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OZ Kush by the Exotikz


OZ Kush by the Exotikz

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted, where the dank strains roam! Today we have the last remaining strain in our trifecta of goodness from the Exotikz. You can get some for yourself at the Evergreen Market and its many locations. I won’t even bother to try and discover the speckled lineage that I’m sure accommodates OZ Kush. Never heard of it, but ever so down to try it. This production lies a little bit on the modest side in regards to THC content, 17.61%. There is also a dash of .28% CBD, which is more than I’ve come to expect from most recreational marijuana. This bag was a little short of the 3.5 gram eighth benchmark, but not far enough that I intend to roast them past the mention. Just from eyeing the flower in the bag, I imagine this strain will outperform the previous two…that’s why I saved it for last. Let’s get this started, Flame On!

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I step into the arena to face the bold beast. Javelins of tart, sweet, pungent fruit are launched in my direction. These notes cascade out of the jar like an untamed amazonian waterfall. Sweet, fragrant mist explodes out from the crashing basin. The tossed droplets radiate an aura of sweet spice and lavender. The notes build upon each other in a roaring haze. This compounding confectionary emulates an otherworldly blueberry syrup. Smoke this strain over some pancakes, I’m willing to bet an out-of-body experience will shortly ensure.


The flavor is so decadent, dripping with cool moisture. I feel like the aroma alchemizes into physical drops of electrified aloe cast onto my skin. This is a powerful sensation to experience from smell alone. This pool is so good, I have to dive in it. I tear one of the decorated buds under my nose in efforts to expose its hidden qualities. Much to my surprise, the expected surge doesn’t much surpass the initial impression. There is an aggravation and growth within the lavender-spice quality and it mixes wonderfully with the initial notes of soft fruit. However, this is not at all the type of haymaker that I expect based off of the initial impression.

The phenotype is simply immaculate. Lively lime, firm pear, electric violet, suffocated grape, and fiery orange are all masked under a brilliant blanket of snow. You could replace a lightbulb with these buds, I could count more than 17% THC on the face of this flower. Lab results aren’t always as accurate or consistent as we would like them to be, so at this point, I am willing to discard this number. I am looking at one gorgeous girl. The bouquet of aforementioned colors stir blissfully to paint a masterpiece upon the face of each dense nugget. The golden blizzard of trichomes sweeping over these contrasting colors networks an iridescent trail of globulous heads. Brilliant torches fixed to the walls of this fortress of foliage, and I do mean fortress. The bud is extremely dense, certainly verifying the Kush heritage in its name. The buds are a fantastic size; the phenotype as a whole seems to produce relatively fluffy buds while still appearing to maintain a strong indica dominance. Whatever the ‘Kush’ was crossed with, was probably a fluffy indica dominant hybrid closer to the fifty-fifty line, if I had to guess. The flower is nice and fresh, contrary to the acute dryness that seemed to accent the previous two Exotikz strains I had reviewed. I love the subtle styrofoam squish you can force from the resplendent ramparts of OZ Kush.


Leaf to flame, an unwieldy fog bank coaxes its way past my lips. The weighted bog introduces a subtle spicy sweetness that is often buried under the domineering embrace of the kushy nature. Classic, thick, woody, sweet kush burns my pallet in the most satisfying of ways, this is what an indica head lives for. As I adjust to the semi-abrasive atmosphere, I am able to better appreciate the underlying subtleties. While the fierce kushy fire emboldens as the bowl chars, the competing compatriots perform acrobatics in efforts to balance and pad its voracious blows. The soot soaked fists wail against a master crafted wall of benign sweetness. The root of the soothing concoction is herbal and spicy, but from the enticing wound pours a sweet berry driven nectar. The note relinquishes very similarly to Dutch Treat at times. At times, being rarely. It isn’t long before the herbal spice stirs into a semblance of lavender that massages my tastebuds into brilliant incapacitation. This terpene works my senses into a sort of blissful stasis, even the harshest kush clouds cannot break my newfound temperament. As the leaf continues to simmer, it boils down to the lavender breeze and the hellish afghan beast. Ultimately, as in all kushes, I wager the fiery downtrodden burn of satisfaction outlasted its nimble sweeter traits.


I am cast out to sit adrift upon a sea of euphoria. Divine comfort soaks through my body, inciting warming relaxation and clear-headed peace of mind. In addition to this comfort, I feel a desire to be comforting. To explain further, I feel overcome with an extraordinary sense of empathy. OZ Kush turns the tap to good vibes and better times, I feel like I want to get people together and tell the folks I love them. The compassionate arms of OZ Kush bring a subtle tingling through my skull as I reminisce upon fond memories and simpler times. I’ve been bouncing around all day, but I found OZ Kush to be a very motivational high. Several times throughout this review, I’d wandered off, cleaned a bong, made a phone call. So while the surefooted high of OZ Kush is definitively indica, it is unique in the way that it encourages you to get on your feet. I feel that this strain might be best suited for a aimless meandering through the streets of downtown and joking to yourself about the sights you see. This high makes everything seem soft, not so bad, inviting really. Such a profound comfort with virtually no trade off as far as mobility and cognitive function is something to be treasured.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.37.58 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.37.26 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.38.25 PM


OZ Kush truly stepped up to the plate. I was beginning to lose faith in the product line, but this righteous production leveled out the trinity. This is by far the best of the strains by the Exotikz that I have tried and I welcome you to get some for yourself. It is almost as good as Presidential Kush by Fifty Fold. I’m not sure if the price point is valid with such inconsistency throughout the product line. However, none of them are by any means ‘bad smoke’. You will always enjoy your ride on the back of Exotikz if you don’t mind the hefty price tag that accompanies it. I always like to check out the ‘celebrity’ bud and see how it stacks up. Pretty good stuff, but not game changing. But once again, this OZ Kush is the best production by them that I have had so far. Check it out. Thanks for reading.

OZ Kush Total Score: 95/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

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