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Durbert by House of Cultivar

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Durbert by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the top shelf terps get roasted. Here we have a strain that I’m quite excited about, Durbert. As you may have surmised, this strain is a cross between Sherbet and Durban Poison. I’m an enormous fan of Durban Poison and I am eager to witness the somber expanses brought on by the Sherbet partner. House of Cultivar is always drumming up such tasty crosses; I cannot wait to see where this one takes us! Time to get down with Durbert!

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As I unseal the vault, I brace myself for an unraveling monsoon. I am tested by a puckering storm of sour powdered earth. The fermented dry tang is baked in a dispersed caramelized grit. The sour component is blindingly significant, a blistering yet enchanting sensation acts as the lead envoy of this production. Sifting through the cracks in the unwieldy meteor, I fall through the stabbing sugars that line its intestine. I churn through the assertive massage of aromas, eventually tumbling into a pit of frothy mud.

While the jutting spears of Durban influence steal the show, the Sherbert buries a ringing resonance within its wake. A savory pathway forged of cold stone and sunken berry. Bubbling at the quieted heart of this bud is a gooey reduction that screams of weighted afghan seduction. It isn’t long before tendrils of rich gas whip out from the disarming cradle. My nostrils are lanced by a solidifying sour intrusion. After the reawakened behemoth trudges past, I notice an uplifting afternote. The juggernaut crushes out a stew of electrified green tea with a gentle citrus accent.

The profile is extremely provocative and engaging throughout; I must see if it is withholding any personality. An herbal; almost chem blades slips up alongside the barrel of the steamy sour cannon. The tandem blast was almost too much to absorb, my senses are scathed by the boorish assault. It doesn’t stop there, the smoking guns shake off a trail of obscenely powerful ‘glue’ essence.

Durbert carries some serious stank on it sure to leave all of those flavor-chasers pleased. This revived odor punches me deep in my chest and cradles my heart. I feel as I can nuzzle up next to this energizing battering ram of a fragrance. I hope to unearth more hidden treasures through my continued appraisal of this strain.

Durbert is summoned into bulging cones comprised of leafy boulders that seem as though they are about burst! The rolling tides of petals that writhe across these flowers roll over in terms of both color and form. Some areas exhibit dominance of a toilsome sea of jutting stout foliage while others exhibit solid sheets of rotund rock. Coloration is a storm of rich pear, acute olive, slippery moss, and drained lime. These hues seem to share an even distribution of real estate, despite its inconsistent plotting.

One delicate consistency is the framework of glass-like stigmas that net over the production. The pale disposition of these hairs may cause one to overlook them entirely. The winding arms are comparable to the aesthetic of a sun-beaten tangerine, the aura enchanted by an invisible white haze. The flowers are extremely plump and well filled-out.

This first impression caused me to overestimate its density. Much like in the category of aroma, this phenotype embraces the Durban parent versus the Sherbet. While each fistful of flower bears some large rolling knuckles, the lattice connecting them exhibits a lot of give. I would say this presentation is consistent with a 60% hybrid in favor of sativa.

There is assuredly still density instilled within the buds, but the bouquet is capable of being easily dismantled. The rowdy mounds aspire to pyramid like structures, trichomes causing them to shimmer in the desert sun. The shimmering crystal heads of the trichomes hover elegantly above every fragrant fiber of Durbert. Ranks of lighthouses all praising the dank glory of this strain, all designed to blow your mind. I cannot wait any longer, let’s get to blazing!



Leaf to flame, out is concocted a spell of sugar, spice, and sweet floral pretenses. This bouquet of flavor is just a few shy steps short of engineering the Powerpuff Girls! In the wake of the candied surge, a sticky, hashy, cool dwells in my throat after each hit. My palette is teased by its oozing charms. I find a bed of fluffy green leaves at the basin of the flavor. A salad of damp, earthy, mossy leaves provides a bold, yet neutral backboard for the aggressive sugars. I feel as if I was transported directly into the heart of the fall season.

The refreshing damp exhibits an extremely pungent glue finish. The muddled sour and spice is beaten down into my flesh. A soured spice wracks around my palette in the form of intense dry paste. The wild and potent assertions are difficult to harness all at once. One is challenged not to cough or sneeze, let alone trying to identify the many competing subtleties. Irradiating from the puddle of sappy gaseous glue, is a zesty dart. The feathers of which mimic lemons and pineapples that were doused in peppered gasoline.

Past the noxious revival, I feel like I’m chomping on flash-frozen fruit skins and clomps of moistened earth. Further, the fruit is coated in a slick jacket of tea leaves and lemongrass. As the bowl chars, an emphasis of blackened green tea emerges. Durbert is a soothing melody of spirited sugar and spice until the very last puff.

I feel a muse of brightened awakening take residence in my mind. My head literally feels warm with exuberance, a blind and solitary confidence takes over. I subconsciously teeter upon an invisible ledge, swayed by the unruly breezes of inspiration. Strangely, I could draw, sculpt, write at great lengths; however, I am not driven to do so. Grounding the unbridled script of self-assurance is a certain sense of peaceful complacency. There is nothing more that I would rather do in this moment, but sit still and grasp at what could be. There is something satisfying in feeling time wash over you like so many velvet blankets as you wholeheartedly focus on subjects only you could find worth pondering.

The walls of my mind have been converted to chalkboards eager to be scribed upon. It isn’t long before they are filled and I sit back in exhaustion in painful admiration of what I’d done. At this point, many of the draining indica qualities set in. The onset of the ethereal weights drain out the cloudy motivation that once was. I feel as if my limbs have been converted to iron and I am nothing more than an anchor. I wrap myself in the chains of sedation and find a quiet recess of my being to doze off into.

Durbert is truly something to be experienced. It is extremely rare to find quality like this in the i-502 climate that simply hits all of the ‘boxes’. From the pungent aroma, to the amazing bag appeal, the complex flavor, and durable high…what else could you ask for? I wouldn’t expect any less from two enormously popular parents! House of Cultivar, this may be one of my new house favorites. As always, thanks for reading!

Durbert Total Score: 95/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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