Tropicanna Cookies by Liberty Reach

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Tropicanna Cookies by Liberty Reach

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Tropicanna Cookies by Liberty Reach

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where I am overjoyed to bring you yet another Dope Cup Edition post. Today’s Strain; Tropicanna Cookies by Liberty Reach, won first place at the Dope Cup for terpene profile. That’s right, this is alleged to be one of the smelliest, most flavorful strains in all of Washington! What more of an endorsement do you need?This strain, from Oni Seed Bank, is a powerful combination of the ever-popular forum cut Girl Scout Cookies and a ripe phenotype of Tangie. I’d expect that this offspring carefully walks the hybrid line with a potential inclination towards indica characteristics. Let’s burn it down and bring these terpenes to light!

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Just by unscrewing the jar, I’m overrun by a stamped of bright, sudsy citrus. A sensation similar to as if I’d just poured a liter of Sunny D out into an open campfire. I stand above the righteous fruity blaze, absorbing all of the sweet succulence each sizzle has to offer. In the rinds of each citrus note is a suite of spicy, sharp, and zesty quills. At times I feel as if I’m chomping into the literal skin of an orange. The buoyant citrus-derived sugar soaks into every fiber of my nostrils making escape impossible. Not that I would ever seek to escape from the entrancing wonder of the citrine swarm.

The aroma entertains a virile aura of effervescence. The vivacious hillocks compound the profile to continuously augment itself into candied oblivion. I feel as though I can trace literal suds rising up into my sinuses and popping into a fruity outburst. I slurp up the sweet smoke that is carried over a bed of bubbling ripe fruit. The backboard of the fragrance is like I’m clapping my tongue against frosty cut timber. A cold nullifying arm, frozen into eternity by an endless evening chill. Even against the quashing sylvan influence, the bubbly orange chorus refuses to relent in its assault.

In foolish pursuit of disrupting the harmonic orange song, I tear a thick bushel of the dank flowers under my nose. Much to my surprise, I experience an emphasis in the shield versus the sword of this profile. I find the enlightened precursor becomes more balanced or silenced by this momentary growth in the smoked woodland backboard. A dry sylvan salad stirs with the foaming fruit in order to create a calmer balance. That being said, distilled through this process is a sharpened sour tincture unlike anything we’d encountered during our initial encounter. A smoldering pyre of smoky confectionary bleeds out a stream of tangy citrine delight.

As far as physical design goes, the structure fills out a shell of Cookie physiology. However, it appears that the ample fragility of Tangie has influenced the foliage enough that each bulbous calyx tumbles from the stem with little agitation. This speaks to both the quality of the cure and the delicate nature of Tropicanna Cookies. My fingers confirm what my eyes suspect, the nodes tumble together as they are sheared from the stem. The individual petals cluster together into moderately dense mobs, but there is a lot of breathing room within the cola as a whole. These nugs definitely shop in the long and tall section of the garment racks as each bud ranks into a teetering tower of resplendent color.

Purple is the key to my heart and these flowers are drenched in rich shades of brazen love. Pulsing predominately with a heavy midnight purple the scale is capable of dipping into a chilling bosk of electric violet. I become enchanted by the stark, frothy contrast between the explosive softened purples and illuminated ghostly limes. A haunting decadence surrounds each flower, massaging it with an ambiguous blanket of sparkling color. Like milky stars cast into a murdered purple night, countless trichome heads twinkle with lightyears of virility. My eyes are able to trace the fullness of each stalk against the heavy darkness. Occasionally the resin glands peak into ridges of glorious amber, taunting me with is psychoactive potency.

Leaf to flame, I am glazed over by syrupy boiling citrus. My tongue bathes in a bath of ripe tangerines and Fresca. The bath of caramel springs are stoked by immolated plumes of spicy searing sugar. The woody base is melted down into a decadent slurry, a rich tar that traps my tastebuds. The flavor itself feels carbonated, as if I feel literal bubbles cycle across my lips. The bubbles are brought to life and then sliced open by tart limonene razors. The rotund spheres spill over onto a base of hot, acidic, soil. The partnership brings forth a spicy stallion. The blackened peppery herald kicks backward, catalyzing the citrus reaction.

It seems that even the flavor profile continuously gives birth to subsequent realms of flavor. This unique brand of incendiary sugar acts like a Russian Nesting Doll, constantly molts to reveal additional layers of puckering caramelized citrus. I feel fruity cinders carry across my breath for moments after each hit. The permeation of such well-poised flavor is truly impressive. I find it all-to-easy to call any of the many shifting faces of Tropicanna Cookies home. My palette has become helplessly glazed over, petrified by candied curiosity.

I was surprised to find such powerful flavor to conjure such a kind and mellow come up. The high of Tropicanna Cookies begins as a warm grin on your forehead. The building glow instills a sense of peace and augmented clarity to my mind. I feel as if the moors of my mind have dislodged and I can clearly navigate my pools of thought. I have achieved a state of mind where I could contemplate deep spiritual tangents or debate societal controversies. Comfortably conversational is what I’d term this feeling.

Slightly extraverted, my heart pumps with eager exhilaration. I quake with the desire to move, complete, compile, converse, and pretty much every other activity that can be accomplished with another person. Tropicanna Cookies was not designed for the hermit, but for the spontaneous adventurer seeking to dawn the spirit of the great outdoors. Adventure while your skin is lit up by the warm exuberance of this high. Adventure fearlessly with Tropicanna Cookies in hand.

Wow, I can understand why this strain stood out from the rest at the Dope Cup. The flavor is complex, provocative, and permeating beyond belief. That being said; it only contained 14.51% THC! It goes to show, the contemplative bewildering highs lie locked away within the terpenes and flavonoids, not unbridled THC levels. Extra THC never hurts, but it does not solely determine the quality of cannabis. If you walk away understanding anything from this article, let it be that. Make your purchases based on well-manicured genetics and flavors, not numbers. Liberty Reach, thank you for providing my taste buds with such a revelation! As always, thanks for reading!

Tropicanna Cookies Score: 96/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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