Diamond Dawg by H.O.C.

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Diamond Dawg by House of Cultivar

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Diamond Dawg by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we always reach for the top shelf! Today, we have Diamond Dawg. Diamond Dawg bears a lineage that is difficult to trace. The closest-to-concrete entry I’d found has the strain listed as Super Silver Haze brought against an unclear Chemdawg pheno. My guarded suspicions leave me standing by my estimation of Diamond OG bred with Chemdawg. Diamond OG, for those that don’t know, is a mysterious descendent of OG Kush. Either way, I expect a potent fist of ferocious flavor from this flower.

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I waltz into the domain of Diamond Dawg. I experience a weighted cologne born of refreshing, musty, moss. A salad of moist greens, delicate pine, sullen hops, and beaten basil. The sylvan storm brandishes a grassy funk with an aerated resolve. The winds fall into a smoky forest mist that is reminiscent of green tea and rainwater. The initial impression is quite benign, but it is kind and invigorating in essence alone. The aroma lingers closely to every petal. At the depths of Diamond Dawg, I discover a crunchy, sweet kernel. The distant echo is like a bag of sugar thrown onto a freshly cleaned carpet…as weird as that sounds.


I break the bud in hopes of discovering foreign treasure! I crumble the crystalline crust and receive a hellstorm of pine and gas. A withering chem bolt is unleashed from the chest of Diamond Dawg every time that I assault it. The herbal gas continues to crusade out onto the rich forest backboard. It was weird how well this flower concealed this powerful chem gas at first. Grassy and gassy, just how I like it.

Diamond Dawg is a ‘born stunna’. The first thing that grabs my attention are trichomes; a creeping veil of frost preserving every fiber in glacial eternity. The psychoactive ice carries a milky tan hue as it drenches every jutting spire of foliage. The calyx is quite spread and jagged, offering out its petals like so many snow-capped mountains. At the top of these olympian ranges are wicked bolts of tangerine lightning. The bludgeoned orange stigmas are thick and aspire to great lengths. The gentle color blends effortlessly into the sea of shimmering trichomes beneath.

When I manage to peer past the enormously stalked resin glands, I witness a saturated display of verdancy. Deep forest greens touch points so dark, you may receive it as purple. Falling in behind, cascading petals of worn pear and petrified moss. The bud structure qualifies as a well filled-out hybrid; the flowers appear to be quite solid and compact, yet they crumble with only light pressure. The flowers seem to peak into bulbous cones at somewhere around 2 grams. Let’s get into this lumpy, leafy, goodness.

Leaf to flame, I am blistered by a leafy, hoppy, chemmy gas. The consuming vapor leaves a residue of savory, syrupy, woody, sugar. The ‘chem trail’ is like caramelized tree bark. Rich incendiary soil tills beneath every hit, a charming blend of earthen grit and exotic spices. The weighted herbal chorus fringes on afghan territory through its powerful kisses of earthen confectionary. The finish of each cloud demonstrates a peppery, dry cough. Leftover from each hit is a hot glaze that coats my lips. I lap the resiny reduction up to be swaddled in the buttery arms of Aunt Jemima. You’ve got to love a weed whose resin tastes like pancake syrup.

The sensation takes hold immediately, but is natural and unassuming in its advances. The uplifting and energizing rise asserts itself naturally. I feel like the stimulation was stemming from my biomechanics and not some outside influence. The is a unwavering tide of relaxation that I experience with highs that feel this medicinally pure. I feel a bulky, cool foam stoke my skull and pad my shoulders. My muscles too, become encapsulated in the chilling pleasure as my mind is escorted off to higher planes of thought.

This strain literally manifests the term ‘brainstorm’. I feel my thoughts whir around wildly, influenced by deities unknown. I struggle to wrestle profound concepts to the ground as my body is continually invaded by disarming euphoria. This strain perfectly walks the line of a worthwhile 50-50 hybrid. A rocky exhilaration pumps through my heart as Diamond Dawg continues to whisk me away to transcendent worlds. I am eventually a powerless bystander, dazed at the heart of a viscous cyclone of immeasurable inspiration. Beware, at the core of this high lies a belligerent muse.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this Chemdawg cross, but it was a worthy experiment. I think the high and resin production are by far the best features of Diamond Dawg. This strain is for the true chem, earth, and herb lovers; it not for those with unseasoned palettes. House of Cultivar always brings the funk and we love them for it. Can’t wait to see what comes next! As always, thanks for reading!

Diamond Dawg Total Score: 81/100 points


Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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