Sugarberry Scones by H.O.C.

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Sugarberry Scones by House of Cultivar

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Sugarberry Scones by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we are always pushing the boundaries of flavor! Today, we have a strain that I’ve wanted to try for a while! Sugarberry Scones seems it will be a gluttonous treat to practically every sense. This exotic flower is the child of Grape Pie and Thin Mint Cookies. I expect a volatile hybrid with bold manners. Let’s grab ourselves a slice of this Sugarberry Scone from House of Cultivar.

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I carefully unfasten the lid to discover a portal to a new dimension. Welcoming me to this new world are groves of luscious berry. Every fermented fruity fiber weaves a tapestry of delicate sour. A sea of tart fruit tosses with caking flakes of powdered sugar. The aggressive musk of the fruity tides quickly consume the aloof candy. The fruit present is best described as a blueberry with grape aspirations. A tongue curling sour provides a ripe construct to the succulent berry curve. The fierce grape-inspired fist lunges forward with its willful expanse.

Cradled below the bulldozing berry plumes is a lake of earthy syrup. Containing the lake of earthen candy is a rim of boiling flower. The whirring tartness stirs with the invasive floral fire to create a vengeance guised as a sour gas wearing a tender citrus mask. Nets of moist leaf drape across my senses. The back end of every whiff is like a hike through a storm-drenched woodland. Misted forest, a sunken cool, and damp wood hangs on my pallet. This emulated woodland is wrought with invigorating berry skunk and floral spice. In hopes of drumming up more of a performance, I sunder the flowers under my nostrils. Out of the crackling fibers burst a wellspring of flaky buttery crust. I smack my tongue in the wake of the buttery false flag. Beneath the rich warmth of the pseudo-pastry dwells a tender variation of the shocking berry. A pulverized sour oozes out of the rich pulp of Sugarberry Scones. The resurgence sparks a siege born of an intensified gas and a molten juicy sour.

Sugarberry Scones is what dreams are made of. I am overwhelmed by the enchanting splendor laid out before me. It may be due to its namesake, but, I am immediately drawn the to unruly hordes of trichomes bulldozing over every fiber of this flower. It appears these buds may have actually been doused in browned grain sugar before they were packaged. Raining down on each verdant boulder is an avalanche of amber glory. Not to be overlooked, is the rich salad that lay frozen beneath the unrelenting resinous tides. Embraced by the glacial white glow are nests of dusted pear, purposeful pine, saturated olive, and bruised eggplant. Scattered across the fields of rolling color are sanctuaries of fiery cheesy stigmas. The hairs seem to rank and assemble in patches of carrot flame, stoking the wild appeal of Sugarberry Scones.

The bud structure is spread, but well reinforced. I’d say it paints a picture of an indica-dominant hybrid perfectly. The buds reach considerable length as they jut out in random directions with free-forming bulbous arms. While some rolling ridges of this frosted planet may seem ample and inviting, they are unflinchingly rigid. My fingertips are draped in a sticky excretion as they retreat in defeat from the twinkling fortress.

Leaf to flame, I find my lips pursed around a gateway to the interior of a bakery! A roasted vanilla crust wraps around the dulled sour of blueberries. These spicy blueberry muffins spark a symphony of charred tartness that guides my senses down a trail of flavorful thorns. Sour spikes of flavor tear at my sides. The gaps between the peaks swing a flat woody lick. A dry, nutty, and smooth quality grazes my tongue. Beneath the soothing backboard is a buttery, fiery, and floral expanse.

A thick creamy curve cascades down onto the back of a piercing herbal sugar. The aggressive cool was like cane sugar and tea leaves muddled into a salad of blueberries and grapes. The savory reduction boiled on my tastebuds for aeons after each hit. I find the rolling foulness to be exponentially charming and explosive. The flavor seems to evolve endlessly alongside my blossoming tolerance.

In the wake of the herbal grip, I experience a smothered grape cough. Like the memories of a grape popsicle absorbed into the reflective dryness of a popsicle stick. Ultimately, Sugarberry Scones is a treat born of feathery sweetness. One that closely resembles lavender scented sun tan lotion mixed into a fruit salad.


The high asserts itself rather quickly. My mind is brushed by winds of invigorating mental cloudiness. Almost immediately, I feel my entire self become concentrated into a little ball, teetering on my shoulders. I feel as if I had just been cast into a mosh pit at the eye of a tornado. So many thoughts and so many distractions; it sounds hectic, right? Sugarberry Scones sets you down as the immovable anchor at the heart of all of this chaos. This high reinforces my perspective of the world. Sugarberry Scones inspires confidence and drives you to be comfortable in your own skin. Speak your mind fearing no judgement while wrapped in the self-assuring arms of Sugarberry Scones.

After some time, the blankets of unshakeable calm do add considerable weight to your universe and begin to wear you down. I quickly recognize my resistance to be fruitless, forfeiting my warring mind and heart over to the sedative cement crawl of Sugarberry Scones. I am soon paved over by a tingling cool. Buried as a single grain in the roads of this world’s grand architecture. I feel a familiar vibration build as I nuzzle into the sedative depths. I notice that I feel ‘the passages’ in my head open up. As weird as that sounds, I feel an awakening applied to the vessels around my eyes. I feel enormous relief in terms of pressure behind my eyes and temples almost immediately.

I feel an unnatural coolness creep over my skin, as if it was building another layer. I find the jacket of slick ethereal moisture to be equally invigorating and strange. As if a liquid chain mail had just been slipped over my entire body. Am I now impervious to physical harm or am I just enamored with the layers of profound comfort offered by Sugarberry Scones? The high offers a minor mental exhilaration to bolster the staggering advance of the physical sensations. I feel to be slowly baked into immobility, a prisoner to the confines of a pillowy sarcophagus. Indica-dominant hybrid is a severe understatement.

Sugarberry Scones was well worth the wait as it darn well lived up to the hype. I was charmed by the  snowballing complexities of this strain and there is really nothing not to like. I think this bountiful bud has a lot to offer to every consumer looking for a good one-two punch. Sugarberry Scones is gorgeous to look at and a treat worth savoring. Fall in love with the eye candy or the hammer-fisted high, that is up to you. As always, thanks for reading.

Sugarberry Scones Total Score: 94/100 Points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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  1. Could you please provide the genetics used for the Grape Pie? More than one strain claiming this name…



    PS: Full genetics would also be helpful, as no one where I live — Spocant — appears to know what it is?

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