Sasquatch Breath by Fifty Fold

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Sasquatch Breath by Fifty Fold

Sasquatch Breath by Fifty Fold

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I’m so unbelievably overjoyed to have another Fifty Fold production in the chamber. This is Sasquatch Breath, formerly known as 509 Kush. While I do have an inside line to Willy Wonka himself, even he cannot account for what led to create this particular magic in his garden. I love a good mystery. We do know; that it is 80% indica, holds 22% THCA, and 19.8% total cannabinoids. Let’s embrace the stank of the Sasquatch!

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As I decode the layers between myself and the sacred Sasquatch Breath, I monologue a few last words. At peace with my life, I fling open the vessel. A pungent wind projects from the canister. A lively, floral skunk tickles at the base of the gust. A mild mannered sweetness stands behind. Expansive and aromatic, the note fringes upon citrus. The tantalizing aspect draws me inward, only to cast me out with vicious lashes from its razor sharp stank. The funky musk sent me reeling, but I threw myself back into the fray hellbent on defining the elusive beast. I manage to grasp discernible hints of herb-driven skunk, a defeated slap of wet wood, and a spread revival of spicy blackened pepper. The herbal tones led with a firm fist, but the ultimate impact rips up a soft and sugary terrain.

Skunky or ‘raw’ aromas often risk running in one direction, but not Sasquatch Breath. This is by far of of the most complex profiles built upon ‘funky’ notes that I’ve ever experienced. The decadent brutality of Sasquatch Breath is constantly enlivened by a finishing pine burp. A delightful salve to prepare me to once again bathe in the dragon’s fire.

The bouquet is so wide it encompasses all of the aforementioned and an additional honed gassy quality. The gas is enticing, invigorating, and entertains a sharp feathery quality. How can something be both sharp and soft you may wonder? Well, even with those old unreliable feather filled pillows, an occasional quill would poke out like a razor from hell. In not so many words, that same sweet deception lies within the gassy resonance of Sasquatch Breath. Lulling you to sleep, just to sink its feisty fangs deeper into you.

Much like the hunt for the actual Sasquatch, even a hint of its identity will send you on a wild pursuit for more. In hopes of becoming ‘one with the squatch’, I tear the largest nug under my nose. The gassy quality is amplified further, it becomes excruciatingly bold. I’m reluctant to say, but the way the reborn gas burns atop the wealthy herbal, skunk profile…it smells like super strong Bug Spray. I mean it in the best possible way. I’m unfamiliar with this note, but the more I think about it the more my mind thinks “that’s some damn sexy bug spray.” I feel compelled to lather the resin upon my neck as Sasquatch Breath leads me to fond memories of camping and the great outdoors.

Vivid color rages across the scraggly face of Sasquatch Breath. Electrified lime, a gateway to smooth pear, and candied olive. These colors drip in fluent ribbons from petal to petal, each highlighting the trichomes with their own unique charms.  The resin glands stand tall in proud droves, each reassuring one another of their bountiful maturity. Most maintain a cloudy-milky head and a clear stalk, the impressive factor is the sheer volume. It is rare to see trichomes form dog piles upon the surface of the bud. I am caught in the verdant surf, the crashing waves spitting trichomes like white foam. The spell is broken by the impressive abundance of hairs on this flower, especially for an indica. Relaxed tangerine tendrils creep out in great number, cradling the tender secrets locked within Sasquatch Breath. Every engagement with the flower leaves my fingers coated with its resinous identity.

The bud structure carries density in its heart, but it is leafy and offers more give than I’d expected it to. The buds may be limited to a semi-popcorny design as I’ve only seen beefy 1-1.5 gram morsels in all of the jars I’d checked in my hunt for the trophy. Quest for size aside, the buds are still built into stout cones that provide ample runway to display all its resplendent glory.  Growers stand to learn something from the masterful cure exemplified by Fifty Fold. Each flower across all of their strains are lively yet crisp…dry and moist…it is always exactly where the flower needs to be. A rushed cure may help your products hit the shelves faster, but it won’t help the product hit your consumer.
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Leaf to flame, I am blistered by a savory skunky burn. An herbal sour coats a pine razor that permeates a gassy wound. As I toiled in the seething and satisfying sting coached by each cloud, I am distracted by a thick, flat, nutty note. I’m quite hesitant to ever label anything as nutty; but the way that the epic woodland birthing a peppered skunk fuses with the serrated gas, mulches together a tongue-smacking nutty quality. While the nullifying nut manages to silence the ferocious fangs of Sasquatch Breath to some extent, the rebellious vapors eventually tear through the palatable backboard. I am interchangeably bludgeoned by hands either peppered with skunk or honed by vile sour.   In the wake of the ambitious fumes stir a thick, fiery, trail that still manages to have an enlivening sweetness to it. Like a blind bite into an unripe lime, the satisfying sting singes and entertains my tastebuds after each hit.

I feel as though a literal fog bank has formed in my head. My mind’s eye searches wildly for any sentiment of a worry or care. I find myself stranded amidst the mist and forfeited my search outward by turning the search within. A palpable, compounding pleasure builds in every extremity. My joints ooze with flexible euphoria and I feel waves of relief as any remnants of my chronic wrist pain subside. I teeter mindlessly until an inspiring thrust kicked me up and out of my chair. I feel relaxed, as if my muscles were giving me a ‘little extra slack’ and I was supported by invisible puppet strings. If I had to guess, I think this is probably how The Fonz felt all of the time. I feel undeniably cool and comfortable while trapped within a benign introspective and a bulldozing jacket of pleasure. The momentary revitalization doesn’t last long and the tap of sedative comfort keeps flowing. I know I am soon to be lost to the merciless tide drawing me towards my bed.

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This is one funky monkey worth getting your hands on. It’s for the hard-hitters and non-quitters. This takes someone with lungs trained for these sour, skunky, and gassy conditions. I really want to grab some pine nuts and see if that was the particular ‘nuttiness’ I was experiencing. Sasquatch Breath provides a tough atmosphere, but one worth braving to those who possess the fortitude. I expect nothing less from the gardens of Fifty Fold. I hope to review a couple more of their strains in the coming weeks. You can get a taste of Fifty Fold for yourself at Dockside Cannabis. As always, thanks for reading.

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

Sasquatch Breath Total Score: 94/100


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