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Cookies n’ Cream by Bubba

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Cookies n’ Cream by Bubba

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted, where minds get roasted! Today we have another handful of fire from our buddy the Human Torch, better known as Bubba. He’s the man, it’s nothing new. Let’s get into the nitty gritty, Cookies n’ Cream is a cross of the ever-famous Girl Scout Cookies and Starfighter. Starfighter is a lesser known strain, but I qualify it to bring a succulent bouquet of indica ambition to anything crossed with it. I expect that this indica-endorsed phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies will be more to my personal tastes than many of its sativa-hybrid variations.

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I am ready to solve this mystery, unleash the aroma! I spin the lid off of the jar and brace myself. My skin is seethed by the raw, skunky, earthen storm blistering out of the vessel. The thrashing gust is extremely herbal and spread in its identity. This note is like the razing wind across a hot desert, every layer of decadent herb I experience lashes at my skin as it passes. Second after second I am splintered by the unwieldy welcome of Cookies n’ Cream. I am bludgeoned continuously by honed pine needles and bold peppercorns.


I stumble through the barrage, falling onto a lone, sweet, foresty cactus. Instinctively I snap open the face of this fragrant fellow and gored its belly. I scoop heap after heap of its cooling nectar across my nose and face. This gift from nature acts as a salve against the red hot whipping winds of Cookies n’ Cream. This medicine, once welcomed, continues to trickle out a lively stream of piney candy. The cactus comparison becomes exceedingly more appropriate as the relaxed Cookies n’ Cream bellows out a song of sweet enticing herb and locked-away moisture. There is a residual cool damp that radiates through the dermis of the aroma. There is positively a lush oasis lying just out of reach at the heart of the withholding windstorm.


I muster my strength to appraise more levels of this voracious phenotype. I seem to barely teeter over the rampaging herbal wall, I free-fall into a foreign fragrance. Is it chocolate? A bizarre nutty, earthy, and semi-skunky sweetness alchemizes into an aromatic chocolate bar. What a defiant turn out from the initially simple, and to some degree boring forefront. The chocolatey note, while present, is still very distant. I must get closer. I snap the behemoth under my nostril. The sundered armor pours out the essence of Starfighter. Tart, sullen, berry bursts out from the fresh wound coating my pallet in its hellacious glory. The rushing river settles with the initial earthy and herbal qualities to create an aftermath that mimics an aromatic associate of Dutch Treat. This comparison solely applies to how the aroma spikes before the finish.

I’m a trophy nug guy, so our impression of this phenotype is restricted to this one exemplary three gram bud. My goodness, this one looks like it belongs in a grower’s handbook. It looks like someone took paper machete and haphazardly cast it upon the flower. This is simply a colorful analogy for the monstrous volume of milky-gold trichomes that bathe the surface of the frosted foliage. Entombed in a formidable casket of crystalline goodness, I can’t imagine there is much flexibility about the foliage itself. I confirm this suspicion as not even the sugar leaves will move for anything less than the strength of a primordial titan from Greek mythology.

Your only chance to sever this ornate cask from the stem is through natural fault lines that fall between the individual flowers. Once you remove one; the rest of the army falls into complete disarray, becoming considerably easier to pluck from the stem. I toss the fragmented boulders across my palm examining the vibrant color. Cookies n’ Cream dawns a crown of fern and strong-willed lime. The glistening hordes of trichomes boisterously trail across the pulsing pockets of color strewn about the faces of this flower. Occasional ridges fall into a display of rich basil that proves to be a brilliant contrast to the constellation of resin-soaked stars that dance upon it. I would argue this Cookies cross stands firmly with the classic bud structure, it doesn’t seem that the introduction of Starfighter did more than reinforce the already formidable phenotype.

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Leaf to flame, the storm whips up once again! An amazingly strong emphasis on the peppery and kushy tones I detected in the odor. I sensed the incoming harshness and took just a small green rip to savor the taste. Even ghosting a small slice of this strains personality finishes in a stealthy building burn at the center of my throat. Even my smoke-numb throat feels the pressure of a strong singe, this production is no joke. It will truly be a test of my endurance, I am so ready. Rip number two was far more ambitious and flooded my pallet with a earthbound sugary syrup to help wash away some of the abundant peppercorns. The dominance of the peppery note is relaxed a little giving way to a sweet, moist, herbal and relaxing wind. It is almost like this renegade wake is reminiscent of a powerful medicinal green tea. The smoke has an extremely ‘green’ finish in that sense, I feel like I am sitting mouth agape over a cup of hot tea as I exhale the last of each breath.

Even at its peak, this playful premonition still pales in comparison to the bewildering peppery storm once it decides to resurface. As you bob about the violent tossing of the piney and herbal sea, seeking the rescue beacons of sweetness. Little did I know that these harsh conditions were training me to appreciate the scorching hashy resonance of Cookies n’ Cream. Instead of seeking time to recover from the shattering blow, I find myself in an awkward longing for another devastating blow. I highly recommend this strain to any cannasseur seeking that classic Cookies wallop and kushy afterburn. I imagine this strain would blend fantastically with your favorite cigar or paper.

I don’t know when I touched the button, but my face was set to vibrant. A pulsing stimulus takes residence behind my face. It is like if a pool of quicksand gave you a shiatsu massage from within your own body. If that sentiment didn’t convince you that I am high, I do not know what will. Supreme relaxation swarms my body, almost exclusively in the physical sense. While the pleasure began coursing through my skull, there is little to no adjustment to my mental attitude other than amusement at the soothing warmth creeping through my bones. Cookies n’ Cream brings about a subtle sense of ease and amusement. I find that it also helped quench my raging appetite for the time being and provide great comfort to my often aching wrists. The struggles of living life chained to a keyboard.

The high wastes no time setting in, you will feel the effects surmounting within your first three hits. There is not much of a way to ‘dip a toe’ into this high, you receive hammering effects with very little median between sobriety. While the high is balanced, enjoyable, and most importantly, functional; there are no drawbacks such as anxiety or laziness from a profound sedative indica. It is like you are the one being able to swim freely in a tar pit, but are still free to lay adrift the murdering buoyant black sludge. This may just be my personal experience, I would imagine that inexperienced consumers will entertain a capacity to get wrecked by this high. If that is the case for you, enjoy your nap. I believe people from all walks of life can enjoy such a multi-faceted and amicable high, as long as they can withstand the brimstone siege of flavor!

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God Dang Bubba. I was so determined to not like Cookies, but you give me a reason to forgive! I am so grateful you see my reviews fit for your righteous flower. You are an absolute animal in the garden and I hope that this is not the last I see of your divine dank. Your bud is definitely consistently better than The Exotikz and people pay $55 an eighth for that, you should be proud partner! Anyway, thanks for reading!

Cookies n’ Cream Total Score: 92/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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