Cherry Lemonade by H.O.C.

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Cherry Lemonade by House of Cultivar

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Cherry Lemonade by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we strive to remain on the cutting edge of the dankest genetics. Today, we have Cherry Lemonade. Cherry Lemonade is a cross of OG Kush and Cherry Kush. I’d never had Cherry Kush before and I’m excited to see how it will imprint itself on an undoubtedly tasty OG phenotype. House of Cultivar is typically pretty on point with their strain names and their translation into flavor, so I cannot wait to take a sip of this. I expect a juicy indica-dominant experience. Let’s start squeezin’!

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I race to open the jar, recklessly spinning the lid free. Little did I know that I was spinning out a web of sweet, tart, weighted humidity. Before long, I am lost in a swampy realm of melted red Jolly Ranchers. Half-witted kisses of watermelon and cherry drip down the sides of the firm damp. Grazing the luscious lips is a honed edge of tart, sour, citrus. I bathe in the tropical fluid, I feel chunks of fruit slosh around my nostrils as if they’d been converted into miniature punch bowls.


Misting out from the tossing mixture is a flowery sour. The note expands to become aromatic; tenderly emphasizing the creeping reach of the puddled fruit salad. A lively gas sits above the bog, toned by a herbal green dart. Each whiff I take in the depths of discovery whisks me away to the heart of an exotic green house. I am drowned by a rich salad of herbs. Moistened greens whip out their unruly essence in the wake of the charming fruity reduction. The exaggeration is similar to a citrusy green tea or chamomile with its soothing, alluring, aromatic, pseudo-floral expanse.

Already offering so much, I had to chance that there may even be more offered by Cherry Lemonade dare I sunder its flesh. My profane acts had cost me dearly; I am stricken by bolts of a fierce, skunky, zest. The original playful fruity disposition had turned on its head and been left to ferment. Antagonizing the fruity morsels resurfaced a punishing rawness out of the tides of herbal rankness. The blistering ferocity of the sensation matched magnitudes of glue, disorienting me with lashes of its pungent, flattened musk.

Despite my indica-dominant prediction, Cherry Lemonade is extremely fragile and fluffy in its design. I watch the individual petals hover invisible distances above each other, effectively utilizing the same facade as schooling fish. The swarming plant matter builds into long, lanky, dispersed cones. Even the slightest amount of force causes the crystal coated shelves to retreat towards its core. Clusters of rigid foliage painted a pale tanned green, lean inward, bracing against one another. The ghostly tendencies of Cherry Lemonade waver between a yellowed lime and a bright olive, continuously outdone by the luminous appeal of the trichomes.

Groves of crystal heads perch atop carefully constructed stalks, twinkling forth messages of indecipherable morse code. The volume of trichomes is immense, powerful in presence and quality. Some of the globulous heads were cured well enough that they are possessed by a fumed amber hue. Snaring around the masses of resin, are bulky strands of chorded tendrils. The coloration of the hairs matches a sun-beaten sleeve of cardboard. So far; Cherry Lemonade is a bizarre, willful, but welcome twist on OG Kush genetics.

Leaf to flame, I slurp on the grains of wooden lime. As if I am licking leftover juices off of a cutting board. The stabbing fruity droplets bear a smoky finish. Out from beneath the smoldering bed leaks an abrasive woodland creaminess. The hot, bulky plumes waddle through my lungs, knocking open hives of frothy herb. The end of each cloud is branded with a dirty kushy stamp. A mild syrupy glaze cast upon a steamed sour with a satisfying sting. I learn to love and expect the mulchy bite bathed in sweet earthen fire. The flavor is carried consistently throughout, I eagerly stoke the flames of smoky fruit and spiced herb.

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The onset of Cherry Lemonade is very cerebral, but it encroaches on the physical and mental realms simultaneously. Waves of firm electricity pulse through my eyebrows, building a hub of psychoactivity out of my forehead. The stimulating tensity has drawn my mind towards functioning more effectively. I feel an invisible fracture in my mental state. Storming through the breach is an encumbering smoke. The bewildering stream obscures my thoughts, enchanting my heart with a directionless lightness. I float aimlessly, my mind revels in its blind propulsion. While my brain has been reduced to a directionless rocket, my limbs have been imbued with the immobility and purposefulness of tree limbs. I succumb to my new numbing role as I am cemented into position, temporarily paralyzed by the swarming physical sensation. Ultimately, the fluidity of my rushing mental state is matched by the efforts of the cementing comfort. The high is comfortable, malleable, and inspires a night of gleeful isolation.

Cherry Lemonade is surely worth experiencing, it is truly rare to find such well manicured trichomes and a bountiful nose. While I do wish that the flavor was a little more reminiscent of the aroma, I still enjoyed the smoldering satisfaction of each hit. House of Cultivar never lets me down with their exotic selections and quality practices. Don’t delay and get you some House of Cultivar at a dispensary nearest you! As always, thanks for reading.

Cherry Lemonade Total Score: 83/100 pts.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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