Oregon Raspberry by H.O.C.

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Oregon Raspberry by House of Cultivar

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Oregon Raspberry by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted, where the dankest fruit never falls far from my trees. Speaking of dank fruit, tonight, we have Oregon Raspberry by House of Cultivar. I’m unsure exactly what parents bred to make this majestic strain, but one must assume it is another variant of a Raspberry Kush. One thing is for sure; House of Cultivar always brings major flavor and I’m excited to sink me teeth into another undoubtedly juicy production.

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I plunge my nose into the jar, to be bulldozed over by a slow-rolling sour. Thundering clouds dipped in a puckering jar of preserve. Levels of tart luxury present themselves as seductive jelly rolls me across its gelatin folds. I am massaged into submission by a resounding chorus of dark, stabbing, berry. The raspberry song is distant, but forcefully alluring. Tactful in its approach, the lip-pursing echo forfeits only enough of its identity at one time to keep drawing me in closer. The siren song expands to entertain wafts of forested green freshness. The breath of the forest churns with the preserves, revealing a chocolatey slurry at the base. The bubbling, savory, stew is like a jar of jam mixed with cocoa and old tree stumps. That may not sound enticing outright, but I assure you that the wet, candied, tree-nut afternotes will have you coming back for more.

In hopes of forcing the shy scent out from hiding, I begin to tear into the bud. I hold the sundered flowers to my nostrils, careful not to let any blossoming nuances escape. A firm woody footprint stamps itself into my membranes. The dry, refreshing, brittle bite finishes with a nutty burp. The assertive flat quality provides a perfect backboard for the cushioned tart breaths of berry. Leaking out from the powerful culmination is a tender, sugary gas. The sweet, floral, gas incites the subtleties of Oregon Raspberry, trapping me in a vortex of succulent fruit. I feel as if I’m forever trapped in a jar of raspberry jam, though I’m not so positive that I’d have valid reason ever to leave.


Oregon Raspberry is glorious to behold. The entirety of each flower appears to be doused in powdered sugar, radiating a misty white aura. The ghostly appeal lures me inward the appreciate a decadent display of frosted color. The landscape is predominately dictated by shelves of frozen olive and softened pear. Beneath the bulky petals of Oregon Raspberry lay gooey pockets of molten magenta, ominously magnified by subtle lime highlights fringing surrounding foliage.

Trails of trichomes map themselves across every visible inch of these buds. At times the rich milky glands seem to be the only thing providing depth and contrast to the pale demeanor of the leaf. The amazing volume to piecing white heads scattered across the somber bud looks like television static. Disappearing into the roiling fuzz are firm balls of tangerine stigmas. The hairs are wirey and thin, but appear to be confidently implanted in their winding positions. The tossing net of toasted tangerine recedes into the role of a hidden canopy; protecting the heart of Oregon Raspberry from much exposure, leaving only frosted green petals to break out from the winding tide.

The flower has been cured extremely well, squeaking out a crunchy squish as I impose my will upon it. The flowers are certainly dense, but demonstrate some sativa ambition. These are big, fluffy, fat, indica nugs that build into the awkward full-bodied cones that I’ve come to appreciate from Kush phenotypes. Some of the flowers even choose to grow sideways, instead of upwards; stretching wildly in lateral conquest from the stem. I enjoy seeing flowers that are 3 times wider than their height.

Leaf to flame, I am wrought by a fiery tide of pungent, raw, fresh leaf. I feel as if I was in the middle of a lively meadow that had just been set ablaze. My lungs are blown open by a medley of lung expanding herb. Ferocious pine clashes with invigorating lashes of chamomile; all blanketed under a wave of subdued berry. An incendiary earthen sting lingers on the back end of each hit. Every cloud is laced with a consistent smoky, woody finish. A charming dry quality born of tongue-smacking goodness. A subtle syrupy zest lingers on the sylvan echo. The combination mimics a delicate floral expanse atop a bed of roasted earth.

The high of Oregon Raspberry approaches slowly, but purposefully. I feel as if my spiritual and mental weight is gradually being shifted with every hit. A cooling halo of haze lingers around my head. Calming waves pulse into my temples, I am soothed by the alien song. Invigorating tides rock my mind as I feel a subtle exhilaration. Traces of foreign adrenaline course through the canals of my brain. I feel the channels my mind throb and expand, making more room for the pathways of exotic pleasure.


These channels continue to build and network throughout the rest of my being, flooding it with incapacitating pleasure. The comfort physically accommodates a mild icy chill, providing much-needed relief to my joints and muscles. The will of Oregon Raspberry continues to seamlessly assume itself with my regulatory systems. In contrast to the relaxing chill, warm tendrils begin to snake around my arms. I am swaddled in a jacket of firm reassurance.

I’ve yet to test whether or not I can move, because I simply lack the desire to even try. I may simply consent to being forever locked in a bobbing trance, leaning into the formidable comfort offered by Oregon Raspberry. The sensation continues to build; my eyes are drawn back into my head and I feel a sunken sort of perspective. As if I am watching a movie through my own eyes. I find bizarre comfort and familiarity with this level of gleeful disengagement. However, it isn’t long in this state before I feel an invisible gravity swelling in my core. An ethereal anchor draws me downward. I know it won’t be long before I fall asleep, another prisoner to the sedating draw of Oregon Raspberry.


There are so many things to like about this strain, I’m partially paranoid that I didn’t capture them all. I appreciated the beautiful presentation, the palpable nose, and bountiful high. My only longing was for more of the sweet berry from the nose to survive the translation into the flavor. In every other respect, Oregon Raspberry is a smash hit! I mean, look at those trichomes, they’re everywhere! It is no news that House of Cultivar doesn’t play around, so if you haven’t tried them yet…surely, you are the one that is playing around. As always, thanks for reading.

Oregon Raspberry Total Score: 88/100 pts

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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