Blueberry Diesel by H.O.C.

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Blueberry Diesel by House of Cultivar

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Blueberry Diesel by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where the dankest fruits are always ripe for the picking! Here we have Blueberry Diesel, which sounds just a little too delicious to be true. A cross of Blueberry and Sour Diesel, I will be anxious to see which potent parent outperforms the other. Having two powerhouses in its lineage makes it difficult to determine whether or not this particular cross will lean towards indica or sativa dominance. One thing is for sure, we are always in for a treat with another flavor-filled production from House of Cultivar. Let’s dive in!

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I recklessly spin the cap off of the jar to find delectable opposition. My nose is blistered by a righteous expansive tangy air. The winds are so packed with flavor they feel ‘hot’ to embrace. The tart vapors shroud a kernel of weighted blueberry essence. Abrasive floral sweetness curls around the cusp of each gushing berry. The pulpy rinds of bitterly pungent berries are smeared across my palette. My senses are bruised by the overbearing aroma.

I struggle to acclimate as gaseous, aromatic, and sour lacerations carve through my nostrils. I eventually become numb to the visceral advances of Blueberry Diesel. This temporary callous allows me to recede into some of the softer qualities within its design. I find a flat, tongue-smacking resonance of dewey forest leaf. Discovering odd satisfaction within the refreshing and clean sylvan skin. A natural sucrose buoyancy tumbles with a rocky pepper throughout the body of the fragrance.

In hopes of provoking some hidden qualities, I tear through the bud. A crunch and a crackle unleashed a hellstorm from beneath the sparkling crust. The profile dismisses all of its prior notes in sole pursuit of the piercing gas. A jagged bolt of serrated vapor flies into my sinuses, stunning me with its sheer potency. I struggle to receive such an intense magnitude of fragrance. I must applaud Blueberry Diesel for being a welcome poster child for classic diesel essence.

The challenging breaths inspire lung-expanding vigor! I always feel more robust with a chest full of diesel. Traces of tender floral berry hang in the benevolent bulldozer’s wake. A fermented sour dispersed across the particles of the lancing breeze. The aftermath roots into a dank forest musk until it disappears into the surrounding air. Blueberry Diesel demonstrates the balanced partnership of its parent strains to a wondrous effect!

One glance at Blueberry Diesel will hint at the domineering amount of influence that Sour Diesel seems to carry in this production. The buds blood into full bodied, writhing cones with frolicking flexible leaf. Winding leaves expose considerable gaps in the ornate flesh of the flower. As the eyes journey inwards toward the core, the density of the calyx shores up its position. The widespread body of Blueberry Diesel provides a textured canvas on which the shimmering resin glands may perform. The trichomes on these petals steal the show. The stalks appear loosely adhered and clumped to the leaf like powdered sugar spilling from the surface of a donut.

The frosty foaming waterfalls pour from every ridge of Blueberry Diesel, cascading scattered flakes down unto wild beds of fiery orange hairs. The roaring stigmas spawn in mild clumps where they ball into matted clusters resembling tumbleweeds. The hairs themselves are quite thin, but the distance that these winding roads cover is considerable. There are so many writhing cushions of hair upon the flower it appears that it may be feathery to the touch.

Flooding the faces of Blueberry Diesel is a vigorous scheme of weathered pear and enlightened olive. Occasionally, these clashing tides of color stir into a mossy mixture birthing shades dark enough to construed for blue-ish or purple. The charming, yet color-beaten camouflage provides an ideal contrast for the swarming blizzard of fully formed trichomes. Globulous heads prod and nuzzle into every gap, mirroring the softened charms of this strain’s coloration. The bulging clumps of shimmering foliage masked by nets of willful tanned fire is a spectacle to behold.

Leaf to flame, I am scorched by a furnace of hot berry musk. The sundering embers emanate an aura of tangy gas bearing a pseudo-citrus kick. Staring off into the simmering vat of lighthearted flame, I am bludgeoned across the face by a woody fist. The knuckles of the sylvan sucker punch are so foul and peppery they may strike you as rare strand of skunk.

The combination assault churns out a chorus that is nutty, sweet, and gassy. The backboard of the flavor is rebounded off of an earthy curvature of caramelized dirt. The wrestling ball of flavors shakes loose an effervescent spread zest. The toiling tastes kick up unruly lashes that are both soothing and singeing. I find myself mindlessly tossed between the compelling directions of the thick, earthy, molasses. Gaseous minty arms crane out from the muck until its last billowed breath.

I become instantly bewildered by a mental invigoration! I teeter through a casual brevity and looseness enchanting my thoughts. A wellspring of confidence and self-contained comfort chill my skin. Soon after, I feel the surrounding room convert into an impromptu sauna. Pulses of ethereal steam fill the room, blurring my perception and clarity. The ghostly vapor transitions into the physical realm of sensation as the building fog instills an immobilizing chill into my limbs.

The solidifying cool slithers around my limbs like a serpent, coaxing them into amicable submission through its feel-good venom. I drift off to feel like I was placed in a sensory isolation chamber. My physical form cast aside to drift aimlessly as I am cast out of my physical form onto the whims sandstorm of my own incoherent babbling. Blueberry Diesel implements a calming stillness in one’s heart. A foreign needle of focus drifts overhead, a rudder to navigate the overflowing bouts of diesel stimulation.

This high is easy to enjoy, but difficult to manipulate towards doing anything useful. The diesel enacts its stimulative qualities just enough to keep you awake for the tossing duration of this flight. Enjoy being launched into a realm of belligerent comfort and down paths of unshakeable self-assurance while in the throes of Blueberry Diesel. I found this strain to be highly enjoyable despite its appetite for delightful immobilization. The Blueberry keeps you locked in place while the Diesel launches your mind to destinations distant and unknown. House of Cultivar  never lets me down, keep the provocative blends coming! As always, thanks for reading.

Blueberry Diesel Score: 89/100 points

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