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Mendo Forum by House of Cultivar

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Mendo Forum by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the top shelf herbs get roasted. This evening, I have another exotic cross from our friends at House of Cultivar. This strain is Mendo Forum, one I’ve been particularly excited to try. Forum Girl Scout Cookies seems to be the talk of the town lately and I’m sure a pairing with Mendo Breath will not leave any room for disappointment. Considering the lineage, I expect this strain to lean heavily over the indica side of the fence. But only time will tell and I’m dying to smell…this crystal coated strain from House of Cultivar.

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As I open the jar I am plunged into a shifting pool of earthy funk. A firm muddy hand reaches out and drags me into the fermented candied depths. A warped floral blade snakes throughout the pool. The succulent serpent leaks out a venom of aromatic sweetness. The beast continues to wind as it sheds hardened citrus skins. I manage to free myself from the dank and dirty grasp, rolling into bushels of ripe berries soaked in a dispersed gaseous vigor. A melodic suite of natural earthy notes and peppered fruit dwells at the rim of the basin.

I can tell there is still much of this profile to explore, especially within the fruity dimension. The tangy notes are withheld like the juices of a fruit punch popsicle behind an icy sheathe. I wade into the frothy chilled mist. I feel to be sitting prisoner in a refrigerator alongside crates of crisp vegetables. The frigid component sits upon a cushion of caramelized dirt.

In careless pursuit of flavor, I rip through a bushel of buds with my nose. My advances are stalled by a pungent funky breath. The sensation was like body odor mixed with afghan hash. A chemical sour that blended powerfully with a warm, ripe, dank. Like cleaning spray and skunk cabbage. The forceful pungency pours out into a bog of syrupy hash. I revel upon the banks of sweet peppered sugar. The residue off of the wild fumes compounds into a webbed mask of disorienting gluey odor. A seething floral expanse manages to curb some advances from the ferocious pungency.

Mendo Forum seems to lead with its Mendo-foot forward. The bud structure closely emulates the parent, each cola seems to taper off into a stout body with a narrow point. The coned heads of each flower stem from bulbous bodies of chiseled concrete slabs. The bodies appear delicately arranged, but are so supremely dense that even the most haphazard of formations are rock solid. As I continue to squeeze and test the immense density of Mendo Forum, I feel as if my fingertips are sliding upon sand. The bizarre gristle is from the endless banks of crashing resin. I can physically feel the stubbled stalks as my skin rakes across them.

Disrupting the snowballing shields of verdancy are weak-willed stigmas that snake through small gaps in the frosted shell. Nests of baked pumpkin arms crane outward and wiggle into statues of frozen lightning. A web of wild fuzzy forks dart above the shadowy foliage. Below, hangs a swirling pitcher of bruised sangria. Mulberry bushes crash into beaten eggplants upon the surfaces of this ornate flower. Countless trichomes glimmer like polished steel spear tips, an army at-the-ready to daze your mind. The resin glands hold a golden milky aura that blooms brilliantly in response to even the faintest light.

Leaf to flame, my palette is blistered by gusts of floral spice. A savory gas entwines with hanging branches of hashy fruit. A garden of peppered fruit set ablaze, flames stoked by tea leaves and scorched earth. I smack my tongue into bristled flakes of foamy, buttery, crust. The falling scraps lump together into a slurry of warm, blackened, caramel. A ripe mist hands on my breath for moments between each hit. The singeing note stabs the underbelly of my tongue with its aromatic quills. As the bowl chars, the honed of an herbal mendo funk becomes agitated and exacerbated. The piercing behemoth thrashes upon a bed of smoldering herbs. Its rage eventually subsides into fleeting sour stripes of peppery resin.

Mendo Forum advances quickly in the form of a familiar warmth. The cleansing field expands to form a firm grip over my skull. I feel the channels of my mind expand, allowing more brainpower to circulate throughout. I feel the whipping of wind as it navigates the new expanses of my mind. My ego continues to swell proportionally within the shell of the skull-warming euphoria. I feel that I must look like a cartoon villain with an exposed brain three times the size of my head.

I nuzzle into an inebriated stupor found within the recluse warmth of this high. I am so relaxed that I could drift off to sleep at any moment. In a flash, turning the tide of battle, is a wild bolt of puckering energy. My entire body shivers, rattled by the reception of this otherworldly jolt. I feel my spine snap into position as I’m raised back to attention. My eyes well up with chilled tears, washing a thin veil over my eyes. I feel shielded from the sharp edges of the world as my vision washes them away into charming distortion.

I feel like a tired trucker fighting through weary eyes determined to touch down at an unreachable destination. I know it won’t be long before I can no longer resist the sedating gravity of Forum Mendo.While the threat of incapacitation hangs closely over my head, I cling to a small shard of remaining motivation. My willpower has been reduced to a flickering torch in a rainstorm, I cannot be sure of how much fuel I have left. I forfeit my whims of resistance, allowing myself to be trampled and consumed by the numbing body high.

Mendo Forum delivers heavy-handed punches of flavor that appear intent on locking me away in a coma. I muster just enough strength to finish this this article before heaving myself onto my bed. This strain seemed to be more representative of the Mendo parent, but the Forum GSC cornered certain spheres of influence. If you want a strong Mendo Breath phenotype with some sweet subtleties of Girl Scout Cookies, this is the strain for you. As always, thanks for reading.

Forum Mendo score: 94/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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