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Death Star by Top Shelf

Death Star by Top Shelf

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted. I’m giving you two reviews today just in case that you’ve been feeling deprived. We have an awesome nug of Death Star for my enjoyment and your viewing pleasure. Death Star is the indica heavy cross of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. Sensi Star must step up to the plate in order to drown out Sour Diesel to such an extent that it is widely considered an indica. Today’s Death Star doesn’t come from an imperial fleet, but from Top Shelf. They produce a couple strains very well, I hope this to be one. This production bares 25.5% total cannabinoids, 24.1% THCA, and 0.6% CBDA. Let’s fly to a galaxy far far away on the back of Death Star!

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I unscrew the tasteful jar to greet my opponent. Without an exchange of words, I am struck by a bold fruity first. I experience levels of tangy fruit as each individual knuckle drags across my cheek. A sweet subtlety drips from my wound. Dampness seems to swell upon a leafy flavor The charm of the nectar is something to be treasured. It is exactly what I’d imagined the Tree Stars in ‘A Land Before Time’ would taste like. It would certainly justify their dangerous migration! As I trudge forth, I slosh through puddles of light pine and passive gas. The mild muddling of herb is nowhere near to the pungency typically proposed by Diesel crosses.


The tentative gas expands to be flowery, tickling, and sweet. Each powerful whiff feels like I am taking a bite out of a Yankee candle. There is a thick syrupy, if not, waxy texture to the aroma. Each note of the profile is smooth and curved out by this rotund influence. The narrative of sweet fruit is occasionally emphasized by the tender gas to emulate a citrus quality.

As with all Death Stars, we must find its weak spot and exploit it. I detonate the planet-sized bud under my nose. The inflicted fracture blasts out fierce concentrations of the fueled berry. The storm settles quickly. It seems to bleed a molted form of its essence. Succulent mud is bubbling out from the fresh wounds of the defeated Death Star. This uncovers an earthen identity, rich dirt decorated in aromatic sludge-like sweetness.

Now this is some of the plumpest Death Star I’ve had the pleasure of obtaining. I find that many demonstrations of the phenotype result in hyper dense popcorn nugs which aren’t particularly worthy of photography. With Top Shelf’s Death Star, that is certainly not the case! These buds carry a moderate density, but seem to aspire more toward the bud structure of its Sour Diesel mama. Though these colas are certainly more filled out than you would find on your average Diesel. I would surmise that these two parents bring out the best from each of their bud structures and help grow one full-bodied beatstick. The fortified clusters give up their ground once faced with a forceful squeeze. There is a lively squish from the flower as I assert my dominance upon it.

The realm of Death Star is primarily colored by dehydrated fern and a sharp lime. These warring factions are occasionally disrupted by a purple or crocodile tinted leaf. Networks of fiery bronze arms rake out across the surface of the flower. With the concentrated way that the hairs grow, it appears that hands of stick figures are pawing at the foliage. Thick milky trichomes highlight the vibrant ridges of the flower, most of them have their heads and follow in quick succession. It is time to blow up the Death Star.

I race down the fiery chasm of my bowl, as I ignite the legendary Death Star. I receive a gracious flavor and a scooby snack. Delicate trails of fruity pungency wind down my throat. There is a soothing floral quality that encourages my lungs to expand and soak all of it up! A light herbal gas patrols the pathway, causing congestion with its intermittent visits. The clouds embolden with time, becoming increasingly difficult to hold. There is a certain creaminess to the delivery of the gassy note in particular. I am able to control and sort the typically untamable terpene as it is dispersed on the back of the smooth savior. The smoke becomes exponentially sweet and spicy as it sheds some of the softer characteristics of its identity. Death Star delivers a palpable punch with every hit that consistently dissolves into a savory hashy resonance. A grounding chorus of peppered earth ultimately quells the fiery angst of the fruity gas.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.52.07 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.52.17 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.52.30 PM

I feel ghostly fingers grip my shoulders. A cold pleasure shudders through my chest and down my spine. I am uneasy as I let the foreign pleasure drip into my being, something about this high is unsettling. There is something I am not seeing. As I hold in a massive hit, pondering the subject, the true high takes hold. Like a looming anvil whose rope was just cut, an indica initiative crashes into my skull. The body high I was experiencing was apparently just a precursor to the forceful introduction of Death Star’s true power. I now feel as if I was jettisoned out of my body, into the celestial void of space. I am adrift, spiritually, mindlessly, floating about awaiting to connect with random stimulus. I am far too high to care, but I assume that my mouth is drawn agape in a thoughtless stupor. Rushes of amplified euphoria drown out any question or calls for concern. I feel no prods of anxiety or discomfort.

The high of Death Star, while powerful, knows how to treat you well. You can relax and confidently hand the controller over to Death Star. The masterful stronghold of comfort continues to build, rendering me helpless to the advancing will of Death Star. This is the type of power that is capable of conquering a galaxy. Though Death Star offers a plethora of valuable sensations, I’d say the high still dwells predominately in the realm of indica dominance. Though, if you manage to middle through the storm, prolonged exposure to Death Star will provide you with a second wind and a font of energy. There are two sides to every Death Star, I suppose. I’m sure thats not a saying, but it is today. I am genuinely impressed by the last minute pick-me-up provided by the Diesel heritage! For that reason, I would consider this strain to be more of a Indica Dominant Hybrid, rather than a pure Indica. The high is expansive, malleable, and long-lasting.

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Death Star may spare your planet, but not your mind. I am obliterated by this wonderful, terpy production of Death Star. Top Shelf, it has been awhile and I am glad to see you are still hitting with some flavorful flower! Most of their strains bare similar quality and pungency, I feel fairly safe when trying any strain by Top Shelf. Be sure to get some for yourself, figure out where. Going to be getting some dope herb from Dockside SoDo tomorrow for the upcoming reviews. We are almost at 100 reviews! Woo!

Death Star Total Score: 91/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

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