Black Cherry Soda by Royal Tree

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Black Cherry Soda by Royal Tree Gardens

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Black Cherry Soda by Royal Tree Gardens

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted! I will be cranking out strains in the coming weeks in effort to get ahead of my seemingly insurmountable workload. Business is good, so it seems time to relax and cool off with some Black Cherry Soda. Black Cherry Soda from Royal Tree Gardens is a strain I’ve been hearing a lot about. From their 14% terpene concentrates, to this 33% cannabinoid flower; there is clearly a lot to love. So while the cannabinoid total sits at 33%, the actual THC percentage is only 27.6%. So we’ll have a playful margin of CBD, CBG, or CBN, the exact spread of which isn’t made available to us on this label. The origins of Black Cherry Soda are still being debated, though it has been recorded as a parent in top shelf strains like Black Dahlia and Ace of Spades. It doesn’t even seem that the community is dead-set on whether this hybrid is indica or sativa dominant. Some swear by the kushy indica-driven ferocity of Black Cherry Soda. While others, Royal Tree Gardens included, claim the high to be sativa dominant. Looks can be deceiving and there is only one way to know for sure! Let’s blaze.

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I pop the top to experience the exotic aroma worthy of such a bizarre name! I am carried  in on a soft bubbly cloud. It feels as if I am being ushered in while consuming those floating beers from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As with that scene, a bitter darkened sweetness lingers. A slow-to-act sugary sprite swoops in to provide aid, but is stalled by the solemn berry. The barricading berry begins to budge, allowing more of the estranged sweetness to pour out through this narrow channel. I am washed over by the atmospheric sucrose and the note becomes exponentially more airy, lively, and spread.

The savory footprint is scattered across the room within minutes. A semi-sour kick lying dormant within the bold berry boulder incites the air to entertain a bubbling or carbonated quality. I am not merely suggesting this to accommodate the name, there truly is a surprising lively quality that is flat enough I feel that it truly compares to a lightly flavored sparkling water.The aroma overall; is quite subtle and requires some serious searching if you desire to identify the several fragmented fragrances. Just as I dare muster the audacity to insult the pungency of this frosty flower, it rallies its troops and assaults my nostrils with a besieging puckering barrage. As abstract as the name of this strain is, I find it to be an appropriate moniker so far.

All of these competing notes seem to rest in an all-encompassing cradle composed of brisk, chilled forest. It’s time to rock the boat, I snap the largest contender under my nose to inspire fear in the others. The disciplined aromas remain relatively still in their original magnitudes, but a sleek sour-sweet knife is cradled in the hands of this resurgence. I feel the edge of this intense semi-flowery blade graze my face on occasion. While this uprising is inconsistent, I would say this estranged sour berry edge is by far the most pungent impression this strain has made.

This bud is a sight to behold, instantly checking handfuls of boxes on many cannasseur’s physical trait checklist. Black Cherry Soda entertains a bouquet of exquisite color. A degree of Frankenstein inspiration describes the pale pear foliage that manages to still be electrified in its presence. These tones of frothy green flow unto stern crocodile cliffs which safeguard rich purple coves. Careful navigation of the faces of these flowers will lead to the discovery of brilliant wine treasure troves. All of these poignant characteristics share one thing; the immense blizzard of milky trichomes cast upon them. The resin glands stand in great volume, most with their resplendent heads intact. The buds appear to be dense at first glance. As I dared to sunder the bud, sections flaked off in massive chunks with little to no encouragement. Like a good steak, Black Cherry just falls off of the bone. The tender flesh is seasoned by heaps bronzed orange hairs whose small encampments tangle into reaching monuments. I can see why the indica or sativa lean is difficult to discern, but I must say I would agree with Royal Tree Gardens and estimate this production would be about 60-70% sativa based on what I have seen so far. Though the phenotype does surely manage to carry over some of the classic indica charm which may even deceive the most prominent connoisseurs.

Leaf to flame, I am picked up inches off of the ground by a supreme sour breeze. Holy guacamole, the flavor in this bud is profound. This is where this strain surely earns its name. A sickeningly sour syrup slips past my lips and boils on my tongue. The flash fried fruit pulses electrically into my tastebuds. Long after each hit, I am still prisoner to this shocking cherry chair.The bud ground up extremely well, perfectly in fact; it is almost like I packed half a bowl of kief. The trichomes, like the foliage, just peel off dying to sacrifice themselves for your well-being. An emerging hashy quality begins to stir with the swallowing sea of soured tree fruit. The tossing tartness can encourage coughing. For an allegedly sativa dominant strain, this smoke hits quite hard. The airy qualities in the aroma translate well into the smoke’s texture. A sweet steam swarms my senses and coerces them to open up, to become further vulnerable to this battering berry bouquet. A tantalizing harshness sets in after a while, delivering a light promise of a kushy aftermath to each succulent warhead. I bathe in the herbal and foresty chem trails of every bewildering jet. On certain obscure hits, I taste only the sharp sour herb that launches this fruity ferocity into orbit.

The high is immaculate, with distinct layers like a proper hybrid should. At first, all that I felt was the smooth sativa rise proposed by this sweet bud. As I coasted along the inspiring inclination, I found myself wandering off in thought. Not so much about nonessential daily tasks, but introspective assessments of how I interacted with people within the last few days. I would say this high incites an ecumenical empathy and collective consciousness. You feel to be one with your surroundings, a comfortable hive mind with characters animated and not. I feel comfortable, but not in the traditional path of euphoria or a ‘body high’, but a complex, intangible reassurance that everything will be alright. I still have yet to experience much of an indica influence, but I hold out as hopeful. The creative and confident mood of Black Cherry Soda knows how to approach you without being overwhelming. I highly recommend this high to those seeking functionality and energy without being at risk of anxiety or other such side effects. Eventually some semblance of a body high manifests in your skull, swelling and building. This balloon springs a leak and slowly gushes its tingling pleasure down into your lower back. This ushers in a new era of relaxation and calm. While you could still ride out the rest of the sativa dynasty, I care to indulge in the indica upheaval. I found this sensation introduced itself at just the right time to be a brilliant ‘cooling’ contrast to the rocketing thoughtful rise. Black Cherry Soda wears more than one face for you to enjoy! This is a high that is malleable enough to sculpted into whatever experience suits your mood, perhaps this is due to the 6% or so of mystery cannabinoids?

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Royal Tree Gardens, you did it again. I love to pop in occasionally and see what heat y’all are bringing to the table. I am slowly gaining more confidence in the sativa i502 market as productions like this are becoming consistent. I need a sativa with a body people, not some light fluffy nonsense. Black Cherry Soda is sure to satisfy even the most frustrated or reserved indica head. Often times, I feel that the percentages are an inappropriate representation of the quality of the flower. In this production, I find the complexity exhibited at every stage of this process deems it worthy of such high figures. If anyone discovers the true lineage of Black Cherry Soda, please let me know. Thanks for reading!

Black Cherry Soda Total Score: 87/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

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