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Tangerine Dream by Buddha Cannabis

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Tangerine Dream by Buddha Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! The smoke clears and we find ourselves face to face with Tangerine Dream from Buddha Cannabis. (read to tune of transformers) Buddha Cannabis, Arti-zen in disguise. This is the off brand for Artizen flower that isn’t considered worthy of their mainline for whatever reason. That being the case, I’m fairly certain that I will enjoy this production. The bud looks just as good as their ‘Artizen’ line and at $10.00 cheaper, I will surely indulge. With a modest THC percentage of 21.28%, I could imagine this is the reason it was pushed to this product line. I feel blessed to have found a behemoth of a bud, a 3.5 gram nug. Tangerine Dream is a hell of a breed, a trifecta of G-13, Afghani, and Neville’s Haze. Two indica and one sativa parent. I would have imagined a different skew considering I remember Tangerine Dream as a sativa-dominant hybrid, but we shall see.

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Will Bhudda be bold or benign? Only forcing open this ancient seal will tell. I plunge into the narrow crevasse, I am haunted by a sweet echo. A soft, resonant, tartness resounds throughout the cave following a relenting curve. The mild-mannered citrus mimics true tangerine to a disturbing degree. As I step cautiously deeper into the bowels of the mysterious fragrance, my feet patter against the damp and woodsy floor. The invisible forest muck tosses and plops as I travel further letting out a slight pine accent. Citrine stalagmites now hang from the ceiling. Shards of sharp zest precipitate down unto the sodden woodland. The subterranean sledge hammers notes of raw, earthen pungency into my pallet. All of the commotion causes the friendly tangy release to molt into a skunky haze.


In a last-ditch effort, I chisel away at the ornate walls of this cavern. The broken bud gives way to an unsettling emphasis. The tart tangerine note blossoms to become excessively soft, pillowy, and sweet. The flavor is like powdered sugar raining down upon a citrus funnel cake. The tropical release of the fragrance sears with sweet satisfaction. The initial awkward tang boomerang exercises its unique flexibility to rebound in its flowery, succulent potency.

A glistening mammoth stands before me. The beast wears many sets of apricot tusks, the winding hairs strafe aimlessly. Under the tangling tendrils, rich crocodile sugar leaves partially mask cascading hues of soft pear and ostentatious olive. Drizzled upon the salad of soft greens is a dressing of mature trichomes. The resin glands stand proudly upon every inch of this bulging bud. I was impressed by the number of gold-amber heads that are present in ratio to the milky clouded heads. Most recreational producers don’t cure for long enough to bring out amber heads much past an accident. The bud clearly has the potential to grow into bulging hammer-fisted nuggets, but maintains a formidable density. There is a slight leafy give to a squeeze, but the well-cured foliage holds its position forfeiting its sweet sappy resin to my fingertips before its position.


Leaf to flame, soft fruity fuzz tickles across my tongue. Soft, flexible, and buoyant is how I would describe the feathered tangerine dart that launches into my throat with every successive hit. It is truly rare to find a name that appropriately conveys the terpenes present in this plant, but I’ll be damned if this doesn’t taste like real tangerines. The inviting citrus kiss scaling a curved wall of candied grit and its sharp abutments. The flavor bubbles as it slowly extinguishes on my pallet, like the aftermath of a benign orange-cream soda. Underlying the sugary display is a feathery forest canopy. Still tart, tantalizing jolts send tremors across this masterfully woven flavor. Woody, grassy, dank beasts lie in wait; calculating the perfect time to strike. I am intermittently bludgeoned upside the head with a bold, flat, woodland note. The blunted sensation is close to a piece of spiced sandalwood, an object of anguish crafted by a dissident employee of Yankee Candle in hopes of destroying the world. I must be high.  I find this enticing spice to blossom to entertain some wider flowery, herbal, and sweet qualities. These neutral, but pleasant notes serve well to expand the consuming flat woody aroma across the rest of the identity. As the bowl chars, traces of the sweet tree-fruit nectar still remain, but are largely modified and handled by the bulky spiced wood. That being said, the subtle sweetness dwells on my breath far longer than the herbal spicy qualities.


A fog bank of warm dank floods my head. This roaming thunder continues to rumble through the rest of my body and shake it with divine comfort. I settle into this jacket of passive amicable massage and look up to the next wave of pleasure. It seems that once you become ‘full’ of this euphoric styrofoam, I activate. I feel electric pleasure surge through my veins, encouraging wild thoughts and ambitions. I want to go outside, do more, get more, share more, just do everything. This is a strand of rocketing sativa sensation that sort of just ‘clicks’ you feel chilled out and relaxed for about ten minutes, but then your overdrive kicks in. I still feel a weight dripping from my extremities, encouraging me to find a seat, but my wild ideas and ambitions are winning the conversation every time. I delightedly throw myself across my apartment while doing abstract dance moves. This strain may be alleged to lean towards indica, but I swear to you this is not a sleeper. There is a mild building bank of sedation in a corner of your mind the longer you submit to the whims of Tangerine Dream. With a compounding coma looming over you, I can imagine meeting a hard nap at the end of this righteous runway. I fear no consequence of cannabis, I continue to coast on the belly of this balanced beast. I feel functional, calm, and bare a positive attitude towards the errands of today. I highly recommend this strain to folks looking for that ‘early morning mota-vation’ and a real kick in the pants.


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Well I’m not convinced this strain should’ve been bumped down to Buddha Cannabis at all. Unless it was intended purely as a favor to the consumers, otherwise, this production of Tangerine Dream could surely hold its own against the rest of the Artizen product line. I would motion that they move this one up, it was aromatic, super sticky, cured well, and the flavor translated beautifully. The high was quite substantial despite the modest percentage. I will not at all be hesitant to try Buddha Cannabis in the future, a fantastic buy for the price! Thank you Artizen and friends for always restoring and holding my faith in your brand. Keep it gangster and thanks for reading!

Tangerine Dream Total Score: 94/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs


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