Ginger Snap by H.O.C.

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Ginger Snap by House of Cultivar

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Ginger Snap by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we have another delicious strain for your eyes to survey. This is Ginger Snap, another masterfully cultivated product from our friends at House of Cultivar. I’m not keen on the specifics of the lineage, but the name surely snagged my attention. Smoking a new strain from House of Cultivar is a little like Christmas; it’s going to be awesome, you just don’t know how yet. Enough stalling, let’s tear this jar apart!

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I all-to-eagerly crack open the jar in anxious hopes of profound discovery. I bathe in the acute zesty sour bestowed upon me. The flexible plane of flavor spans over a grassy expanse. Rich curling rinds of pseudo-citrus coil around spires of sylvan vigor. Delicate berry undertones stir with echoes of weighted afghan sweetness. The chorus summons a soothing backboard of fresh rain falling over dusted stones. The culmination also bleeds out a dampened squeal of peppered herbs and wasabi peas.

I continue to explore the unique depths of this aroma. I brush against hanging stalagmites of rotund sugar that curl to hurl you back into the fray of tossing earth and feisty citrine notes. It isn’t long before the ripe funk floods the entire room and one must wonder what hidden powers lie locked away within? Since I lack the metaphorical key, I must settle for cracking the safe wide open!

I take the largest nug into my pincers, watching as loose kief showers down onto the desk. At the point of severance leaks out a mildly chemmy bolt of gas. The antagonizing arm weaves through the profile emphasizing random aspects. The sweet berry sour seems to be exaggerated the most, entombing my nostrils in its fluffed essence. The plains of wasabi grass are also expanded to become increasingly slick and buoyant.

Standing before me is a delicate mountain of mossy hues powdered with layers of trichomes. Discerning beneath the seemingly impenetrable blanket of resin, I spot nests of delicate greens. A unique petrified sage wrestles my attention away from the ghostly aura. In competition are streaks and stints of illuminated lime and beaten pear, though they are overshadowed by the other tones. The colas wield a ghastly glow, the surrounding air seems to be enchanted by the crystalline white surfaces of Ginger Snap. Like a canopy of clouds hanging closely over a verdant jungle, the resin glands stand in great multitudes, perhaps in attempts of preserving the delectable secrets of this flower.

In boiling contrast to the austere chill, are thick stigmas bursting from the surface. They appear like jets of cheesy magma shooting out from a green glacier. The arms crane wide casting webs of shadows onto the foliage below. The volume of the tendrils seems to creep upward as you do. What I mean is, there seems to be a significant increase in stigma production as you approach the peak.

The buds build into bulky mountains; with many random arms and cliffs, I would not be surprised if these plants produced flowers in excess of 5 gram colas. I am impressed by the sprawling bulk of Ginger Snap, but does it hold its rampant advances? I squeeze the crystal-dusted flower between my fingers to be met with modest density. I’m confident I can tear this apart with minimal difficulty, but it sure isn’t quick to crumble or shift by any means. I would suggest the overall structure is reminiscent of a 60/40 hybrid in favor of indica, but what do I know? 😉

Leaf to flame, fingers of an earthy grasp mummify me. The sinister cocoon fringes on citrus infused chocolate, maybe I’ll just eat my way out? A smokey grassy scorch smolders out from the bed of flavor. The tongue-smacking dryness of the clouds is astoundingly satisfying. I cheerfully chomp into the blackened bark of the fragrance, siphoning off all of its mesquite charms.

The zesty bite expands into a willful storm, scorching my palette with its volatility. Herbal lightning walks across my tongue, besieging my tastebuds with electric chem and rigid hops. After some adjustment, the smoke is comparable to sipping a sweet cup of tea out of the rim of a volcano. The profile is soaked with smoky incense that peppers and tests the senses.

I found the sensation pleasant from stage one, but the grounded earthen qualities may prove too formidable for novice smokers seeking something more reminiscent of a fruity smoothie. Real smokers will treasure the sooty sucker-punch delivered with every savory hit. As the bowl chars, the flavors curdle to entertain a airy froth. Whims of a delicate cream are dispersed among the simmering coals, bathing it in its permeating splendor. A light kiss of vanilla and an earthy bed of smokey cinders is how this strain says goodbye.

A mask of numbing euphoria adheres to my face, causing me to mildly disengage from the realm of physical sensation. I am directed inward to where I feel a mental sharpness build. I rise above an invisible fog to be met with great spans of clarity and functionality. All the while, the same distracting body high continues to crawl downward towards shoulders and spine. I welcome the disarming comfort after a long week at work. My brain bobs, dancing to a silent song, belligerent with glee.

The high is extremely inspirational and moldable. Moldable in the sense that you can direct and redirect this muse of sensation with relative ease. The sativan rise continues to build at paces unequivocal to the physical sensation, but fear not, it does not incur the penalty of anxiety. You simply risk the potential that you may bewildered by your own blossoming storm of ambition. Perhaps it would be best to let the high unravel a little bit, judging if you need more of this divine gift. Especially if you aren’t confident in your ability to navigate unique highs. That being said, my senses are truly tickled by the well-met coupling of dripping euphoria and acute mental stimulation.

Oops, they did it again. Another smash hit from House of Cultivar. Ginger Snap; a strain worthy of such an enticing name. I rarely get to enjoy a strain with such a rich mesquite charm and subtle berry undertones. There are so many things to rave about, but I’m eager to wrap this up and return to a personal bowl. As always, thanks for reading!

Ginger Snap Score: 90/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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