White Tahoe Cookies by H.O.C.

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White Tahoe Cookies by House of Cultivar

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White Tahoe Cookies by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we review the dankest of the dank. We have an especially explosive specimen today, White Tahoe Cookies from House of Cultivar. White Tahoe Cookies is an increasingly popular strain with a somewhat complex lineage. As you may have guessed, one component of this strain is indeed Girl Scout Cookies. The other parent, however, is an exciting cross of The White and Tahoe OG. I know Tahoe OG is huge in California, but The White is a strain that had captured my heart some time ago with its rich hashy flavor. I can’t wait to dissect the culmination of these titanic fragrances. I think we can safely assume this strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with that powerful lineage behind it. Let’s stick our hands into this cookie jar!

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I bulldoze my nose into the rim of the freshly popped jar! I am greeted by a friendly, sweet, herbal lift. Followed by a peace offering of a succulent, soft patty of hash-driven sweetness. Lined within the fibers of the savory hash cake is a tender dark berry. The weighted berry juices drip from my nose rolling onto an excited bed of zesty herb. An expanding sugary cloud of tangy gas hovers over every aspect of these decadent morsels. The refreshing aura shamelessly perverts all competing notes with its domineering allure.

Light pine spears are tossed into the absorbent backboard of rolling, gooey, afghan. Caught in the sweeping advance of the invigorating hashy tidal wave, is a recycled pseudo-citrus kiss that is a kind accentuation of the herbal pine. The citrus note is similar to dehydrated orange raked through a garden of smoky earth. The citrus is chased by a satisfying dirt smack that enhances the performance of the muddled pulp.


There is a natural symbiosis between the subtleties locked away within this strain that invent ways to emphasize the most promised traits. I consider this to be a sign of a stable, well-rounded strain. Finishing touches to the aroma include a dry, herbal rub that carries within it fresh leaf and a mild hoppy slice. Rounding out the edges of the savory slurry is a subtle, sweet, floral finish.


When I break into the bud, the Durban Poison heritage really shines through. The monstrous introduction momentarily quashed all competing notes. The enchanting sugary sour of the African landrace has me shocked by its ferocity. It is clear there are countless qualities locked away within the confines of White Tahoe Cookies.

The sugary spectacle that is White Tahoe Cookies takes two primary forms: a gracious green or ‘dat purp’. Given my personal affinity for Hip-Hop, I was particularly excited by how pronounced the purple hues were. Somewhere between a firm wine and a softened black, the piercing waves of color carve through the body of the flower. The blackened riptide roars with rich resinous foam decorating each righteous curl. The trichomes are advertised like billboards against the viciously dark backdrop. Providing occasional breaks from the domineering darkness are smooth, tenderized petals painted a luscious pear. Usually, I find the darker colors in the interior and the lighter hues on the outside. It seems these powerful partners are experimenting with a little role reversal locking the sweet green secrets away within its core. Rippling over the shimmering ridges of White Tahoe Cookies are thick, reaching stigmas born of a golden-orange hue. These enlightened arms create illuminating arcs imbedded throughout the creeping purple foliage. Rescue beacons in a sea of unrelenting shadow.

As I was saying, another handful of the flowers do not bear the dark skin of its sisters. The fraternal twin wears a cloak of rich olive that occasionally touches pools of drained moss. Ironically, both of the greens create a salad of somber leaf that seems well-intent on becoming purple itself. I would go as far to say that the hairs on the greener variety stand out, but that may just be an illusion due to the absence of the fierce purple. One trait these differing nugs share indisputably is the blizzard of trichomes caked upon their surfaces. Emblazoned with ranks of scintillating heads of both the amber and milky variety, twist the flower in your fingertips and watch it dance. This is the type of flower you see on the cover of High Times; with regions completely stormed with resin glands that one would think it may actually be the color of the foliage.

White Tahoe Cookies embodies the classic aspirations of Girl Scout Cookies in its bud structure, however, I think the density was certainly amplified by the other parent. These nugs are astoundingly dense, even for a child of a Cookie/Kush strain. Even with considerable effort, the flowers forfeit little more than a small crunch. I have to attack the fault lines of these crystalline meteors to have any hopes of severing off a chunk to enjoy. Once broken, the interior lines of the flower may be confused with a diamond mine…so many sparkles.

Leaf to flame, a storm of arrows bathed in a corrosive citrine cleaning agent rain down upon me. My wounds are pumped full of savory, spicy, berry. The fruit mimics a moist blackberry or raspberry smack. The tender fruit simmers on the cusp of an incendiary hashy ring. Jolting parallel to the singeing projectiles is a gassy jet writhing with heat and a lingering citrus sap. These precursors are all shelled within a delicate crust of candied grain. Mid-breath between the citrus and hashy berry; I catch a creamy kiss from a sweet roll.


The finish to the smoke is incredibly floral as White Tahoe Cookies continues to brandish the gaseous citrine razor. A peppery whip cracks with every fresh hit. I lean into the succulent grit of the orange tendency. As the bowl chars, the enchanting slurry discards some of the more playful qualities to become a crater of smoldering hash with a sweetness all its own. Spicy sugar is my haphazard attempt at describing the design.

The high drops itself upon your head like a free-falling piano. My eyes dropped quicker than limousine privacy screens. A foggy visor dropped down over my eyes, I am forced to look inward. My mind was cast deep into the aether with no imminent chance of retrieval. A powerful drain had formed at the base of my brain, swallowing any hope of productivity or control. The fibers of my mind squirm with an enlivening tingle that rebels against the foreign gravity. An inconsistent map of pleasurable prods trace the ridges of my brain, drawing me out of my lulling stupor. The high provides a treasure trove of physical gratification matched with enough stimulation for you to enjoy the entirety of the runway.

I feel my skull slowly overtaken by a crawling concrete euphoria. The solidifying slabs gradually lock my features into place with its cumbersome cool. As the concrete conquest continues, it leads with a disarming seductive warm sap. I feel my muscles and joints weaned into submission so the rolling cool could then lock my body into place. Be prepared to experience immense inhibitions towards movement or any notion of an activity. My mind manages to conjure little more desire than to dwell in the swarming euphoria of White Tahoe Cookies. I feel as if I’d been teleported to a city of clouds, meant to waste away the rest of my days lying in permanent ecstasy. This high embodies the goal of an indica strain; a bulldozing high that is balanced enough to keep you awake to enjoy the waves of physical pleasure.

Holy Moly, this strain packs a punch in nearly every aspect. I think my high opinion of this flower will be reflected in my score. Man, these buds look so damn good that someone tried to buy them off of me as soon as I’d showed them. This treasured strain is so powerful it turns people into goblins hungry for your treasure. Share this soul-consuming dank with only those you trust. Just kidding, but not really. This is some flower you need to get your hands on if you call yourself a cannasseur in the state of Washington. I’m mad at myself for favoring a ‘Cookies’ strain so highly. As always, thanks for reading!

White Tahoe Cookies

Total Score: 98/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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