H.O.C. Sour Diesel by H.O.C.

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H.O.C. Sour Diesel by House of Cultivar

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H.O.C. Sour Diesel by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where, today, we will be testing our faith with an old legend. Today, we will be sampling House of Cultivar’s spin on an age-old classic. Sour Diesel is a notorious sativa-dominant hybrid known for its overwhelming pungency and volatile effects. Tagging along with the fame of being what I’d consider a ‘heritage’ strain, are many inferior crops parading around as the truth. Wading through the bog of low quality diesel strains in i-502 can leave one discouraged; so much so that I’ve nearly erased this once-worthy strain from my diet.

But, every once in a while…comes the perfect Sour Diesel that revives your faith and renews your quest. I have high hopes for this production from our friends at House of Cultivar, I mean they did just win an award at the Dope Cup for producing the best indoor sativa in the state. For those unfamiliar; Sour Diesel was hatched from Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. I love how these parents stir to create a one-of-a-kind signature. Let’s dip into the gaseous glaze.

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I boldly plunge my nose into the jar, unaware of what lie in wait. My sinuses are stormed by a brisk stabbing sugary mist. The provocative tide ushers in a river of mint and pine needles. I am held gently against the chilled bosk, I chew on a light chocolate relief saddled to the back of light coughs of dry earth. Rich fumes of woody citrine musk emanate from Sour Diesel. Every ounce of this aroma is pronounced and dangerously charming. On the cusp, a brittle rim of tangy cheese demonstrating a sour rind. A muddied mixture of herb and natural sugars mimic a foul Twizzler.

I knock apart the flower in hopes of invoking hidden assets. I find a great emphasis in terms of a gaseous sugar. A tantalizing cool summons winds of tangy zest. The kernels of sweet resurgence churn through a skunky paradigm to find a rich mulchy satisfaction. The road is paved with a coating of slick citrus and a dry peppery burp. Still persisting through the volatile mixture is a pine crispness that lingers on the finish. Sour Diesel is a storm of blistering pine and echoing funky sugars throughout.

Faces of Sour Diesel are painted with enlivening hues of deep green. The flowers are built into dense slabs with angular tops. Thick nodes erupt with streams of vivid color. Sour Diesel is painted predominately a saturated pickle, a weathered pear, and a somber moss. The scheme; a sylvan interpretation of the swirling night sky. Trichomes painted by a pasty haze stampede across the dark demeanor of the leaf, left twinkling like so many nests of stars. The resin glands jut outward from every visible surface. The glimmering globes  illuminate the rich faces of rippling leaf like torches against a cavern wall.

The structure merits mammoth flowers that are haphazardly reined together by a thin stem.  Unpredictable stigmas born of blazing orange fire trail off in random directions. The strands demonstrate considerable bulk as they chart their haphazard course. While Sour Diesel has always carried an explosive structural vigor through generations of phenotypes, this one seems extra plump. I would suggest that this production swings more towards its Skunk heritage and I welcome the influence. The calyxes are extremely dense, I would equate the forceful focus to a hybrid that was in favor of 80% indica. The flesh of Sour Diesel is set in its design and will budge to no slight effort.


Leaf to flame, my tongue is charred by the potent eminence of diesel flavor. A riptide of gassy, rich, sour scorches my palette. The conveyance is quite grassy; a thriving meadow subject to a thorough dusting of Crystal Light. I lay back into the luscious grove of hot sugar. An oozing sweetness demonstrates a vigorous peppery expanse.

A lightning storm unleashing simultaneous bolts of chem, citrus, and pine. Crackling wood and a hashy underbite line the cloak of herbal wind. The impact smolders with milky stream and bitter lime. Atop a bed of savory, bright, earth is nestled a nook of tangy, tropical, sour. As the bowl chars, a warm syrupy spice emerges as the domineer. Potent flavor is consistent throughout and you will find joy in the many faces of its splendor.

A sense of exhilaration overtakes my heart and mind. The pace of my personal reality seems to quicken, my thoughts begin to race. I am soon marooned helplessly at the epicenter of a legendary brainstorm. A euphoric physical cloudiness creeps upon my skull like a crown my of fog. A shell of comfort coats my body, insulating me with its meditative cool. My ears audibly whip with the whooshing force of each passing idea. I pluck a sentiment of peace out from the font of whirring invention and scutter off to an isolated corner.

I manage to remain calm through the frantic search through my ravaged mental library. An oddly satisfying pressure worms its way through my cranium before popping as a bubble of relief. I sit back as I let my troubles melt down my shoulders, my brain drips with a vacant chill. I begin to nod off while teetering on the brink of consciousness. The once invigorating confidence that bewildered my mind, now anchors me to the dense depths of an immovable ocean. I forfeit my struggle against the backlashing sweet sedation. I lean back into the massaging numbness, rejuvenated by isolating calm. I’m happy to endlessly bask in the ambient glow of the high offered by Sour Diesel.


While this production of Sour Diesel isn’t by any means a typical variety, it drowns out competition with its complexity and quality execution. This strain surely deserves the standout name of “H.O.C. Sour Diesel.” Even at these lengths, I feel I must’ve failed to some degree at effectively describing the splendors of H.O.C. Sour Diesel. For a rendition of the strain that will surely exceed your expectations, seek this one. There are only a few invisible shortcomings that make this strain unworthy of a perfect score! I enjoyed every dazzling facet of this production. As always, thanks for reading!

H.O.C. Sour Diesel Score: 96/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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