Limesicle by Coastal Cannabis

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Limesicle by Coastal Cannabis

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Limesicle by Coastal Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted where honesty, expertise, and good weed collide. I’m super stoked to revisit our friends, Coastal Cannabis, through this provocative strain. Today, we have Limesicle. My first thought was lime popsicle, sure thing! I am sure, however, that this cannabis will have a wealth of things to offer. I won’t even try to uncover the obscure lineage of Limesicle and simply attempt to appreciate what I have before me. Questioning the good things in life too thoroughly can often ruin them. While we are unsure of the parents, we know that Limesicle is proposed to be a blend of 80% sativa and 20% indica. In this production we are dancing with 21% THCA and just a drizzle of 1.1% CBD. I’m very impressed by anything over one percent CBD in the recreational market, but I am disappointed how the ‘3.6’ eighth was only 3.4 grams. I’m an indica man, but terpenes call the shots in every situation and I expect this to be a showstopper!

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Even holding the jar feels good, I could simply sit and fondle the soft texture of the lid and wide pan of the jar. Obviously, what’s inside is better. I pry the ornate barrier from the vault. The treasure I discover pours out recklessly. Serrated sweet lime seeps into my nostrils. A constant concrete pour with the firm viscosity of cake icing. The rigid sweetness churns and snakes its way through my veins. I feel the bloated candy fill every sense and orifice, effectively suffocating me with its decadent flavor.

My new overlord thrashes with sharp tingling tendrils. The pulpy citrus pleasure is beaten into every fiber of my being. I fear in this moment, that I may actually be converted into a citrus fruit. Just like that old myth; “If you swallow a seed, a tree will grow in your belly!” Well, let me tell you, I was damn concerned that a lime tree was about to sprout from my face. A soothing, moist air hangs as a refreshing courtesy. This note is reminiscent of a rich fragrant dewey morning mist in the forest. This gentler ally aids in dampening some of the ferocity drummed up from prolonged exposure to the lime swarm. The fragrance seems to insist primarily on one direction, but I find this to be no flaw in the experience. Limesicle may only know one song, but it sings very well. I am rendered helpless to the charming resonance and succulent citrus that gushes from this bodacious bud.

I am tempted to stir the pot via a snapped nugget or two. I am a fool! Torn foliage simply incites open rebellion and dangerously exacerbates the already formidable lime lance. The note blossoms to become exponentially fiercer, tarter, and derived of a wafting expanse. I found myself a prisoner before, I am now knocked down by the torrential engagement of this newfound citrine flood. At inconsistent intervals, trace kicks of pine will step in and emphasize the aroma to car air freshener quality. Whatever stage of storm that Limesicle brews, I am dazed by the delicious display.

Overall, Limesicle wears a somewhat somber jacket. The colors, while lime inspired, dwell on the darker side of the spectrum. In certain light, smaller buds strike me as vibrant lime. This quality is inconsistent. The buds are primarily painted by fern and mossy hues. The interior of the flower is far more emblematic of its namesake. The exterior, however, actually demonstrates pockets of soft purple. These dwindling pockets of seductive mauve seem to drift in on the back of the hordes of shimmering trichomes. Clouded by the immense volume of globulous heads you may not even notice the subtle transition in subdued shades. The trichomes glisten equally brilliantly as they scale every fragrant edge of Limesicle.

Creeping out from the crust of the decorated foliage are weak tangerine arms. None of the hairs seem to hold much length, as if they are making a quick appearance just to let you know they are present. Everything about the appearance of this flower is fuzzy, it makes me curious to its density. My lord, I must commend Coastal Cannabis on bringing a sativa to the table that isn’t a squishy, wet, stringy mess! These buds are dense as hell, the 20% indica must’ve stepped up to the plate and welded the fibers of Limesicle into one bulky bouquet. The bud is extremely well cured squealing a rich, crunchy, squish. This is by far one of the most stable and firm sativa-dominant hybrids I have ever had the pleasure of handling!

Leaf to flame, I prepare for a whirlwind of destruction. I am dumbfounded by the friendly hand extended by Limesicle. I even could feel it stinging my nostrils from a bowls distance before it was even lit. The smoke comes forth as the kindest qualities of lime. An engaging, firm presence steals your attention and then massages you with ethereal sweet syrupy arms. It is like the flavor is poured onto my tongue in a liquid state and as it cools it becomes progressively more solid and syrupy with enhanced candy qualities. I hold each hit for as long as possible as I relish in the sweet struggling embrace of Limesicle. As I hold each cloud prisoner in my lungs, I feel each delicious kick and squirm. This strain is surely still a fighter, it just learned some manners since we last met. The texture of the smoke is smooth, moist, satisfying, and squishy. In an abstract way, each cloud is like chomping on a delectable citrus soaked sponge. After every breath, the profound lime population lingers for centuries on. You could probably go to bed and wake up with traces of Limesicle on your breath. Permeating and potent this smoke is surely a treat. There is virtually no harshness outside of the naturally feisty lime terpenes, Limesicle is a smooth smoke all of the way through.

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I feel a stimulating pressure slowly surmounting in my skull. A welcome tingling buzzes about my head and provokes bizarre tangents of thought. The wellspring floods my skull and finds no escape. Similar to when you crack your back, like…really…really good. I feel my mind and perspective snap into a new place. In this instant, I am slapped with such divine euphoria that for these two extremely suspect seconds…it was a mental orgasm. I can find no other words, I simply fell back and swooned to the whim of this seductive lime tailwind. Despite my best efforts to recreate this sensation, it seems to only grace you on the initial impact of the Limesicle invader. I haven’t known Limesicle very long, but it seems to make everything easier. It is far more convenient to look on the bright side when under the compassionate embrace of Limesicle. Accompanying this abstract mental high, is a warm and accommodating body high. I feel like my body’s interior was replaced with furry walls or teddy bear skin. A comfortable fog dwells in my mind in the wake of the initial stunning assertion of this high. I feel the charming afterglow following hours of sunbathing after mere minutes in the realm of Limesicle. I’m not so sure that I will ever want to leave.

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Coastal Cannabis continuously brings fresh tasting, well-cured, prolific flower to the scene! They are seriously a force to be reckoned with and I do not say that often. Their Hash Plant will put you in the grave. Limesicle is surely ranking among my favorite sativas and may be deserving of one of the highest scores on toasted n’ posted so far! Keep up the work and I’m sure floods of recognition will follow. I’ll surely uphold my end and let everyone know that they can always acquire quality cannabis from Coastal. The best place to purchase it is Dockside Cannabis at their SoDo location. Their budtenders, namely Matt, are the absolute shit. They know how to give you the time you need while offering a helpful knowledgable hand. A phenomenal experience every time with Dockside Cannabis! As always, thanks for reading.

Limesicle Total Score: 98/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

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