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Dragonaut by Seattle Green Bud

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Dragonaut by Seattle Green Bud

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted. Today, we have finally locked down a strain that I’ve been wanting to try for some time. We have the provocative Dragonaut by Seattle Green Bud. I understand now, that all of SGB’s products will now be merged under their ‘Saints’ brand. Until that merger is complete, I suppose I’ll continue to refer to brand as it is well-known to this point.  I won’t even begin to muse at what titans fused in order to create a 90% indica by the name of Dragonaut. Some things are best left as a surprise. What I can tell you, is that this production carries 17.16% Total THC and 0.19% CBD-A. Let us venture where no dragon dare go before…with Dragonaut.

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I prepare for the worst, good times or a hearse. I unfasten the ornate lid and dive into a sweet and peppery blizzard. Bold, earthen qualities shift beneath chilled tossing dirt. This aroma candidly embodies coffee. A succulent subdued berry hangs at the crux, teasing itself across every pore of Dragonaut. The challenging sweetness is comparable to the relaxed sugary quality found in a quality Haze. A moist musk lingers in the distance. In order to incite an aromatic rebellion, I snap one of the frosted boulders under my nostril. The dormant delicacy rages into one skunky funky monkey. The vile resurgence is equal parts tender, floral, and aromatic, tarnished by an enticing skunky sour. An ambitious foulness builds under the complex amplification of odor. This sunken treasure begins to smell mildly like cheese. The decadent dairy is wrought with pine and stern herb.

Finally, an indica that looks as an indica should. These buds are so dense you would be concerned you were shorted if Seattle Green Bud wasn’t so reputable. These flowers are suspiciously dense, even a forceful squeeze results in minimal give. Your only hope at defying the fortress that is Dragonaut, is exploiting a gap and severing off a mammoth-size turret for yourself. The buds are grow into plump, reinforced cones. The coloration of Dragonaut is quite dark overall. A lifeless pear hue serves as the highlight, further highlighted by electric ranks of amber trichomes that bless every ridge. These attractive displays are built in large networks eventually subsiding into a malevolent pool of saturated moss and firm juniper.

That being said, the literal color of the foliage is of little concern. The face of each flower is almost entirely dominated by its auxiliary features. Wild nets of torched bronze hairs entrap entire sections of the bud, providing stunning contrast to the globulous trichomes that manage to poke out. The further I break into the fiery core of Dragonaut, the more beauty I uncover. The trichomes seem to glimmer exponentially against the sundered verdant tapestry.

Leaf to flame, the assertion of Dragonaut is far more friendly than I expected. Just as I let my guard down, the exhale leaves me extremely winded. It takes more strength to hold this strain’s brilliance than I expected. Most of the flavor is expressed on the exhale. A sodden, heavy, berry, peppery blend of afghan soaks my pallet. This flavor continues to surmount with each unwieldy cloud, a fiery kick begins to build in its core. The peppery bite expands to be herbal and woody. In turn, this emphasizes the gooey, succulent, harshness that accommodates the Afghan note. While sharp and fierce in design, each cloud still manages to be smooth and stable in its own right. As the bowl chars, the breaths become bulky and raw, the clouds now feel as if they are scarring my throat. The intensity of this smoke is testing my experience. I feel as if those spiky spherical seeds that cling to your jeans after long walks in the forest, are now lining my throat. I struggle to settle with the abrasive sweetness.

Just as I was about to scoff at the lackluster strength of this flower, that’s when it hit me. Like a sledgehammer of sludge from the heavens, I am instantly cemented into a sticky sarcophagus. Distraction is the essence of this high. You feel so good so quickly, that you may abandon whatever you have tasked yourself with. Be prepared with techniques to rein yourself back into reality. My extremities feel to be less solid and more…gooey. My physical form has been reduced to a mound of amicable sludge. While I continue to melt into my chair, I manage to maintain some level of awareness. A spicy tingle storms my temples and teases my ears. A subtle pressure builds to match the dripping euphoria coating the rest of my body. The mindset is functional, but far from inspired. Continued exposure to this cumbersome high will surely anchor you to your bed with no signs of getting up. I highly recommend this strain as a nail in the coffin of your evening or a challenging way to start your day.

As I rotate back into orbit, I have to say “Wow!” Dragonaut is a feisty indica that is worthy of your taste buds. The firm earth tones stirred with herbal afghani is something to be experienced! Seattle Green Bud, or Saints, has top quality flower because they cut no corners and produce flower as organically as possible! I look forward to the fiery revival of the brand and the continued excellence I’ve found in your flower! As always, thanks for reading.

Dragonaut Total Score: 90/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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  1. I’m fairly certain that the lineage of dragonaut is jillybean by mzjill and og kush, although I’m looking to confirm. I really dig it and would like to grow some but am struggling find any information on it. Got any that you didn’t already mention?

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