Rainbow Sherbet by H.O.C.

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Rainbow Sherbet by House of Cultivar

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Rainbow Sherbet by House of Cultivar

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! Tonight, we will be exploring an exciting innovation upon the Sherbet genetic line. Here we have Rainbow Sherbet from the House of Cultivar. Sherbet is the next evolution in the ‘cookies’ genetics line; Cookies is the spawn of OG Kush and Durban Poison. However, this particularly exotic blend of Sherbet is the tripartite cross of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison. Being an enormous fan of Grandaddy Purple, I’m particularly looking forward to the uncommon introduction of the dark berry along with a double-dose of Durban. I’m not a huge Cookies fan, but I am a fan of anything House of Cultivar brings to the table. Let’s burn it down!

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I run towards Rainbow Sherbet with my ice cream scooper in hand! I am able to shave away mounds of subtle candied berry. A dampened freshness thrives within the body of the subdued sap. While the introduction is mild-mannered to a degree, the flavor is rich and permeating. I hardly even realized how entrenched the faint fragrance became in my nose, it seemed like it takes aeons for it to depart. Having shaken off the bulk of the berry squatters, I am able to appreciate a firm earthen sour. This note builds an intense magnitude, to the point where it proposes an intensified gravity. I mean this in the sense that a sinkhole forms at the core of this note, it attempts to swallow all of its competition. Carefully fluttering above the gluttonous kushy vortex is a delicate floral quality stirred with a grassy field. The enlivening veil is reminiscent of Spring.

It doesn’t take long for my sanctuary to be dissolved; a brawling fog of forest musk soon looms atop the fretting turf. The willful obscurity draws a raw, rigid, woody sour out of the earth. A bizarre pepper is cast over the sour carcass, it gradually melts away certain layers of the bouquet, letting off fumes of dismantled cheesiness. I am extremely hesitant to label anything cheesy, but I insist that there is a benign herbal cheese lingering at the basin of the fragrance.

In hopes of further curdling the bizarre character of Rainbow Sherbet, I crush the largest bud under my beak. When I snap the flower, I’m surprised to find that only a select few of its characteristics embolden. Foremost, a sharp creamy citrus whips wildly above a sedated pool of herbal berry. Shedding off of the creamy bullet is a winding pine gas. It appears that once you agitate Rainbow Sherbet it is forced to forfeit the classic OG Kush qualities that it was safeguarding.

With a name like Rainbow Sherbet, one would expect an array of color. This production, much to my surprise, is almost entirely green! The vibrant display is defined by keen fern, softened emerald, and ghostly lime; all waxed over by a verdant minty sheen. Off of every petal hang masses of snowy trichomes. They cling to the edges of the foliage like so many icicles. The dominance of the pronounced resin glands is occasionally challenged by the introduction of bulky stigmas painted a cheesy orange. It appears that the stout winding hairs aspire to be Cheetos.

The bud structure is incredibly dense despite the misleading sprawling leaf. Any impression will be quickly met with immovable force. Rainbow Sherbet seems predominately inspired by its indica heritage, undeterred by the twice-introduced Durban Poison. The only thing defying the sylvan fortress is the masterful cure that has been applied, which causes the flower to finally cave and crack under prolonged forceful pressure. Even the sundered chunks of flower wear their trichomes proudly. Every inch of Rainbow Sherbet, inside and out, is frozen in waves of glacial resin.

Leaf to flame, I am greeted by an enlivening creamy herbal musk. I felt to be swaddled by the forceful arms of the flavor, I discover an exhilarating minty chill on the cusp. Behind the bewildering curtain is a tropical rain of sharp citrus zest and smooth syrupy berry. A firm hashiness gradually tarnishes each exhalation, building its unwieldy earthy influence.

The bizarre minty cool was the last flavor I’d expect to grow and display dominance. The thriving herbal mint rips unearths a funky wooden heart. Creamy herb now stirs with the exposed pulsing woodland to mimic a spicy skunk.The ripened skunk mixes with the herbal aloe to concoct a grassy and gassy reduction. I tackle each palpable note to the ground, thrashing against a floor of dirty dry grit. The flavor is consistent throughout which may be the most appealing quality in this smoke; even the ash is delectable.

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An unsettling warmth carves paths of unwarranted stimulation through my mind. It takes a few minutes for the force of the sensation to step forward, but my mind is becoming accelerated to acclimate to the proposed mental climate of Rainbow Sherbet. I feel as if a cage of informational highways has been branded inside of my skull. The strange coating seems to firm up my skull, I feel a significant tightness throughout my head. Eventually the ethereal concrete hardens and pursues a campaign across my face. As the invisible tide crashes down my face, my features forfeit their will and go limp. My eyes sunk low, my breaths draw longer, and my mouth is left agape. The pleasurable sludge continues to drip through the rest of my physical form; greasing my joints and soothing away minor aches.

What was formerly acute stimulation has gradually converted into an active stone. The difference being that you are just awake enough to carry on basic levels of conversation and remain conscious, versus being creative and motivated. Personally, I couldn’t be bothered to carry on a conversation while my head is cast away in a sea of euphoria. I physically rock my head as I am tossed about in waves of pleasure. The high of Rainbow Sherbet has no imminent ceiling, feel free to smoke joint after joint to see how much you can endure before you fall asleep. This strain doesn’t knock you out immediately, or ever if used in moderation. There is a lot of relaxing runway to be enjoyed through the resilient high of Rainbow Sherbet. The come on is extremely amicable and the soothing high takes an eternity to dissipate.

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I truly enjoyed this rich blend of Sherbet. Rainbow Sherbet by House of Cultivar is surely one of the better Sherbet sisters on the recreational market. Cherry Pie never makes anything worse, especially not at House of Cultivar. The buds were beautiful, the flavor was rich and demonstrated complexity, and the high was enjoyable and long-lasting. My main reservation is in regard to the relatively soft nose, I’d expected far more of a knockout punch. That being said, this strain is surely worth your time as are many of the other strains from the fine folks at House of Cultivar! As always, thanks for reading.

Rainbow Sherbet Total Score: 88/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

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