. I feel my blood become considerably warmer. I nuzzle into the mattress-like comfort offered by my balmy blood. I relax, allowing a gentle veil of obscurity crawl over my eyes. This distorting sheen blurs the lines of my vision as well as the lines between fantasy and reality.

I shimmy through a tight crevasse into a realm of imagination. A fuzzy jacket of playfulness overtakes my mind. Gleefully, drift deeper into the bank of grainy haze. I feel hanging shards of ice melt against my superheated skin. The bowl finishes into a smoldering cake of grassy hash with a dirty chocolate knuckle.

Nepalese Ox leads with a subtle draw but finishes with whopping flavor and a palpable high. Not to mention, I could gaze upon these bulbous mounds of psychoactivity to no end. I feel that I can now make an informed distinction between the two phenotypes. Himalayan Pink is more indica leaning, with a light emphasis on the fruitier and syrupy notes. Nepalese Ox is more sativa-inclined with a much more herbal blade. Both have their merits so you’ll be sure to find a phenotype that suits you! As always, thanks for reading.

Nepalese Ox score: 87/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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