Tres Dawg by H.O.C.

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Tres Dawg by House of Cultivar

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Tres Dawg by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! Today, we have have a strain by the name of Tres Dawg. This strain has gone on to breed famous powerhouses such as Original New York City Diesel and Star Dawg. The origins of Tres Dawg are a little indisctint; its parents being Chem Dawg and Double Dawg. Double Dawg is a backcross of Chem Dawg with an unknown indica variety, I struggle to find much information inside the hints of Chem being crossed with Chem. Either way, I’m sure that this Tres Dawg is a noteworthy evolution considering the strains it’s birthed. Tres Dawg is considered to be primarily an indica, but I find that hard to believe with all of the tenacity and vigor I discover within most Chem Dawg strains. Time to quit dogging and get into this fine cannabis from House of Cultivar.

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I nervously embrace the freshly opened canister. I am immersed in a realm of warm, woody, funk. Bursting out from the wafting comfort is a honed pine lance. I am singed by the incendiary bulk of the musky humidity and herbal gas. Underneath the piercing traits, is a rebounding gooey curve of a forgiving earthen rind. The cradling the crumbling earthy walls is a grassy and fresh film. I feel as if I’m crashing into pungent pools of muddled meadow. Underneath the sloshing vitality of Tres Dawg, I am tickled by a cough of dirty, raw cocoa. The bellowed chalky sweet is strewn about a raw briskness.

In the shadow of the chilling herbal tenacity; I find myself charmed, forever chasing the befuddling sweetness of the mulchy grit. In hopes of further unraveling the mystery, I dismantle the massive nuggets. With each fracture, flashes of peppery prickled pine lash outward. In the absence of the pounding pikes, I am able to appreciate the tang of a slick forest gas. The culmination of the renowned agitation conjures a light, sour, candied zest. The thick film builds, forming a delicious o-zone layer of permeating forest-driven gas.

Tres Dawg produces some enormous buds commonly achieving a weight of 3 grams or more. This strain spawns mammoth boulders that are shrouded in somber verdancy. A scintillating display of soured pear, tender moss, and punished eggplant hues. The fortified appearance is bolstered by a storm of tumultuous rippling leaf. Tres Dawg is incredibly dense, offering an invisible retraction before becoming immovable. The trichome encrusted tips compound endlessly, reinforcing the walls of the mossy labyrinth.

Proud beds of trichomes stand out against the burdened background, eventually fading into the willful lime aura of the undersides of each petal.  While I’m charmed by the subtle twinkle atop each petal, a majority of the resin glands seem to reside in the narrow cracks in between them. The crevasses rage with wild psychoactive froth. The powerful tides of trichomes rush through narrow channels, barreling around the powerful mounds of mossy rock. Trails of ghostly flame rage across the face of Tres Dawg. The unruly stigmas weave wild patterns, brandishing their lifeless orange-honey hue across every available inch of the flower. From the tossing salad of dark verdancy, the roaring trellis of stigmas, and the milky white streams of trichomes trickling between the stable ridges; Tres Dawg offers a plethora of stark contrast for the eyes to enjoy.

Leaf to flame, I am subjected to a blistering jet of flavor. Rippling off of smoldering bolts of chem peels a smokey herbal charisma. My body quivers from the invigorating peppery charm. These blooming spikes set off chain reactions of sinus-gouging stings. I struggle to absorb each blow of the invasive herbal cool. A tentative menthol breath cradles a sweet syrup closely to its chest. Occasionally, droplets fling outward and soften the skewering advances of Tres Dawg. Aftershocks of mild, hoppy dirt chase the dry chem spice. The bouquet finishes in reverberating pine flames and savory blackened hash. The flavor is intense, but rewarding as you build your tolerance.

A weighted fog creeps into my mind. Within it, spawns a vibrating warmth that sends pleasure and energy jolting through my body. I slowly become physically numb from the incessant prodding.  My thoughts follow suit, becoming dulled and aloof. I feel emotionally and physically reclusive as a result. It is as if I’d been hurled into a sensory deprivation tank, anxiously awaiting the impending doom of pure silence. I do everything I can to muster an idea or to reignite a passionate rant, but a buzzing fog floods my head. The massaging billows coax to me forfeit control.


I drift away from the banks of reality onto the high of Tres Dawg. Floating onward, gleefully inebriated, disconnecting from the physical register. I feel as if I’m graciously sinking back from my point of perspective. As if a vacuum is sucking onto the back of my mind, drawing me further away from first person view. In this realm, my physical form has been reduced to a rippling basin of water. Dense unearthly liquid that holds a general form, but weightless and vulnerable to the slightest tremors in the environment. The high holds me to be connected and disconnected simultaneously. I feel as my conscious had slipped through the cracks, disappeared to a universe where time and gravity ceased to exist. The high is long lasting, though any sense of traditional functionality is forfeited early on. After a few bowls, I’d become enthralled by Tres Dawg’s unique brand of debilitating brilliance.

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It was great to get a formal introduction to the parent of Original New York City Diesel on the record. I can see how the quiet volatility could be utilized to bring out some powerful crosses. Personally, I’ll always be a sucker for big buds and I did find the high to be quite powerful, though mildly dissociative.  I believe this strain has a lot of opportunity for growth in regards of smoothness of the burn and general flavor. I felt like I was wanting for a little bit more in a few areas, but I won’t dwell on such things. Everything produced by House of Cultivar is worth my time, so it is never a bad call to stop and smell the roses. As always, thanks for reading.

Tres Dawg Total Score: 78/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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