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Gummo by Gabriel Cannabis

Gummo by Gabriel Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! Today, we will be welcoming Gabriel Cannabis to our taste buds for the first time. I always enjoy choosing weird names, so Gummo was an easy pick. While I’m awaiting hints on what the parent cross may be, I do have some information. This production contains 19% THC and 23% Total Cannabinoids. I’m sure a nice blend of CBD, CBG, or CBN will linger in the background. I’m also happy to report that Gabriel isn’t skimping anyone today, the eighth weighed out to a friendly 3.52 grams. Let’s see how Gummo molts ‘bubblegum’ to fit its personality.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.20.36 PM

The airtight cap nearly springs off of the jar as I break the plastic. I suppose the jar itself can barely contain the powerful aroma of Gummo. I gulp nervously and dive right in. Springing from the vault is a sweet, tender, floral river. The freshly forged tributary funnels a disarming song of sweetness past my defenses. I am completely lost, I feel my consciousness drift further away the longer I embrace this formidable fragrance. The sensation mirrors what you smell before surgery when you opt for the bubblegum nitrous. The simplistic sugary dart continues to develop the longer you are exposed to it. The kind confectionary expands to embrace hints of moist fruit and a mild pine gas. As I explore the herbal tendency, I discover a brisk skunky rawness. This note stirs with the herbal breeze and perverts the floral tendencies of Gummo. The revolt causes me to acknowledge a solid, mulchy undertone. It serves as an effective backboard for the buoyant bouquet. The introduction to the herbal floor proves to be flat and bold, capable of neutralizing the zest of the fragrant candy.

With a strain that is so naturally pungent, I must crack some buds in hopes of invoking otherworldly wrath. As I sunder the foliage, the tender ‘bubblegum’ note whips into a frenzy and now mimics the candy perfectly. I’m thinking whatever the brand that had the duck with the mohawk, Hubba Bubba? The sugary sloth bleeds a soft, sweet, and skunky trail. The aroma is stronger than ever, it seems to have taken up residence in my nostrils. I may not smell anything else for days. While tearing into the flesh didn’t exactly reveal any new subtleties, it tested the mettle of the playful bubblegum and the firm, aromatic skunky lining.

Gummo is gorgeous to behold, a foreign jungle planet. There are two distinct levels to Gummo; the canopy and the verdant floor. The canopy is composed of broad, powerful, fiery bronze hairs arcing into one another. This forms a brilliant net of vivid tendrils, some strands near the color of brick. Underneath the willful lattice, lies a salad of light lime and weighted pear. The trichomes radiate a golden aura, drawing the brighter qualities out of each hue, despite most of the resin glands themselves being clear or an off-white.

From afar; each bud appears to be flash frozen in resin, with only the stark, resilient hairs left alive. The buds are moderately dense and carry their extremities close to the chest. While the flower does meet a squeeze with moderate resistance, it is still quite spread and emblematic of a hybrid. If I had to guess, a 60-40 split in favor of indica. The buds manage to grow into healthy bushels, some over a gram. However, the highlight of the show are the trichomes, each gland stands in close proximity to its brothers, effectively swarming every available inch of real estate on the foliage. Most of the glands stand fully formed, with an unclouded or milky disposition.

Leaf to flame, I feel like a geyser had erupted in my mouth. My jaw was quickly flooded by a pool of savory, earthen candy. A fragrant floral expanse blooms out from the simmering slurry. A tangy zest enchants the floral fumes, resonating with kushy ambition. The flavor is palpable, I choke and squirm as I struggle to tame each cloud. Jutting into my ribs, is the classic ‘cleaning agent’ herbal expanse, but it is uniquely blunted by what I discern to be a touch of vanilla. A sodden skunky grip traces the feistier edges of the aroma, drenching the sweet candy in foul herb.  The contrast is delectable and matures as the bowl chars. The softened candied notes rebound and lend their efforts to the herbal campaign. The belligerent vigor tosses me through a gassy and grassy galaxy. A satisfying sludge simmers on the back of my pallet, a reduction of all the flavors that had come to pass. The burden of the burn continues to build and the symphony is eventually hushed down to a huddle of hash.

The high starts off as a creeping calm crawling through my limbs. I welcome the chilling tickle and notice the tide of euphoria is coming in exponentially faster. It isn’t long before I feel as if I am prisoner to one of those rogue “NASA G-Force Simulators.” I feel a firm, rubbery, plate being pulled over my face. My neck is working overtime to combat the invisible resistance. Gummo is urging me strongly to lie down, but I will never finish this article if I do. The modified gravity relaxes, but never fully dissipates. The rest of the ethereal band remains snug atop my skull. Mentally, I feel stimulated and calm, yet distracted by how I feel that my head is teetering upon a limp giraffe neck. I wouldn’t exactly describe this high as functional, but it sure is fun. I mindlessly drift from subject to subject, pondering the minor and major. I feel at peace with my day, my place in the world, and any anxieties have been silenced. I would suggest indica dominance is not an understatement for this alleged hybrid.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.46.44 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.46.59 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.47.17 PM

Well, goodness gracious Gabriel! This was one hell of an introduction to your resplendent bud. I’ve got your Sunny G in the chamber and Gummo made me look forward to it so much more. I really tried hard to find things wrong with this production; but the flowers were gorgeous, the aroma was bountiful, the flavor was striking, and the high was palpable. I hate giving things high ratings, but this strain earned it. As always, thanks for reading!

Gummo Total Score: 94/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

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