Breakfast Kush by Doc & Yeti

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Breakfast Kush by Doc & Yeti

Breakfast Kush by Doc & Yeti

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted, where the dankest strains reside. Tonight, we’ve finally made it around to trying some Doc & Yeti! I’m super excited for this experience considering that their Red Headed Stranger has been generating a lot of buzz. When a strain generates that much hype, the other productions are probably nothing to scoff at. Doc & Yeti were kind enough to mention that this is a cross of Coffee Kush x Tang Tang. Displaying 22.57% THC and 0.1% CBD, I’m expecting Breakfast Kush to step up in the dimensions of flavor. Let’s get it on.

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As I unscrew the jar, I ponder what ‘Breakfast Kush’ may translate to. Eggs and Bacon I guess? The time is nigh, a soft sweet milky mist runs over my face. My senses are mobbed over by a soothing, creamy embrace. Underlying the charming bog is a rich, savory, field of cocoa. As I try to distinguish the scent further, I am distracted continuously. Taunted by a thick finger of fragrant fruit, I was helpless to the succulent diversion. I determine the alluring candy to be of frothy, airy, fruit rebounding to mimic pulverized strawberry pulp. The pairing of the buoyant breeze and firm grounded base conjoin to emulate sweetened grains. A portal to childhood memories of a virgin stream of cornflakes clinking against a dry cereal bowl. Sweet grain spelunking, saturated with earthen vigor and an intermittent berry kiss. As my fingers take a bite into my trophy bud, I brace for impact. Disturbing the foliage only appears to concrete its newfound identity as a breakfast cereal. No matter how hard I squish, tear, and grind; I find a similar benign bouquet.

I don’t know to which deities that the growers at Doc & Yeti are praying to, but they need to keep up those offerings! It is truly rare to encounter flower that is fossilized by its resin production. Golden trichomes are dusted across every available face, Breakfast Kush resembles a desert of sticky sand more closely than a flower. There are so many trichomes it appears that this bud was left under someones couch for a solid month. If it is a cereal, it is surely Frosted Flakes.

Under the psychoactive blizzard lies a lively display of color. A tide of lime tosses with pear occasionally shedding off a mossy petal. Breakfast Kush demonstrates attractive pockets of hair; demonstrating no serious volume, but the tender encampments are genuinely orange. Electrified Cheetos stand entangled throughout the crystal garden that calls this flower home. The strain carries the bud structure of an ambitious kush. Pushing large, stout colas, Breakfast Kush is surely a heavy yielder. The bulky bud is a bit misleading, its walls cave in with little effort. The buds peel off from the stem with a crisp squish. The gentle nature of Breakfast Kush aside, I would suggest largely that this phenotype leans towards indica dominance.

Leaf to flame, I sink my fangs into refreshing earthen flesh. Each fiber is sweetened by bold soil tones and delicate berry syrup. The flavor emerges on the lighter side, entertaining some floral, spicy, savory, fruit-driven qualities. However, when the green hits are extinct, the profile surrenders quickly to its heavier traits. The takeover is far from hostile. I find the tentative inviting fruit melts away into the resolute milky body. I uncover light coughs of the cocoa stirring with the agitated era, paying homage to its Coffee Kush parent. As I continue to enjoy Breakfast Kush, my sinuses swell and sneezing becomes…problematic. An afghani peppery resonance lingers on the end of every malevolent breath. I welcome the increasingly burdensome clouds deep into my lungs. I am tormented by the rich tingles surging through my capillaries.

I find instant peace of mind. A wild sea of thrashing euphoria rocks my mind. I am soon lost to the belligerent waves of pleasure. I drown, my head floods with a thick, coarse comfort with the consistency of cement. I teeter under the tide as this thick paste continues to pour into my body. I know it isn’t long before I am turned into stone entirely. I was foolhardy to take on such a foe so blindly. My vision augmented, body heavy, and mind spurring; I feel as if I am going to be heaved out of orbit. I find my center and take a deep breath. I muster the fortitude to command the euphoric tides and find some semblance of drive within this high. The indica side is quite dominant, but it will respect a strong will. I would recommend this strain in small doses throughout the day to conveniently wash away your cares and receive that ‘quick nap’ second wind. My mind playfully teeters about consciousness as I gleefully stagger about my home attempting to organize the remainder of my evening. I fear with time, I may find myself incapacitated by the powers of Breakfast Kush.

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Breakfast Kush’s best quality is its appearance. The flower is truly stunning to behold, it has a gentle fragrance and flavor, and welcomes a high sufficient for most connoisseurs. I suggest you get out there and grab some of this Breakfast Kush by Doc & Yeti for yourself! Doc and Yeti, keep producing such beautiful buds and you will surely keep my business. As always, thanks for reading.

Breakfast Kush Total Score: 86/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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