Gorilla Glue 4S by Bubba

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Gorilla Glue 4S by Bubba

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Gorilla Glue 4S by Bubba

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! We have some exclusive genetics to appraise today. We’ve received the gift of Gorilla Glue 4S, is it a new product from Apple? No, but a gift like mana from heaven bestowed upon me. Being on the cutting edge of genetics, however, means I have no delicious data or lineage for you. While I’m sure this strain is largely parented by Gorilla Glue #4, we will let this fuego speak for itself.

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I unscrew the fragile mason jar, little did I know that it would soon control my fate. Spiraling out of even the slightest gap, is a sour dagger with a brutal edge of serrated gas. The funk continues to bubble and spill outward, this enchanting assault simultaneously draws you inward and phases you out. The intentions of the tumultuous fragrance seem to be disorganized, a wild energy bursts out in every direction. It seems as if every note of the aroma was precoded to attack and dominate any other fragrances in the room. It isn’t long before my entire apartment is converted to a murky bog of feisty diesel.


Plumes of vivacious sweetness manage to separate themselves from the voracious diesel vapor. These notes manage to slowly taper off from the pack. This note as an individual expands to become tart, floral, and aromatic; a much needed tangy compatriot. A pine-driven scorpion scutters out from beneath the palpable gas, still billowing from the war zone. While I am occupied by the assertive fragrances, this scorpion manages to sting the whichever side of my pallet I leave vulnerable. There is truly so much flavor going on within Gorilla Glue 4S that you can’t possibly consciously entertain all of the notes at once.

The explosion of Gorilla Glue 4S ventures outward in every direction, but the aftermath proves to be predominately sweet and savory. In hopes of coaxing out a little more information about the intentions of GG4S, I snap the biggest boulders under my nose. A moist exuberance radiates outward. The gassiness is amplified ten-fold, though the benign meadowed moisture emerges and manages to curve the abrasive introduction to some extent. At this point, with the culmination of all of these notes, this bud literally smells like Elmer’s Glue. The flat, enticing toxicity lashes backward onto my pallet. Upon further examination it is the righteous roar of the diesel being absorbed into the foresty moisture. The combination of the two pools into a bog of sappy, seductive paste. Let’s ‘stick around’ shall we? (I know I’m not funny.)

Gorilla Glue 4S truly appears to be from a different world, a refined future. The first thought I had was how for a Gorilla Glue offspring, how large the buds were. Now, this may just be a credit to Bubba’s masterful growing, but I believe whatever he crossed this with encourages plump sticky buds outside the realm of traditional Gorilla Glue. I approach the frosted asteroids with caution, examination proves these space rocks demonstrate a formidable density. You won’t get far trying to destroy these buds with one hand, between the sweet resiny tar trickling across every face of the flower and the reinforced bud structure…it is a two-handed job. The bud is lively and fresh, still squeaking out a gooey yelp as I apply pressure to the flower. As I ease my grip, Gorilla Glue 4S harbors a spirit of revenge. Refusing to separate, it heartlessly soaks my fingertips in coats of incriminating resin.

While the trichomes are on this production are certainly the show-stealer, it isn’t cause for ignoring the other wonderful aspects of this strain. The verdant fortress holds a confident aura of lively lime and pale pear, with an occasional impression of shaded olive. The tame distinction between the coupled greens matched with the vibrant flurry of snow white trichomes nurses an unearthly glow. It is almost as if this strain came back as the ‘ghost’ of Gorilla Glue #4. It has come to reclaim the lands of those who have bastardized its genetics! This is must be the true Glue! Hair is quite rare when it comes to Gorilla Glue 4S, the strands that do appear are quite long. Roasted bronze highways snake independently across ridges and into somber pockets before disappearing entirely. The buds are bulbous, sugary, sticky, sprawling, and aching to treat you right.

Leaf to flame, a dart of vile diesel fires past my lips and burrows into the back of my throat. A new projectile is launched with every hit, it seems my pipe has been transformed into an Amazonian Blowgun. While the sharp ‘needle’ point of the dart is truly diesel inspired, the it begins to leak delectable toxins. They stir together to become a fruity froth, stirred with savory sap, and swaddled in a floral blanket. All of these qualities bleed from the wounds impacted by the diesel. For how ferociously gassy each cloud is, there is minimal choke and the smoke seems quite balanced. Usually with a ‘diesel’ inspired strain you are sneezing, coughing, eyes watering. Gorilla Glue 4S will push you to the brink of all of these sensations, without toppling you over the line. This strain seems as if it knows how to truly mind its matters, but will still deliver a death blow when the time is appropriate. An herbal quality surfaces at the core of the flavor, this note is bold but equal parts earthy and grassy. The earthen grit bares its own charms, a firm backboard to serve the buoyant rebounding introduction.  A sugary, soft haze seems to coat the collective flavor. I relax and surrender myself to the smooth shovels of frothy gas. The flavor is consistent to the very last hit. I find myself licking my lips between bowls, subconsciously longing for more of the decadent Gorilla Glue 4S.

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This is hands-down the most balanced Gorilla Glue experiment that I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. The common conundrum of whether GG#4 is an indica-dominant or sativa-dominant hybrid is furthered by this wonderful Gorilla Glue 4S. I would say this variation most closely walks the fifty-fifty line and embodies the true essence of a powerful hybrid. The flavor alone seems to inspire some sativan inspiration, but the first truly independent and discernible sensation is one I found deep in my chest. A kernel of comfort takes root behind my solar plexus and radiates out an aura of relaxation. Its roots eventually entangle with my own heart and manage to pulse its familiar pleasure through my veins. I reel in ecstasy as the surmounting pleasure takes hold and electrifies my mind. It is truly a unique thing to have a sativa sensation sparked alive by a firm indica and vice versa.

The high is very gentle and giving; the tide is constantly tossing and you will find limitless realms in-between, in which you may bask or thrive. I feel a firm grasp cradle my head, propping me upward so I may continue to heave my words upon this document. A decadent serenity takes hold of my mind and body. I slouch oafishly in my chair, made to feel both inspired and insignificant. I think it is safe to say that Gorilla Glue 4S has me high as hell. I feel a milky gas creep upward into my skull, as if my brain was replaced with a hot air balloon. My head feels a building pressure as if that balloon was being inflated ever so slowly. I don’t feel alarmed or like my head is uncomfortable, but this is a bizarre stimulus. I feel awake and engaged by this estranged, yet amicable pressure building in my skull as I continue to delve into Gorilla Glue 4S.

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I love reviewing bud from Bubba, it never feels like work. Whatever the strain is, I trust wholeheartedly that it will be one of the best damn versions of those genetics I’ve ever had! I don’t know where the ‘S’ came from, but it sure made a fantastic addition! Gorilla Glue is usually plighted with the issue of being too one-directional, but this offshoot provides layers of distinct flavor. I wish I could tell y’all how to acquire some of these exclusive genetics for yourself, alas, I cannot. Some secrets I cannot divulge! But as always, thanks for reading!

Gorilla Glue 4S Total Score: 96/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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