Circus Peanut by Inflorescence

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Circus Peanut by Inflorescence

Circus Peanut by Inflorescence

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where we will be debuting a producer that is sure to expand your vocabulary. Inflorescence: a noun; a flowering or blossoming. I’ve yet to have a chance to try this renown flower until now, I suppose you’re wondering what makes up a Circus Peanut? Circus Peanut is the wild child of Tangilope and Cookie Crisp, I can only muse at the flavors about to beset me. Deez ‘Nuts hit right in the sweet spot as a far as percentages; with 20.56% Total THC and 0.82% Total CBD. I expect a well balanced high with multitudes of savory flavor. Happy to report this brand fills their jars with generous 3.6 gram eighths, no skimping here! You can score some for yourself from the kind folks at Greenside Recreational! Let’s get it on!

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I didn’t know what to expect from this strain, it was too bizarre a moniker. I brace myself and spin off the top to greet my opponent. I am surprised by the friendly approach of Circus Peanut. The spectrum of flavor is that of sweet, subtle, candied wood. The welcome fragrence permeates through my senses as a sheet of cinnamon rolls would fill a kitchen; a friendly warmth that lets you know you’re home. My new safe space mimics the consuming curvature of a mound of peanut butter. The bold hillock guides me to its core where these notes are emphasized greatly. The semi-sweet morsels stir at the core of  a skunked domain. At moments, the culmination of these distinct flavors aspire to a spicy cheese. Circus Peanut brandishes a well-developed and well-mannered flavor.

Despite the kind intentions of this strain, there is truly a circus of riotous terpenes competing atop the foliage. As I attempt to decipher the storm further, I discover the cheese note to expand and become exceedingly sweet and well-rounded to match the nut impression. I feel as if I could hold my mouth open beneath each bud and wait for the aroma to drip off and trickle unto my tongue. The bouquet is grasped by an omnipotent briskness, bringing a refreshing herbal air to cradle the fermenting basin. I must incite further rebellion, I brutishly snap the spines of the trophy buds under my nose. The skunky nut rushes to defend the breach, its second wind effortlessly swallows any contrary spice or herbal kick. In the wake of the woody-nut crusade, a whim of afghani simmers across my fresh wounds.

It is truly rare to come across flower this frosty, these folks know what they’re doing. But first things first; Circus Peanut sparkles on the brighter side of the color spectrum. Pale pear, invigorated lime, and enlightened olive petals toss together to constitute the immaculate face of Circus Peanut. Shimmering across the frozen petals are full, mature trichomes that link together like oily fish scales. Most of these resin glands stand tall with a milky globulous head, some even demonstrate an amber temptation. Only a handful of the top growers in i502 have the talents, or integrity to produce trichomes like these. A mangled net of soft tangerine hairs is tossed over each face of Circus Peanut, it appears as if it put on some stockings to try and be sexy for me. It worked, I’m helplessly charmed by the subtle seduction accommodating the naturally assuming confidence of this strain.

Brilliant psychoactive beacons trail across every available border of Circus Peanut, highlighting the already enchanting hues to no end.  The structure of these resplendent boulders, stick to about that, boulders. The individual buds tend to be quite small and sprawling in design. There is a moderate density maintained, but this flower seems to be built like a 70% sativa-hybrid. The flowers are plump, but by no means ‘rocked together’, and easily dismantled. The nugs are well-cured, resounding with a refreshing squish, and they pop right off of the stem.

Leaf to flame, my tongue takes a bath in the flood of savory, mouth-smacking, nutty flavor. Lining the bog of bodacious flavor; is a mild peppery kick, the contrast accentuates the tame sweetness lying within the body. As I adjust to the flat-faced dominance of Circus Peanut, a foreign confectionary blossoms. As this newfound sugar sizzles upon the consuming nutty face, I notice a tarnished hashiness emerge. Underneath the strong woodland cradle is a boiling pool of rich, earthy, kush. The impression is subtle, but provides a powerful backbone to magnify the heavier flavors within the smoke. The infiltrating sucrose continues to expand, eventually it becomes more influential than the initially stronger qualities. Like a layer of ice, this ethereal sweetness seems to form a fuzzy barrier atop the formerly dominant nutty face. As the bowl chars, I feel as if I have to work harder to burrow through the layers of sugar to reach the buried nutty face. There are certainly some elements of this smoke that enjoy the concept of role reversal as they shift magnitudes and trade-off dominance. The blizzard of sugary grace eventually subsides, boiled away by the emergence of the kushy characteristics in the flower’s last hours. While the afghani traits outlast all of the rest, at no point is this smoke harsh or abrasive. This kind bud wants to shake your hand after the brawl, it has a brilliantly smooth finish, even when you are drilling at an ash bed.

I feel a bulky warmth crowd into my skull, a styrofoam euphoria continues through my being and inflates my limbs. I relax into the unwieldy embrace, it is like a little lifejacket has inflated around every inch of my body. Circus Peanut reassures me that no harm will befall me, my body feels physically lighter. Emotionally, I am a little set back, as if I am experiencing everything through a telescope, my perspective is a planet far away. For something I’d suspected of being indefinitely sativa based on structure, she provides a powerful swooning body high. It is one of those moments that I’m glad I’m sitting down at a computer. My mind is quite active, however far away, I find that the song of Circus Peanut is one of belligerent inspiration. The mental state is creative, playful, and amicable yet in no way does it motivate you to go out and do something. Circus Peanut is all you need for the time being, and perhaps later a nap. As I indulge further in the charms of the high, I find the lifejackets had quickly filled with cement. I am now straddled by a significant weight, as are my eyelids. My will is wavering as I struggle to hold up my physical form and complete this article. I am massaged by the sedative high and the sweet symphony still sizzling on my tongue. I feel as if I’m slowly being hypnotized from no general source. I know I will soon fall asleep, prisoner to the cumbersome desires of Circus Peanut.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.41.32 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.41.03 PMScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.40.58 PM

Circus Peanut is truly a unique experience, the terpene profile is not one found commonly in the recreational market. I would recommend it highly for folks who want to experience a sweetness that isn’t derived from fruit or floral qualities. This is a righteous blend of bold, earthen candy. I want to thank Inflorescence for bringing some hot competition to the top shelf tier, and I cannot wait to wreck their Blueberry Bubblegum in the coming weeks. As I’d mentioned before, you can score some at Greenside Recreational. Sorry for the brief unnanounced hiatus, but Toasted n’ Posted is back on track with tons of heat in the chamber. As always, thanks for reading!

Circus Peanut Total Score: 87/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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