Colorado Kush by Sky High Gardens

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Colorado Kush by Sky High Gardens

Colorado Kush by Sky High Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we purvey the dankest strains that the state has to offer! Today, we will be embracing a garden who has been around for a minute but are far from finished. Sky High Gardens provides the utmost care to their plants: from glass curing to the proper water-only flush at the end of the cycles, these guys take their field seriously. Pun intended. This bizarre strain known as Colorado Kush is new to me, fortunately we know it is a child of The White and Flo. I’ve never had the pleasure of crossing paths with Flo in its purest form, however, I have read about it in several strain books. The White, on the other hand, is one of the meanest, hashiest, frostiest beasts you can encounter in the indica realm. I’m beyond stoked to dive into this indica dominant grace from another place!

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I am drawn in by the gravity of the sweet, sour earthen musk. Puckering herbs snake around the sweet canes causing my toes to curl. The suspenseful build is released into a dispersed floral citrus. I receive muddied kisses of pulverized orange under a field of hashy greens. The tender airborne citrus is delicately strewn about a lingering hoppy dank. The savory earth demonstrates a light playful finish of lemon fused with eucalyptus. Each breath is matched with a soothing and cleansing release. A simple whiff of this herb causes my mind to decompress.

In hopes of invoking some hidden belligerence in the profile, I destroy the largest bud under my nose. As I peel back the sticky layers, the sleeping giant emerges. The profiles morphs to churn out willful waves of a smoky, gritty, tang. The unwieldy sting brings me back to a world of hashy resurgences. I lap up mounds of cool mud decorated with a syrupy afghani kiss. These weighted hillocks are chained to the violent nuances in the bright herbal rockets. Herbal spikes lay adrift like depth charges, innocuously bobbing beneath the milky sweet mud until you dare antagonize them.

While Colorado Kush pulls my nose in several directions, the body as a whole is extremely satisfying. Prolonged company in the presence of Colorado Kush causes me to salivate. I smack my tongue as I reminisce upon meaty memories. I enjoy phantom licks of beef jerky as I enjoy the profound heartiness of this fragrance.

I’m unsure of which region of Colorado this strain originated in, but my guess would be Boulder because these are some enormous nuggets. Chipping off of mountainsides are these rich nuggets of crystal coated verdancy. At first glance, the filled out flower seems to have no available space and unflinching density. I test its propensity to find that the seemingly rock solid nodes actually give with a refreshing squish. Like a school of trichome encrusted fish, it is merely an illusion of decorated density. While the flowers aren’t rock solid, the bud structure of Colorado Kush is packed tight, every crack is flooded with bulging verdancy.

The buds build into long calyxes, falling somewhere between the classic Kush phenotypes and a chicken tender. The reaching and portly partners demonstrate an array of gloomy hues. A majority of the flower is depicted by a writhing sea of shadowy greens, some are so dark I can’t dismiss the thought that they may be an awkward shade of purple. Flexible olive and stern pear speckle the exterior of the nugs, weaving the subtle contrast of their overcast colorations throughout the body of Colorado Kush. Ridges of tanned trichomes roll over each petal, forcing a brilliant highlight against the somber flesh. Adding to the glistening defiance are the willful nests of hairs nuzzled into the dark nooks of Colorado Kush. Bulky, long hairs spawn in tight camps with broad arms reaching out menacingly like a sea anemone. I must hope I don’t stare too long that I become a victim to the enchanting draw of the fuzzy tendrils.

Leaf to flame, my pallet is boiled over by a light, spicy, pine reduction. The seething oil is soaked in a satisfying afghani relief. I feel as if I can sink my teeth into a sugar-soaked hillside. Candied blades of grass graze my tongue as I chomp into Gaea’s backbone. I embrace a hardy, smoky, woody, foulness. The kickback was like a nutty spin on a strained skunky spatter. Falling out from the aggressive spike are crumbles of spicy, smoky, granola. The flower blossoms to encompass a soft, sweet, fuzzy, candy distinct from the initial sugar. The secondary sweetness is similar to raw chocolate; a natural sucrose buried under levels of earthy cocoa grit.

The high takes a moment to set in, but it begins with a pinpointed rise in my forehead. An invisible excitement builds accompanied by a modest pressure. At capacity my braced skull was flooded with inspiration. The tenacious tide brought clarity and confidence to all of my thoughts, no matter how benign. Every worldly sentiment seemed worthy of pondering. Colorado Kush ensures me that I will act as the man I want to be today. I feel a muse of self-respect perched on my shoulder as I walk in the enlightening graces of this high.

Subsequently, I feel a concrete weariness advance over my eyelids, weighing them down into a defeated stance. I feel that I must look like Forrest Whittaker. My brain rocks blindly atop a sea of skewed clarity. Intently inspecting any subject that drift near it. For a kush, I find that this high delivers an unruly sense of focus. That being said, the same ‘unruliness’ also promotes a body high that quickly wears down your will to act. As I am padded by the pillowy reaches of Colorado Kush, storm clouds begin to obscure my sea of prophecy.

I chase these wild visions until I find one is appealing. I ponder the fine details as I am massaged into incapacity by the heavenly symbiosis. It isn’t long before I become a prisoner of distant desires. It is important to grasp these inspirational whims while they are available. If you linger in the sedating pool for too long, you get bogged down by anchors of euphoria. I am now shackled to my chair by ghostly chains with no hopes of changing the world today. I only hope that I can recover in time for work!

Once I had succumb to the more indica smitten characteristics, I felt as if literal stones were being stacked in my skull. I knew it wasn’t long before my neck was bound to crumble, I had to find a pillow quickly. The motivational drive of the onset is quickly disparaged by the true motives of Colorado Kush. While spurring the wheels of ingenuity for a short while was satisfying, I find this body high is one comparable to what bears must feel during hibernation. The high is long-lasting and clean with virtually no drawbacks or diminishing traits.

Wow, what a stunning introduction to Sky High Gardens. Big ups to Colorado or whoever designed this strain. I really dig the profile and how it shifts into a delightful hash at the touch of a flame. This high will also put you in the ground, I am still whirring in my chair. “Rocky, can you go another round?” If this is any indication of how good your other strains are…I am in for a treat. Dare I say, a Dutch Treat? *winky face* Stay tuned for tons of reviews in the coming weeks! As always thanks for reading.

Colorado Kush Total Score: 94/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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  1. would you be interested in partaking in some impressive homegrown and blogging? My brother and I are 42 have 18 years self taught experience cultivating cannabis. Crazy Miss Hyde, Humboldt Hashplant, Tahoe OG Kush (via seed cali connection), Purple Cheddar, Cookies Kush via (barneys farm),Blackberry Kush ×Purple Cheddar, AK 47, UW, bay platinum phantom cookies, GrapeApe, are some strains that are all grown in supersoil, no fertilizer, 3-4 compost tea feedinds and water only. I’ve kept a journal and our, “The ish” brand by Geesh is A+ every time

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