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NYC Chem 1 by House of Cultivar

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NYC Chem by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we have yet another exotic production by House of Cultivar. Here we have NYC Chem 1. I must first apologize for some confusion that may occur throughout the post. I decided to photograph two separate phenotypes that they offer together, but I forgot to take the isolated shots for transparency. So bear with me, the nug featured in the photos directly above and below this paragraph represent the phenotype we will be reviewing now. There was also a rogue chunk of stem that I didn’t see until after I’d finished shooting, so…do your best to look around that. (nervous chuckle) I’m sure this strain will smoke a lot better than the job I did of photographing it. Rest assured, the macros are exclusively from the correct bud. The strain we are nervously unraveling today is NYC Chem 1; a product of Chem D x (Chem 91 x Tres Dawg). Use order of operations and figure that out. Let’s see what magical wonderland we’re transported to this time, on toasted n’ posted.

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I throw myself into the fray, prepared for whatever NYC Chem may have in store. My skin is blistered by a hasty, sour, foresty chemical wind. Chem is by far the most dominant of the characteristics of this aroma, as you may have guessed. I normally wouldn’t go into much depth about what ‘chem’ is, considering the great depths to which I’ve explained it before. Chem being such an enormous part of this profile might warrant a little reiteration. If I was forced to narrow ‘chem’ flavor to a brief definition: a stabbing cool staleness born of biting, peppered herb and pine. The sizzling bite is tailed by a lightly floral and grassy quality born of its own ambitions. The funky grass demonstrates a pungent dank musk. The culmination of the procession proves to be piercing and refreshing in nearly every regard. Boiling off of the domineering bowl of aromas, is a subtle cradle of forest-derived sweetness. A nectar reserved for only those determined enough to plunge into the heart of NYC Chem.

In pursuit of forbidden knowledge, I bust the bud under my nose. Even after cracking the flower into several large pieces, I cannot find a way to agitate out any different terpenes. Mildly so, the flower becomes further entrenched in the peppered herbal sour. This bouquet seems to only have interest in manicuring this handful of explicit fragrances. You certainly are getting what you bargained for with this production; a forceful refreshing fist of chem bulldozing into your sinuses. I feel as if my nasal passages have opened up already from just minor contact with NYC Chem. My sinuses are definitely going to explode when it comes to the smoke.

The structure of NYC Chem 1 is quite peculiar, at first glance it looks quite bulky and stern. But a touch will confirm this strain’s gentle nature. The plant matter feels soft, as if it was composed of microbial feathers. The fuzzy foliage is delicate, but cemented in place due to the immense volume. There are virtually no gaps within the leafy garrison. While NYC Chem is reluctant to give up ground, it is eager to take it. The flowers aspire to massive calyxes, I haven’t seen one smaller than 2 grams. A tarnished golden color is cast upon shades of cascading green. A matted chartreuse,  a yellowed lime, and a strained pear. Oddly enough, the whole nug appears to have an orange-ish tint, and it is beyond just the scintillating reflection from the trichomes. It is almost like an optical illusion; when looking directly at the flower, I can’t find an exclusively orange portion. Relaxing my eyes slightly, a cheesy tangerine fuzz begins to distort my perception.

Building upon the auspicious theme of color are the hue-shifting stigmas carefully woven across the face of NYC Chem. Striving to match the elusive charms of the flesh, the tendrils seems to shift like chameleons to blend into the backdrop. This transition occasionally takes place several times upon the same strand. Bouncing between a browned orange and a feisty bright yellow hue, there is an array of color to appreciate on this blinding spectrum. Further amplifying the orange auras are the bountiful volume of trichomes. This strain is insanely frosty; every petal glistens, frozen in time by resin. Many of the resin glands stand tall in droves, with their heads intact. The trichomes are painted a ghostly translucent white, some are even possessed with dark kernels of amber. The flower is dry, but looses a refreshing squish and crunch at every embrace.

Leaf to flame, I become prey to a stern, hoppy, grassy and gassy bite. A soothing herbal resonance sheds off of its penetrating fangs. The flavor asserts itself like a massive icicle being launched down my throat. The encounter initiates with a soothing chill, but once the honed blizzard reaches the back of my throat, I am subjected to a peppery and herbal hellstorm. A scorched hashy and skunked wood smolders, generating a charred creamy musk that rounds out some of the more jagged unchecked aspects of the chem spear. Beneath the savagery lie savory candy of muddled leaf. Subtle and fragile in design, the sprite offers a sweet lip-smacking quality on the tail of each eviscerating herbal breath. I would suggest that the tight burst of sweetness may even embody some earthen citrus lift, though this quality is too inconsistent to announce with confidence.

I feel an exhilarating brightness building at the front of my skull. Met with a mild physical tightness, I am blessed with a font of unparalleled optimism. I feel instantaneously capable of anything, ready and willing for any challenge. This could be a dangerous feeling in the wrong hands, but the grandeur of these sentiments are more in regard to the attitude I’m subjected to. I’m not about to actually go wrestle a raging bull to the ground. NYC Chem provides me with a formidable can-do attitude, that doesn’t augment your sense of self to points of arrogance or ignorance. I feel very ‘at-home’ in my mind as of this moment, a instinctual fluidity in the pattern of my thoughts.

As my thoughts buzz, so does the back of my head. The area of where my head meets my neck begins to physically vibrate. The giddy pleasure jolts down through an invisible racetrack, like an electric alarm system. My body feels awake and nimble, but hindered by a thin jacket of dampening euphoria. This high certainly encourages a sharpness in perception and reaction, but there is a mild distortion to my surroundings. A blur, as if my world was gradually converting to a watercolor painting. Maybe I just need better glasses. The high is forever accommodating, never overstepping its bounds which is important for sativa smokers. An aggressive sativa could have you calling McDonald’s trying to summon an ambulance to an address that isn’t yours. NYC Chem provides a high that is poignant, amicable, motivating, and long-lasting.

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NYC Chem 1 is a clean punch of well-mannered herbal tendencies. Its directions are simple, but very consistent. Anyone seeking a clean, classic chem kiss will find solace in the arms of this strain. House of Cultivar produces nothing but clean exotic flavor. Be sure to check out what other groundbreaking genetics of theirs that retailers near you carry! As always, thanks for reading!

NYC Chem 1 Total Score: 80/100 points

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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