Gorilla Glue #4 by Lifted

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Gorilla Glue #4 by Lifted Cannabis

Gorilla Glue #4 by Lifted Cannabis

Welcome back to toasted n’ posted, where you know you will find nothing but high octane power. I’m especially excited today to have an eighth of Gorilla Glue #4 by Lifted Cannabis all to myself! I’m not a GG super-fan by any means, but credit goes where credit is due. This is simply one of the best productions of Gorilla Glue #4 that I have ever had. I’ve always regarded Gorilla Glue #4 as a sativa, but many appreciate it for some of its indica driven motives. The lineage supports my personal theory. This notoriously pungent strain is the offspring of two exotic sativas, Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. The lineage still seems to be drenched in obscurity, I will go into more depth. Chem’s Sister is supposedly just a sativa-dominant version of Chemdawg, but I was sure that Chemdawg was sativa dominant already. Strange, Chocolate Diesel is the lovechild of Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. It makes perfect sense now, Chemdawg is the root of all goodness. Beware, this merciless production is nothing to scoff at. This particular harvest tested at 20.84% total THC and .18% total CBD, but I’m confident it will be more emblematic of 3000%. Let’s get crackin’!

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Goodness gracious, ass bodacious! I was unaware that this was a gas canister! The voracious aroma floods the room. This sour, raw, gas tears through my sinuses like a lightning bolt. There is a skunky sweet relief that sheds off the back of the resolute jet. The combination of these notes gets your stomach growling, it is extremely zesty and tantalizing. The fragrance alone seems to be alive, inspiring energy with every brave whiff I take. Keep this in your shirt pocket during your work day and every time you nod off you will lean into the shockingly pungent Gorilla Glue #4 and it will zap you awake. Just a highdea. Underlying the driven storm of sour is a mellow terrain. The cradle is composed of rich pine and moist forest dirt.

In appreciation of the already insane magnitude, I lust at the imaginative possibilities at how this flower could become more pungent. In my moment of insanity, I tear the adhesive foliage under my nose. It appears that my foolishness has not cost me my life this day. Gorilla Glue #4 may have already gone super saiyan, the intensity of the aroma doesn’t spike much when you tear into it. However, the flavor does molt into something discernibly more piney and herbal. This newfound direction is very much a nod to its Chemdawg ancestry.

Ground zero of Gorilla Glue #4 is a frosted wonderland. Ornate gates of pale pear give way to a haunting lime grove. The tone of the phenotype is ghostly; between the insane volume of trichomes glazing the surface of this flower and the naturally disturbingly electric coloration, this is a bud to behold! Now, not particularly supportive of my sativa theory, these flowers are extremely solid. If you dare to try and impress your touch upon it, you will not get far, and you will be cursed by the sticky and blubbery resin coating. The buds are well cured and release with a satisfying squish, the phenotype screams freshness and livelihood. Everything about this flower so far is quite inspiring! In my experience; Gorilla Glue #4 by Lifted Cannabis is typically pretty popcorny as a genetic trait. I feel very fortunate to have fallen into this harvest where I locked down a noteworthy nugget! The stems of GG #4 are extremely thin, which means you can trust you are getting the most for your money with these meaty monsters. The calyx, like tender meat, simply falls off the bone once you start to undo her armor. What is strange about this strain is that hairs, or stigmas, aren’t a major player…or really even present. Every once in a while you will spot a pale tan hair struggling on with its lonely existence. What a truly bizarre example, so exotic. I love it.

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Leaf to flame, I tackle the rampaging beast. Surprised at how soft the skin of this monster actually was upon lying with it. The notes are extremely gassy and grassy. Those descriptors were not in pursuit of Seussitry, but the foremost directions. Reinforcing both of these roads being paved upon my tongue is the revisiting wall of gas. Engrossing diesel flavor relieves the presence of all previous occupants. I am prisoner to the relentless lashes of zest and tang booming out from the riotous clouds. With time, I adjust to the initially abrasive nature of Gorilla Glue #4 and become massaged by its fierce diesel pungency. This particular note expands to be exceptionally; flowery, sweet, and sour. The fiery javelins have been fashioned into a lullaby as I am now charmed to no end by the ever compounding feast of terpenes that lie within this foliage. The agenda of GG #4 is quite simple, a few very notable flavors, done exceptionally well. Sometimes less is more, especially when you milk the shit out of those characteristics. The flavor is extremely satisfying and savory, despite the uplifting bite, the motif of the flavor leans traditionally towards indica dominance. The flavor bubbles on your pallet long after each hit and the feisty flavor is consistent throughout the entire smoke.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.21.49 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.21.58 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.22.07 PM

Wham Bam, thank you Ma’am! I’m flying incredibly high. There is certainly an immediate dimension of a body high. Almost like an ethereal mummy wrap that slowly snakes around your limbs to eventually engulf you in its aggressive assertion of pleasure. While the physical relief appeared to be the most immediate characteristic, it was certainly not the most powerful. If not instantly, I was distractedly by the rocketing elevation in my mental perspective. I was sparked incredibly awake and engaged, but not uncomfortably so. Not in a ‘wired’ “I have to keep moving!” sense, but ready for anything and willingness to be amicable in its execution. Gorilla Glue #4 enhances your friendly and easy going spirit. The high also provides a wealth of energy so that you can act upon it! Go out on the town, go exploring outdoors, or make some ridiculous videos with your friends. Gorilla Glue #4 is surely the ‘good time companion.’ The physical aspects of the high still expand in the shadow of the profound sativan drive. I find my chest to be especially relaxed and my breaths seem to be calmer, naturally paced further apart. I certainly feel to be basking in a shower of zen under the intuitive embrace of Gorilla Glue #4 by Lifted Cannabis. The sensation is long-lasting and palpable and I haven’t found that it gets tired even after prolonged consumption. A limitlessly exciting and provocative scheme of high and flavor.

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Lifted Cannabis will make you feel so great that you might switch religions. Find yourself a nice pagan God of the harvest. This is the best Gorilla Glue #4 that I personally can remember. Keep doing what you’re doing Lifted, all of the flavor profiles in your flower come across so brilliantly. I can blindly delve into any of your strains with absurdly high hopes that I know will not be crushed. Readers, you must get your hands on some of this face-melting gas. Happy to also report; the eighth weighed in at 3.54 grams, so Lifted is right on point. Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!

Total Score: 93/100

Stay high and stay blessed,

Kushman Bonglegs

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