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Peaches & Cream by Burnwell Co.

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Peaches & Cream by Burnwell Co.

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we make sure you T-H-See the difference. Today, we have a very special treat from our friends at Burnwell. This strain is Peaches & Cream, one I’ve never had the pleasure of encountering before. It is exciting to have no idea what to expect from a strain, an occasion that becomes rarer for me as my studies progress. My excitement is further amplified by the fact that this flower was grown using Burnwell’s unique state-of-the-art indoor sun grown technique. I find sun grown cannabis provides a longer lasting and more balanced high. Peaches & Cream is the exotic cross of not two, but FOUR parents. This strain was parented by Chemdawg, Super Silver Haze, Maui, and Grape Kush. I feel like I’m about to witness the Megazord assemble. Let’s link into this Peaches & Cream.

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The approach of Peaches & Cream is aggressive and kind. I am charmed by a song of sweet, fuzzy delight. I feel as if I’m trying to fight my way through a bank of fruity fog; I carve through each billow, temporarily displacing a curved tangy bounce. This kind curl laps up over rich ridges of brisk forest. This woodland is rooted in bold slates of dehydrated peach and mango. Underneath the lip-smacking tenderness, is a careful berry gas. The gentle stream of honed vapor matches the dehydrated vigor with an introduction of flat sour and a stunted tangy zest. Thumping in the wake of the voracious clouds is a moist woody musk. My nose is warmed by the rich, thick, earth in the air. I feel like an invisible humidor has been constructed inside my nose, trapping the essence of this peculiar bulk within a familiar humidity.  I sink my teeth into soggy musk,  in bleeds a pulverized cream with a stern grit. I could never have expected such a tender fruit to wear a jacket of frothy, creamy, sugar.

With a storm front this exciting, I cannot wait to see what other odors I can invoke.  I tear the crispy flower under my nostril, bewildered by the amplification of the charmingly stale pungency within the dehydrated tropical kiss. The addicting flat quality drives me to pummel the flavor repeatedly into the roof of my mouth. I bask in the tumultous gummy, fuzzy gas of Peaches & Cream.

A powerful salad of lively verdancy tosses across the face of each flower. Luscious lime, passive pear, overt olive, and reserved pine challenge each other with ferocity for chromatic dominance. Varying from flower to flower; scattered victories are awarded to the different tribes. No matter which color outperforms the others, the conflicted presentation is always tied into cohesiveness by the whipping walls of golden trichomes. The trichomes stand in droves, as if they are trying to build a resinous pyramid. It becomes excessively difficult to award victory to a particular shade of color while they are all buried under an avalanche of amber trichomes.

Almost exclusively on the top half of each nug, like a snow cap, forms a crown of pale orange-gold hairs. The stigmas are thin and fragile, yet weave into fortified links of fuzzy cord. The buds seem to corral to a standard size, oblong marbles falling anywhere from 0.6 to 0.8 grams. While Peaches & Cream is listed as a sativa-dominant hybrid, it is astoundingly dense. Even the sprawling halo of softened orange tendrils appears to be beaten down into the firm flesh of the bud, fossilized in dank essence. These seemingly soft and fuzzy flowers refuse to budge even a centimeter. It feels to be a moment of great triumph when I manage to actually crack one open.

Leaf to flame, I am taunted by a smooth, herbal woodland lit aflame by a dash of spiced cream. Below the simmering stratosphere, I recognize a soft tender fruit skin. As if the physical exterior of a peach was being grinned sensually into my tongue. I am bitten by a skunky heart of dank fruit. The flavorful foulness bridges into the kind warmth of a tropical wind. The taste of the tropics is summarized by its savory, tart, and tangerine finish.

The ambition of the bouquet then shifts from these soft playful qualities to a chorus of ceaseless bold blows. I feel each fist dig into my cheek as I struggle to absorb the blows. Each knuckle of the clouds are refined by a murderous muddling of refreshing pine and chamomile. The soothing herbal quality is chased tirelessly by a grip of chem fangs. Despite the wild rollercoaster of pungency, the bouquet is a culmination of tangy fruit and fuzzy gas. From grass to ash, the flavor is carried exquisitely and consistently.

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 6.21.38 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-28 at 6.21.47 PMThe high asserts itself quickly through amiable waves of euphoria. The gentle euphoric quake awakens a bulldozing mental stimulus. The compounding confidence pools all of my minds resources with no particular ends in mind. Building within the expanding boundaries of this high, is a warming physical sensation. That classic ‘hug from inside your body’ sensation that all stoners love. As I cozy into my new physical form, an electric ice sends shivers of immense pleasure down my spine. Contrastingly, my capillaries are combusting with energetic fire and otherworldly energy. While the body high is palpable, it is outshined by the flurrying mental acuity.

I feel as if exhilaration was a powdery snow, building mounds in my mind. I feel the glacial compilation quelling my anxieties, insecurities, and menial worries within its self-assuring banks. I welcome this emotional ice age. Now, I can operate within a classroom of unobstructed thought. My physical sensibilities all been massaged into incapacitation. I channel a state of profound introspection and meditation. I’m showered with layers of profundity under the confident wisdom of Peaches & Cream. The high is extremely long-lasting and it lets you off easy, with virtually no lingering torpidity. Feel free to indulge consequence free in the enlightening realms of Peaches & Cream.

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I’ve got to say this Peaches & Cream was an utter treat, especially for a sativa-hybrid. A powerful physical sensation drowned out by a rocketing mental rise. For those seeking a quality sativa that isn’t over-simplified, I believe this to be a great fit. Just as I’d expected, the influence of the natural sun makes all of the difference. I can’t wait to finish writing this review so I can get right back to polishing off the rest of this eighth! Great job Burnwell, we will meet again soon! As always, thanks for reading.

Peaches & Cream Total Score: 88/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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