Sunset Sherbert by Exotikz

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Sunset Sherbert by the Exotikz

Sunset Sherbert by the Exotikz

Welcome back to the shack with the fat sack, toasted n’ posted. We’re keeping it fresh and provocative over here with yet another production from The Exotikz. As we continue to run them through to ringer we assess the validity of the premium or celebrity price points of $55.00 an eighth or higher. Sunset Sherbert hasn’t been recorded as anything, however, Sunset Sherbet is proposed to have been the next evolution in the Girl Scout Cookies genetics line. The aledged lineage is too muddy for me to relay with much confidence. For the sake of being scrupulous, I will mention that this strain is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies tossed with a bizarre strain known as ‘Pink Panties.’ I don’t know what to make of that, so let’s just appraise what is before us. This particular production contains 18.56% THC and 0.25% CBD. A little on the lower end; but with a lot of ‘terp shelf’ cannabis, the percentages often range lower and the flavor profiles are what have been manicured to artisan quality. Let’s get exotic in this almighty jungle!

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.26.54 PM

I shudder with anticipation as I approach the giant purple people eater, Sunset Sherbet. This has been recommended to me as the Exotikz best strain, so I am quite excited to get this underway. I prepare for the worst and am met by a mouse at my door. The squeaking siren sung a song of raw sweetness, very low and subtle. A mild herbal quality encompasses the forefront, it could be qualified for a benign trickling gassy note at times. A rock of flat, subdued pepper lie at the center of this nexus. The conjoined symphonies are conducted under the aura of a freshly rained upon field. I relax in the inescapable reach of the moistening breath. I’m a little stumped. I was expecting this throttling haymaker from the heavens, and instead, was delivered something discouragingly simple.

I need to get this flower to step up the only way that I know how. I crack the dense flower and I am stunned. Once again, not by the overwhelming power, but the complete lack thereof. I noticed little to no augmentation to the style or magnitude of these notes. If I’m being extremely generous, I noticed perhaps a slight accentuation in terms of sweetness and the introduction of a sprawling airy quality. Overall, I was quite disappointed with it in the arena of aroma.


Beauty may be skin deep, but holy shit what glorious skin graces this Sunset Sherbet. It checks all of the boxes. A delicate network of fiery tangerine hairs cast thin shadows upon the vibrant foliage below. The foliage itself seems to be fighting a war, whether it wants to be purple or green. The buds look like a game of risk, large regions of territory staked out by the opposing colors. The transitions are the border are quite drastic and so satisfying to behold in person. Lively plum and grape regions shelve hordes of milky trichomes. Lurking below is a riotous green rebellion. While the hues can peak to a point of lime, especially at contrasting junctions, the verdancy is largely defined by pear and mossy coloration.

I enjoy watching the consistent ranks of trichomes march indiscriminately across these boundaries as the terrain radically shifts presence. As far as the bud structure, it certainly is emblematic of the classic ‘Cookies’ phenotype. It has just been repainted and rebooted into resplendent glory.  A welcome innovation, in my opinion, GSC phenotypes aren’t typically this purple. The buds are formidable and dense as they aspire to a bulky spire. The stout exterior of the buds jut outward like spiky abutments to repel ground troops. I’m not sure that Sunset Sherbert is entirely convinced that I am worthy of indulging. It is I, who will deem whether or not you are worthy, my sweet Sherbert! Oh jeez, talking to the weed again. Let’s burn the witch!

Leaf to flame, the sugary herbal sweetness definitely steps forth. I was concerned during the smell sampling, but the notes translate wonderfully into the flavor. A syrupy rebounding sucrose chased through an extremely coarse and herbal forest. A harsh pepper spills into the satisfying kushy qualities underlying the bolting sweetness. A couple hits in, the delicate confectionary quality dissipates and I am left only with an emboldened kushy pepper. It does not take long for this vestigial beast to become unwieldy and unfriendly. My eyes are literally watering perhaps 6 righteous rips in. I struggle to acclimate to the viscous atmosphere. Every successive hit seems to outdo whatever psyching up I did in preparation. I am helplessly battered by each kushy cloud, the only salvation lying at the end of this savage bowl. Occasionally wisps of the initial amicable sweetness revisit their grave and bless me with estranged notes of its former self. Being distracted with occasionally memories of forlorn sweetness is the only thing that shields me from the fierce burning kush in my lungs. I truly enjoyed the initial flavor or the ‘green hits’ but I was disappointed in how quickly the flavor was reduced to a simple hashy hammerhead. To be fair, that is what some people seek in cannabis.

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.28.47 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.29.05 PM

Simple seems to define the high as well. Sunset Sherbet seems intent on working one aspect of the high. This intention is a gentle euphoria that manifests like a haze over your body. Easing your mind, pains, and ailments. While the sensation isn’t something I would detail as powerful, the presence is palpable and soothing. This is an indica that delivers these subtle qualities of relaxation, pain relief, and stress relief without the traditional drawbacks of an indica. I feel no mental hinderance, slowness, or degradation. I feel perhaps a touch hungry, but that is more than common for most. I feel comfortable in my own skin and feel like I could coast in this ‘vehicle’ for a few hours and enjoy myself about anywhere. While I don’t think the insane harshness of the smoke really matches the high provided, it is still a very pleasant and wafting sensation. Your body feels light; you do not walk, but simply glide across the ground. Get out and explore under the appreciative and protective embrace of Sunset Sherbert!

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 2.34.31 PM

Sunset Sherbert by the Exotikz was an interesting one. I loved the color and the flavor, for the most part. The high and aroma were a bit lackluster, however, I felt from the beginning to the end I was becoming more pleased or impressed. I have to give props for the strain finishing stronger than it started. I still have OZ Kush to review, but I feel like the Exotikz might be just a touch overrated. Everyone has so-so harvests, but I was assured that these were ‘the ones.’ Overall, I’m kind of mixed on the brand. I enjoyed the Wedding Cake, even though it was not what I had expected and this one was enjoyable, but not something I would pick up for myself again. Perhaps I would, just to stop into The Evergreen Market and receive the care of their great budtenders! Be sure to look them up and stop by one of their welcoming stores! As always, thanks for reading.

Sunset Sherbert Total Score: 84/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

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