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OGmatic by Northcoast Growers

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OGmatic by Northcoast Growers

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! This strain comes with a story. During my bi-monthly visit to Dockside Cannabis SoDo to pick up my goodies, I met a wonderful employee named Austin. Austin is responsible for helping me pick out the next five strains you will see reviewed in the coming weeks. He was super knowledgable and spoke my language, which always makes it easier when cutting through the bullshit and finding what I really need to impress my viewers! He boldly claimed that this was hands-down his favorite strain in the entire state; after confirming that he had tried Fifty Fold’s Presidential Kush and still held this opinion…I was convinced.

I had to capture some of this glory for my own greed and your viewership. He told me exactly what the lineage was of this prolific tri-brid, but I’ve forgotten since. I had to muster the courage to summon the powers of Dockside Cannabis over the phone and little did I know how elusive the origins of this strain really are. After a couple phone calls and much deliberation with a charming associate by the name of Alicia, we safely arrived at a conclusion. While two-thirds of OGmatic’s genetics are subject to grower’s preference, the root of the genus is OG Kush. In Northcoast’s OGmatic, we believe that it is a pairing of Girl Scout Cookies, Bubba Kush, and OG Kush. (If only I could just remember things when people tell me the first time.)  For the cold-hard facts; we know that OGmatic wields 23.01% total THC and just a sprinkle of 0.04% CBD. Let’s ride.

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OGmatic comes waltzing out of the bag, the sheer arrogance! She leaves a trail of bold forest-driven footsteps permeating a fiery floral relief. Out of the same pores storms a damp sappy sweetness. This note trickles outward delicately in the wake of the woodland. This accent continues to blossom and become peppery and herbal in its intent. A subtle candy drifts in upon the back of the herbal air delivering the lightest of citrus kisses. I can tell that this strain is too complex to be forthcoming with its full profile. As I continue to pry along the citrus-berry fault, I discover a rebounding zest rooted in a firm afghan fist.


I feel compelled to keep digging and accelerate my hashy demise. I tear open the largest bud under my nostrils. The gates of forest funk fling wide open! A pronounced augmentation to the passive sweetness and the afghan accent. Whatever berry is teasing me is obscured by the rich drizzle of hashy woodland syrup. The floral expanse rings true to this reintroduction as well, a feisty courier that stirs with the resurgence beautifully.

OGmatic more closely resembles a meteor from orbit than an earthly plant. The package considers this strain to be a ‘hybrid’ but it emulates classic indica bud structure. Righteous kernels of foliage fortify themselves with ranks of resin crusted petals. Even the slightest squeeze will assure you of this profound density. OGmatic bares practically every physical quality that I seek in cannabis; from the coloration to the structure. The essence of this strain dwells on the darker side, burdened moss coupled with a punished pine dominates the foliage. These somber hues will occasionally forfeit their dominance to rich pockets of wine and purple. The transition is so effectively disguised that you may miss it entirely if you are distracted by the flower’s other dazzling qualities.

Wild torrents of flame appear to burst from the gut of OGmatic. To my relief, I discover these to be hairs and not flames. Fiery orange tendrils are the highlight of the entire bud, they scale the faces of the flower in great number resembling a raging fire. Fighting through the billowing flame is the resplendent display of trichomes. Shimmering brightly in even the dimmest light, these trichomes were raised with care. Most have reached a powerful maturity; most have heads and long stalks carrying mild milky clarity. I defy the fortress’ walls and manage to sever brighter hues of green from its interior. OGmatic is bright and vivid if you manage to crack it open!

Leaf to flame, I struggle to hold the cumbersome presence of OGmatic within my lungs without rupturing a vessel. The introduction is defined by several decadent levels of flavor. The foremost I would say is a bizarre citrine spike on the back of a chemmy-pine uptick. I feel as if I just gargled a glass of enchanting lemon surface cleaner. Maybe, that is why Consuela from Family Guy always needs more Lemon Pledge. Underneath that abstract solution emerges a rushing river of berry candied by the fermenting goodness of the forest and muddled herb. I find a mild hoppiness to be present in the aftertaste of this particular lick. A demented sweetness rages through a body of rich, syrupy hash. The flavor feels to heave its full weight unto the center of my tongue and quickly melt away, slipping off to the sides. As these distinct notes compete, the righteous citrus rips through its competition with violently decadent surges of flavor. The lemon-inspired note vastly outlasts the other flavors. I can feel this enticing chemical citrus playing on my breath for minutes after. I learn to welcome the electrified javelin with each hit, exposing myself further in hopes of discovering more at the core of this delicious debauchery. I chase the charming sprite to the very last ember, the flavor is consistent throughout. I would suggest that this strong willed bouquet is reminiscent of what OG Kush tastes like when procured by a true master. I relish the wild hashy aftermath of OGmatic.

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OGmatic delivers a classic, profound stone. Simple, yet masterful in its design and direction. While I’m still confident this strain belongs in the indica-hybrid category, I can see the appeal in the sativan direction. In fact, that is probably the most assertive aspect of the high. The introduction is your mind being greased up by the succulent citrus and launched down a railway towards indica-town. The approach is a subtle tingle snaking its finger across your back and up into your skull. This invasive tickle expands to levels of inexplicable comfort and reassurance. You may be able to literally watch your troubles melt away in retreat as you welcome your OGmatic overlord. A bulky warmth floods my skull and relaxes my eyes, which is something I always appreciate. I feel to be just a head, bobbing about a sea of milky euphoria like a forgotten dingy. My head is clear of negative thought, an unsettled calm only to be broken by the occasional ‘caw’ of the seagulls. I forfeit myself to the will of the massaging waves and drift further into bliss. The compounding warmth bleeds down into my extremities. I greet the night as an ethereal onesie continues to envelop my body and relieve my mind of worry. While I’m certainly not compelled to move in this moment, I would argue that there is a sativa presence that will delay, if not eliminate the looming crash that often accompanies such palpable physical highs.

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Damn, Northcoast Growers how you gonna do them like that?! This strain was fantastic and it single-handedly revived my faith in ‘OG’ productions in the state. I’d felt like I hadn’t had proper OG Kush in ages. I was like a broken child and you revived my spirit! I have to say this is my favorite ‘OG’ anything in the state. Austin did not mislead me. I’m not sure if this overtakes my inexplicable love for Fifty Fold, but this strain is certainly one to be reckoned with! If I wasn’t so obsessed with trying new strains every time, I would cop this again for my personal enjoyment. Especially if it meant getting the best experience possible at my favorite pot shop, Dockside Cannabis, again. As always, thanks for reading!

OGmatic total score: 96/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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