Pie Hoe #6 by Eugreen

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Pie Hoe #6 by Eugreen Horticulture

Pie Hoe #6 by Eugreen Horticulture

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will again be venturing across state lines. This time, for a jar of Pie Hoe from our friends at Electric Lettuce in Portland. The store is amazing and the quality of the service is unmatched by competing dispensaries in the area. Pie Hoe is a dreamy cross of Grape Pie and Tahoe OG, I can hardly grasp at what pungent power that these parents may’ve mustered. It appears that this production clocks in at 24.8% THC, an admirable level that is reflected wholeheartedly through this strain’s appearance. Let’s go out of state and out of mind with Pie Hoe from Eugreen Horticulture.

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I lunge into the medical vessel. My advances are met by sweet tender arms of gas. The delicate embrace cradles my nose inward towards a nest of succulent berry. Plumes of floral grape massages my membranes as I soak up every effervescent fiber. A creamy cool sugar dwells at the core. The weighted curd mimics a heart of slippery vanilla ice cream. Gentle candied winds brush against a firm edge of citrus zest. Behind the pungent display, I discover a relaxed backboard of bubbly mountain crispness. Emerging from this same babbling brook of excited zest, is an elusive lick of menthol relief.

In pursuit of madness, I snap the largest flower under my nostril. My confectionary compatriot hones itself to become sharp and hashy. The sappy flavor gushes out like a wellspring of thick molasses. I find as I prolong my stay, the hidden traits of Tahoe OG step forward. The admirable advance hemorrhages out puddles of herbal mist and sylvan sugar. I’m pummeled by a grape rain as it intensifies into a sodden storm of tender clarity. From the aroma alone, I feel to have become more alert and sensitive. I can only imagine how such polarizing strength will translate into sensation and flavor.

Pie Hoe builds into plump monoliths of frosted reinforcements. Verdant buttresses stack around the exterior, plastered into place by tides of frothing resin. In large, the buds appear to be shaped out of stone into dense oblong masses. Curling waves of rigid leaf crash inward concreting the assertions of the bouldering foliage. The density is confirmed with a forceful squeeze, the nug didn’t even budge. This strain clearly draws on the immense density of its parents to become a frosted fortress.

A somber castle of decadent leaf brandishes a wheel of rich color. The flower is cloaked in a violet aura, a softened blue hue imbued upon all things surrounding. While Pie Hoe does carry streaks of midnight purple, the phenotype displays a wild variance. Emerging from the trichome tides are rebellious pikes of petrified pear and bludgeoned moss. The defiant spires shimmer brilliantly before falling back into the predatory jacket of stark purples. Upon the lattice of competing colors spawn gentle strands of golden hair. The stigmas fall like angelic bangs obscuring the shy faces of Pie Hoe.

The purple color demonstrated often falls closer to black, delicately touched by the violet glow. The trichomes spawn like swarms of bees, flustering every available ridge and corner of the flower. The stalks are an opaque bone yellow and carry heads of similar design. The ranks of resin fall like mounds of melting snow, painting wild nets of white that trail across the mountainous ridges.

Leaf to flame, I am whisked away to a sweet, sour, and gassy renaissance. A waterfall of hashy floral tincture pours onto my tastebuds. Such a palpable balance of afghan riches is native only to the most masterful kush varieties. I struggle to remain afloat as endless waves of spicy lemonade crash onto my tongue. Buried beneath the thrashing herbal zest, the notes entomb my membranes. The chain reaction spills out onto grassy fields. I am cast out onto fields of lemongrass that are doused in pomegranate diesel.

I find my footing among a mountain of caltrops composed of cake icing. The flavor is ushered along by the serrated candy. The penetrating sweetness prods my palette to higher ground before melting into my saliva. The confectionary experiences soaring nuances as it melds into a salad of pine tree bark. A bewildering charcoal smokiness emerges, crawling across a bed of citrine razors. The tornado of flavor subsides into a softened slurry of scorched blueberry.

My face becomes instantly numbed by a jacket of cumbersome euphoria. Ears shaken awake to vibrate with a foreign frequency. My skin becomes flushed with a comfortable warmth. My entire skull soon succumbs to the seductive advances of Pie Hoe. I feel myself gradually dissolve from the neck up. The compounding pleasure builds and chases down the knuckles of my spine. The disarming magma builds up at areas of agitation and quickly disintegrates any unpleasantness.

The high is extremely physical but keeps you aboard of a life raft of mental clarity. Surprisingly, during the turbulent takeover, I remain fully functional. Don’t get me wrong, I’m high as the balls on a giraffe, but I am very much the master of my current domain. I feel as if I could sculpt a chair out of invisible plasma, this high is truly a trip to the depths of the ego. Not to analyze, but to indulge. Forfeit your perception and pick up a new saber of cutting intuition. Create and live fearlessly while under the influence of Pie Hoe.

I feel the liberating jacket of inebriation shift, exposing me to an invisible encroaching cold. A glacial crawl consumes my body, eventually freezing me into a wide-eyed prisoner. I teeter towards a realm of consuming mellow, I can do nothing to resist being disarmed of all of my cares and desires. The sensation is freeing, but frustrating if you held the intentions of getting something done while indulging. Throughout its twists and turns, the high provided by Pie Hoe proves to be unshakably balanced and level-headed.

Pie Hoe #6 is an exquisite example of what top quality cannabis should be. I was beyond reluctant to find virtually nothing wrong with this production. Every step of the way, Pie Hoe will exceed your expectations and bury you in its impressive potency. Electric Lettuce is now my go-to spot while in Portland and I’m certainly going to be reaching for Eugreen Horticulture from this day forth. Get some today and experience the revolution of flavor. As always, thanks for reading!

Pie Hoe #6 Score: 99/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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