Canna-Tsu by Liberty Reach

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Canna-Tsu by Liberty Reach

Canna-Tsu by Liberty Reach

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we delve into the finest aspects and advances of cannabis flower. Today, we have a very special treat; the likes of which we rarely find time to appreciate here on toasted n’ posted, CBD flower. This strain is Canna-Tsu and I will tell you why it demands you attention. Foremost, a 24:1 ratio in cannabis flower is insanely rare; if I didn’t witness the potential of the flower manifesting as it was grown before my very eyes, I surely wouldn’t have believed it.

We also commonly know CBD flower to typically look a little less than appetizing, but even a quick glance through the jar will dismiss all doubt. If we lived in a world without numbers, or knowledge of various cannabinoids like cannabidiol, you would think this flower is gearing up to send you towards the moon. Matter of fact, this insanely frosty flower contains less than 1% THC, which makes it the perfect unassertive medicine without sacrificing bag appeal. If you are wondering what mystical forces combined to conjure such a powerful potion, Canna-Tsu is a less than mysterious cross between Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. These two reputable CBD dominant strains have been known to weather the storm of the I-502 volatile market. I wonder how they will stack up when their powers combine? Let’s ride out the undoubtedly the tranquil waves of this Canna-Tsu!

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I carefully unfasten the lid, unsure of what to expect. Having faith in my friends from Liberty Reach, I blindly plunge into the jar. I am met with an applause of stern herb, emphasizing a bizarre lemon-garlicky lick. The scent is unfamiliar, but enjoyable. The aroma ferments around my nose, I begin to pick up a sour soy sauce with a skunky finish. In whatever form, there is a refreshing foulness staked out on the perimeter of Canna-Tsu’s profile. As I bathe in the pungent bog, I feel a sweet battering ram press deep into the membranes of my nostrils. As if a physical pressure was dragging me out towards the sharper notes of Canna-Tsu. I unearth a natural sour, an unassuming herbal rain. The storm is brewed out of oregano, pepper, barley, and other similarly profiled herbs. The mixture is pungent and therapeutic.


In hopes of unlocking more secret qualities, I sunder the enormous bud. Sweet, gooey, pseudo-afghani notes bleeds outwards with a physical sap that now traps my fingers. I am coated in the unrelenting adhesive; it enchants everything I touch with the sweet, floral, foresty qualities stored within the core of Canna-Tsu.

I am willing to go on record when I declare that Canna-Tsu is hands down the most beautiful CBD flower that I’ve ever seen. I know it is a bold claim, but let me walk you through why. First of all, let’s visit the first factor of all cannabis purchases, bag appeal. You would not know for a second that this flower carries only a sliver of the precious, psychoactive THC/THCA. This flower glistens like an exotic gemstone harvested out of the heart of a far-away land. Conquering entire ridges of verdancy the swarming trichomes overtake large portions of the visible foliage. The leaf is reflected in the opaque amber glow of the amassed resin glands. Thrusting shadows across the scintillating surface of Canna-Tsu are the bulky, stretching stigmas. The hair wears a jacket of worn orange, appearing to be the color of leather in some lights.

Every fiber of Canna-Tsu is saturated with rich color; the petals twist and jerk, alternating between thin fans and reinforced lumps. Whatever arrangement that nature had preordained works astoundingly well, they alternate filling practically any gap in the shelves of dank leaf. It almost appears that the fibers of the flower are encased and sealed together by the unrelenting resinous tide.  Shifting upon the alternating plates of sylvan armor: shades of domineering emerald, a savage juniper, and a succulent olive. While the general stylings of Canna-Tsu dwell on the darker side, the interior is quite bright. I find an enlivening breath of ghostly lime creeping just under the surface of the seemingly impenetrable armor. While this strain is advertised as an uplifting hybrid, the structural style irrefutably screams indica. I am always charmed by filled-out flowers that still have the potential to fill an entire eighth with a single bud.

Leaf to flame, a forceful cloud overtook my tastebuds. I am washed in waves of a sweet, hazy, ‘green’ quality. The sensation resembled tea leaves and fermented lemon. A zesty, floral tingle simmers on my tongue. Billowing out from the pool is a steamy, honed, herbal musk. The serrated, rich vapor grazes the sides of my tongue like friendly razors. The poignant guard rails keep my tastebuds on track to spearhead into a sour, earthen, citrus rind. The gritty pulp entertains the mild tang of a sour gas. The afternotes of Canna-Tsu are best described as a pine-licorice…though, I’m fairly certain that no one makes that candy in actuality.

I am quickly swaddled in the grace of Canna-Tsu. I wasn’t experiencing any excessive tension in my head, but I felt my skull ‘let go’. As if all of my joints were out of sorts and just now, instinctually slid back into their place of origin. I lean into the profound sensation, it has been quite some time since I’ve felt this comfortable in my own skin. Everything seems a little bit easier with Canna-Tsu: from breathing, to joint pain, to eye fatigue, and a generally uplifting mood enhancement. There is a wide bounty of healing and therapeutic treasures cradled within the confines of Canna-Tsu.

Even my subtlest movements seem to be wildly enhanced, greased by the divine cadences of Canna-Tsu. My fingers seem to function with newfound vigor, my wrists are born anew in the light of Canna-Tsu. I feel a mild, euphoric chill creep into the center of my head, a padding of sorts. My entire state of being seems to be in the throes of an ethereal massage. The subtle charms of Canna-Tsu begin to expand my lungs, relaxing my diaphragm. I feel a general sense of decompression fill my chest cavity. Gradually, the rest of my body feels the sort of ecstatic freedom that was presented in my mind first and then subsequently my torso. Canna-Tsu motivates your weary physical form to relax, so your mind may soar unhindered.


I’m not intimately familiar with how CBD feels, though I have experienced CBD strains a number of times. If anyone is unsure of what CBD can do for them versus THC, this is a fantastic starting point of conversation. I do not feel ‘high’, but simply invigorated by  how good my body currently feels! The sensation is prolific and doesn’t skip any of the good relaxing qualities that most of us seek from smoking cannabis. Enjoy the friendly, benign, stimulation and comfort offered by Canna-Tsu. As always, thanks for reading.

Canna-Tsu Total Score: 97/100 Points

Stay high and stay blessed,

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