Blue Dream by Sky High Gardens

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Blue Dream by Sky High Gardens

Blue Dream by Sky High Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we seek out the most high octane strains that Washington has to offer. Tonight’s strain will stir up a lot of emotions; Blue Dream is something people treasure or are absolutely sick of hearing about. I stand on the side that any strain produced well is worth my time. Blue Dream, if you didn’t already know, is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. There are a lot of reasons to love this hybrid, but be wary of the many half-hearted productions that flood the i502 market. Sky High Gardens has delivered so far, I cannot wait to see what glory they can restore to the name of Blue Dream.

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I embrace the freshly unsealed container; I am whisked away by sweet, savory, forest-driven winds. The gluttonous gusts carry a chorus of succulent, subdued, blueberry. A dispersed song of musky wine wrings out from the fruit. Somewhere between grape juice and a red wine, a ghostly sour trails the blueberry impact. Steaming out from the crater is a floral tang that rebounds the fermenting candy into my senses endlessly. Shaking me free of my sweet stupor is a light briskness, a subtle herbal chill. Kicking up behind the bodacious breeze is a tender neutralizing smack reminiscent of pine, faint citrus, and wood chips.

In hopes of luring more of the Blue Dream essence out of its shell, I snap the biggest bud under my nose. The wound bursts with a wild sour, dripping with slippery fruit juices. I feel as if I can actually chase beads of flavor trickling down my nose. A kind, floral, tang begins to caramelize on my pallet, concreting its tantalizing tyranny. My aggression sparked a storm of sour, sweet, grainy, gas that I hadn’t encountered before. This tenacious newcomer smells just like sugary oats and blueberries. Look out Quaker!


These flowers are absolutely gorgeous to behold, bulky boulders washed with immaculate color. The crystal covered nuggets shine like beacons sharing a friendly orange glow. Beneath the warm aura is a salad of worn moss, dusty olive, and beaten pear. The impressive density of Blue Dream carries no real ‘shelves’, but rolling walls of impenetrable petals. Blue Dream wears a wide waist, but rushes to consolidate to a fine point.

Growing rampantly atop the face of the color-beaten verdancy is a trellis of raging stigmas. The wall of bronzed hairs weave into a rich tapestry that casts shade over the decorated leaf below. Flowing like a luminescent jacket, the arms project their hints of their cheesy orange onto the foliage. I find when I lean back, the entire flower wields a warm glow. Adding to the tanned disposition, are the rich valleys of trichomes. The globulous heads act as mirrors that amplify the flushed faces. Most of the trichomes seem to hold their heads and a slightly milky clarity. The twinkling bulbs compete for my attention beneath the bronzed canopy as I cradle the nuggets between my fingertips.

Leaf to flame, I am bludgeoned by a symphony of smoky, sweet, stabbing berry. Chasing each note is a barrel of skunky forest mist. The refreshing foul briskness adds a smooth exhilarating spice to the body. A hot singe drips down onto my tongue on the exit of every breath. Exuding from the testing fires is a stream of blistering pine syrup. I feel as if my tongue was hollowed out and stuffed with tea leaves.


I find support in the form of a neutral, flat, woody smack on the finish. The sylvan shield allows for a brief reintroduction of a toasted berry hash. I experience licks of caramel as I literally lick the candied resin from my lips. I find myself marooned in a hot bog of spiced fruit. The invasive fruit is wrapped in an enamoring mountain freshness. I glide along the crisp herbal chill. As the bowl chars, the airborne sanctuary devolves into a minty, raw, rampart. In quick succession, the plant matter forfeits all of its berry tenderness in order to stoke the peppery furnace.

The high begins building instantly. I follow a pulsing mask of comfort surmounting in my face. My eyes become more engaged, hyper-focused. My surroundings become exponentially appetizing. I submit myself to the whims of Blue Dream and submerge into the depths of its sharpened perspective. As the invisible mask solidifies, a warm reassurance braces my mind. I feel wildly cheerful, almost giddy. My heart gleefully skips in my chest as the high spins the wheels of my exhilarated imagination.



I zone out of reality as I explore the conjured realms of creative splendor. When I return to my center, I can’t tell how much time has passed. The bewildering introspective vacation left me vulnerable to a plummeting crash. I begin to slip downward back into my body. My mind has become weary from the existential planes I’d traveled. My eyes feel frosted over, beaten with exhaustion. A halo of thought distorting warmth crowns my skull. I become physically and mentally disarmed by the nullifying pleasure. I wade in and out of consciousness; mindlessly bobbing about in the throes of the comatose finish.

This was a pretty darn good Blue Dream, certainly the best I’ve had in a while. You had to crack it open to get a true sense of its potency, but the high and flavor were self-evident. I recommend this strain if you are looking to give Blue Dream a second chance and seek to enjoy more than the common man’s ‘take’. Sky High Gardens continues to impress, I can’t wait to try another one of their delicious strains! As always, thanks for reading.

Blue Dream Total Score: 82/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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