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Mendo Breath by House of Cultivar

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Mendo Breath by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are lucky enough to have some Mendo Breath fall into our hands! Mendo Breath is a fascinating strain that I’ve been trying to review for a while. I’m sure this production by House of Cultivar will exceed my expectations and provide the perfect review specimen. Mendo Breath has a few recorded phenotypes but all seem to descend from a cross of Mendo Montage and Cherry Pie Kush. Cherry Pie Kush, interestingly enough, is a cross of Durban Poison and Chemdawg which makes me particularly excited. This is going to be a hammer-fisted indica most likely, just what I long for after a tiresome day. Let’s break it down!

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As I plunge into the jar, my palette becomes scathed by seething lashes of sweet weighted berry. The fruity anchors plunge deep into a muddied forest basin. The berry bouquet is amorphous in its presentation; seamlessly shifting between peppery blackberry, grape, and raspberry. Driven winds of potpourri are set ablaze and loosed like so many arrows. I willingly roll into the depths of the spicy sweet massage, incapacitated by the plethora of engaging, provocative prods.

Mildly abrasive peppery notes are scattered throughout this strain’s interior. I have to use every shred of my willpower to avoid sneezing. A firm sour funk hangs briskly in the background. Tempering and cooling the ferocious whims of Mendo Breath. A hot sugary curtain falls onto a bed of rich forest spice. The culmination of the silky spices imitates ginger. A lulling sweetness brought to life by a firm recurring herbal snap.

In hopes of unleashing any withheld ferocity, I decimate each bud under my nose. My stampeding fingertips unleash a pungent retaliation. I experience the fiercest emphasis in the directions of the spicy, fiery, earth. A earthborn trough of robust savory funk resides in the deepest recesses of my chest. With every exhalation I feel my breath tainted with the enchanting dank residue.

For an indica dominant strain, the sprawling ambitions of Mendo Breath are admirable. Rolling bulbous cliffs crash into somber pockets, rolling into massive flowers. Every rippling corner of Mendo Breath is woven tightly, cemented shut by the flooding volume of resin. Like an translucent cloak resin shifts across the faces of each bud, it appears as if the flowers were dipped in a clear dry paste. Bubbling out from the pale muck are opaque milky arms. Hordes of fully-formed trichomes brandish their unwieldy heads against the shadowy leaf. The vivid transitions between the crystallized petals may be the only spectacle powerful enough to draw away from the trichome’s splendor.

Mendo Breath is a cornucopia of color; a seductive rainbow of moorish greens and stark purples. At first glance, the purple disposition is easily received as black. Bulwarks of impenetrable burnt purple guard the delicate hues tucked behind. Shoes of sunken eggplant clash against strands of irradiated violet. The somber reaches are disrupted by shades of beaten moss and amplified lime. Scanning every surface of Mendo Breath,I witness a constant clash of color. I’m partially convinced that these buds are a little too colorful to actually be cannabis and not some solidified shard of a rainbow. Sneaking out from the verdant mantle are fat wormy stigmas. Radiating a glowing cheesy color, the plump hairs often intertwine to create nacho accented helixes. Countless unruly guardrails; the tendrils wind into nonsensical highways of fuzzy delight.

Leaf to flame, I pluck fruits from a smoldering bush of berries. What I fail to catch falls onto a caramelized forest floor. The smoky rich timber of this flavorful pathway leaves hashy splinters to dwell on your breath. Such a flat, woody backboard allows the sweeter notes to blossom within its viscosity. I smack my lips, chasing the remaining traces of the sappy sugar left dwindling. I stir my saliva with the aftereffects of the tepid hash and afghan sludge.

Deeper within, I discover a rocky peppered sour. A playful zest that delivers a strong sensory impact. A demented sour encircles the blackened rocket like a determined vulture. The age of herbal evisceration drums up an obscure feeling I would describe as boiled freshness. I feel as though the tissue of my throat and lungs were just exfoliated. A subtle deescalation takes place after the cleanse. Mendo Breath reclines into a satisfyingly stern resolution of hashy hops.

A profound calm immediately befalls my senses. Peace of mind falls like a blizzard, quickly blanketing over my menial personal concerns. I am able to take a deep breath and recline briefly with an absent mind. If anxiety was felt with panicked warmth, the foreign tranquility crawls upon me like miles of glacial ice.

Soon after, my neck was plopped off of my shoulders and set onto a rollercoaster track. I’m gliding along at a steady pace, my mind and will predetermined. I am comfortable with my temporarily cast fate as it allows me to delve wholeheartedly into the cumbersome physical realms of Mendo Breath. I relinquish my body and my mind to the drenching euphoria. A fuzzy warmth floods my face and coaxes me to draw a hideously large grin.

What am I smiling about? I couldn’t be certain of any one thing in particular, but under the divine influence of Mendo Breath…everything looks appetizing. An invisible veil of appeal has been added to every one of my surroundings; beds look softer and colors appear brighter. There is a subtle irony within the high of Mendo Breath as it draws you out of the mania of the everyday only to reintroduce you to the same pool with an augmented perspective. A circular journey. However, if you smoke enough, you can achieve a full escape into the shielding arms of Mendo Breath. Though, renewing the world in a stony light is far more appealing from where I stand. I climb the collected rise to find myself exhilarated as if I’d just ascended a mountain top. Mendo Breath offers soaring highs and tepid isolation, both of which are easily maneuvered and manipulated. Explore fearlessly.

This review was surely worth the wait. The buds were visually spectacular, the smoke was smooth and consistent, and the high was simple but well-defined. Mendo Breath is a high octane experience with the consistency to deliver the expected result every time. If you need a knockout punch that doesn’t take hold immediately, I would recommend this strain. That being said; if you have a high tolerance and just want to ride a introspective carousel…go ahead. As always, thanks for reading.

Mendo Breath Score: 91/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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