Legend Dairy by Fifty Fold

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Legend Dairy by Fifty Fold

 Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.22.02 PMLegend Dairy by Fifty Fold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will be revisiting one of my favorite producer’s in Washington. Every flower crafted by Fifty Fold is designed to please, awakening senses you’re unaware you had. Adding to the unique mystique of Fifty Fold, is this oddly named strain. Here we have Legend Dairy, while it does make me laugh, it doesn’t give much a clue as to its lineage. I won’t even try to look up such an original genetic blend. What we do have; is data! Legend Dairy is advertised as a 60% sativa and 40% indica. This strain carries 20.13% total THC and 20.42% total cannabinoids. Seems like we may have a fairly straight-forward psychoactive sativa before us…but I know better than to underestimate Fifty Fold. Let’s dive into this green gold and unravel the mystery!

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I nervously unscrew the ornate cask, the microclimate begins to conjure a storm. In mere seconds, I am pounded by a forceful rain of tangy citrus. The tart zest of each droplet singes my nostrils. I drown in the damp, fluent sweetness frothing throughout this buoyant note. Running parallel to the exotic fruity jolt, is a flat earthy terrain. The compatriot is swallowed by the racing tangerine bolt. The earthen emissary swells inside its stomach, augmenting the natural design of the fragrence. The swift and nimble citrus jet becomes encumbered, weighted by down by a bloated creaminess. This nuance surely emphasizes the aroma’s weight and permeability. A shred of the gassy citrus zap remains unburdened by the oppressive forested cream. A light lick of vanilla seems like curls around the lips of the jar. Out crawls a benign soured sweetness that offers a delicate highlight on the cusp of the fragrance.

The aroma is lush and lively, I feel as if my nose has become a self-contained greenhouse. In hopes of concocting further aromatic experiments, I shatter the largest bud under my nose. A refreshing woody spike heaves itself into my chest. I feel as if I was just impaled by one of those bamboo forest traps out of Rambo. Legend Dairy works overtime to ward off further investigation of its intentions. The resistance continues to build; brandishing a tangy, raw, skunky tail. A citrus kiss waves in the wake of the fermented forest hulk. The note becomes exponentially ‘soured’ the more the flower becomes ruptured.

If these buds were to be personified by a ‘person you went to high school with’, it would be the tall, lanky kid in the A.V. club with orange hair. Beginning with the bud structure; the flowers stretch to admirable length, but it feels like a strong gust could cause it to snap in twain. While Legend Dairy fluffs itself up to an extent, the bones that support the bulky bouquet proves to be fragile and easily defeated. There is a moderate density at the flowering sites, but it takes minimal effort to convert the sprawling bushel of petals into a defeated leafy pancake. Not that you would ever want to abuse these scintillating nugs in that way, for it would be no way to reward Legend Dairy for such a beautiful display of color. The skin of the strain reminds me of camouflage, a mashed salad of somber green hues. I consider this flower to be wrapped in crocodile and olive, with tender gold highlights drummed up by droves of trichomes. However, it seems in certain lights and in many of my pictures, there is pear being drawn out from the heart of the bud.

In person, I’d say the most enchanting quality of this flower are the wild masks woven of orange hairs. Each stigma is brushed with a burnt orange hue, weaving a tight canopy. Each strand is thick, long, and winding. Born in such concentrations that some nests of these tendrils are forced to dog pile into a snowballing orange mass. Between the cheesy highlight rebounded off of the stigmas and the sharp ghostly lime from the trichomes, there is much to distract you from the actual coloration of Legend Dairy. The resin glands stand in willful ranks, preparing to be presented with more foliage for them to conquer. The stalks are a haunting milky white color and a vast majority of them hold their cloudy heads.

Leaf to flame, I am bathed in a gassy, tangy citrus exuberance. The slick sweetness sloshes over my pallet and gushes down my throat, I’m helpless to halt its advance. An earthbound grit grinds against the train of flavorful lightning. My only ally as it manages to ground some of the playful peppery citrus zest. As the dust settles, I discover a clean design of charred wood and herbal pseudo-menthol hash that bleeds across the undercoat of the pronounced citrine bowling ball. A savory syrup of runoff citrus pepper and firm powdery dirt mix with a stern smokiness.

Throughout the smoke, independent of the size or freshness of the hit I took, zesty citrus daggers dance at the back of my throat. Each of their gleeful steps, another keen prod into my sinuses. This smoke requires a degree of resilience in my opinion.The culmination of all of these fragrances, reminds me of a quality haze augmented by a citrusy sylvan ferocity.

The high takes a few minutes to set in and when it does, it is so kind you may not notice its initial embrace. Initiating a buzzing cerebral warmth, Legend Dairy gentle wakes up your mind. I am encouraged to brainstorm, to dream, to conjure up my wildest ideas. I experience a sense of emotional aloofness. Under the effects of Legend Dairy, we only value the science-minded. There is no need for emotion, it would only restrain me from great discovery! The high is extremely motivating and creative, however, a slowly compounding body high may make it difficult to physically navigate these desires. I feel as if a tepid sludge has filled my physical form. A mild chill crawls under my skin, as if I’m being converted to a cold-blooded reptile. (Hold your conspiracies, please.) The sludge is like a mud bath, but on the inside. The onset feels strange, but is ultimately comfortable and malleable once you bask in it. I feel cool and collected in this moment, prepared to crush the S.A.T. test or some laundry. After prolonged exposure to the seductive charms of Legend Dairy you will experience a mild fogginess that will eventually bind you to a sofa. Rest assured there is a sleepy endgame at the end of this wild riptide of sativa energy.

I’ve got to say, I was expecting a skunky funky cheesy whirlwind from the name, but I certainly was not disappointed with the surprise traits this production offered. I would recommend this strain to anyone who loves a quality citrus haze weighted with an earthy kick. I certainly enjoyed the friendly sativan rush that accompanied the delectable smoke. I can’t wait to see what new strains Fifty Fold has in the works. I’ll always be their biggest fan! As always, thanks for reading.

Legend Dairy Total Score: 86/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

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